Lipstick: Faves, Tips, and Tricks

I’m not a makeup girl.

I wear it, I like it, can’t live without it—but in reality, I’m not a makeup junkie. I rarely buy eyeshadow or other products, and I can’t be bothered to do more than a little powder, blush, mascara, and lipstick on a daily basis. But I do love lipstick. That’s the extent of my beauty product confession. Well, almost. I’m definitely a little over-the-top with nail polish, but I’ll cover that in another post.

Despite the fact that my everyday face is no extraordinary feat of modern cosmetology, I am repeatedly asked about my bold lipstick when I wear it, which these days is almost every day. On Monday I promised I would share the answers to my two most-asked questions: What lipstick are you wearing? What polish is that?

This is part one of my beauty confidential: all about my lippie…but first, a peek inside my Cole Haan makeup bag. Oh, and I could’ve used fancy images of products from the Web, but I wanted you to see my actual stash, unretouched, in reality.

This is what I carry with me pretty much daily—a lot of lip products(!)—plus MAC powder, floss, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, and lip balm. My faves are L’Oreal Color Juice glosses, and Yves Saint Laurent and MAC lipsticks.

A few years ago, I was seriously into gloss worn over lipstick. I wore it daily. For some reason since then, I’ve gotten back into fully-saturated lipstick and really only wear gloss when I’m wearing nude lipstick, or to the pool or gym. (You bet I wear makeup to the gym! I don’t give a flying fig what the derms say about that. Sweaty can be sexy, but sweaty and unmade? Uh, not so much.)

Lipstick Arsenal #1

The five shades above are my go-to colors, from left-to-right: MAC Myth and Vegas Volt; Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur #52 and #49; MAC Impassioned. I use the nude shade, MAC Myth, under some shades if I want less intensity, or under a taupe gloss (first photo, top right) when I do a nude lip.

Lee Oliveira and me in YSL Rouge Pur #49. Photo by Christina, via Profresh Style.

I have fair-to-medium skin, without much underlying pink, yellow, or red—so most products look the same on my face as they do in the container. That said, here’s a guide to my faves:

  • MAC Impassioned—A bright reddish-pink. Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly also wears this one if you want to see it on someone else. It looks phenomenal with her porcelain skin and blonde hair!
  • MAC Vegas Volt—A true orange. Bright, but not in-your-face bright. I love the formulation of this lipstick…it is smooth, creamy, and covers fully. Not too slick or too thick. Perfection.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur #52—A vibrant coral, a pinkish-orange. A little more intense than Vegas Volt.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur #49—The closest thing to a grown-up neon pink that I’ve found. Seriously, this one gets compliments from men and women. It is bold, unexpected, and so flattering on. Absolutely adore this one.

Lipstick Arsenal #2

Whenever I need a change (or my outfit begs for something different) these secondary colors usually fit the bill. From left-to-right: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté #2 , Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #6 , Estée Lauder Tiger Eye, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Are You Red-dy.

A guide to my secondary lipstick arsenal:

  • The Yves Saint Laurents—The YSLs in this set are a different formulation than the Rouge Pur lippies I so love. Although I like the pinky-nude shades, I do not like the consistency of these newer productions one single bit. Coverage is thinner and not long-lasting, so I have to apply them like every 30 minutes. Won’t be buying them again.
  • Estée Lauder Tiger Eye—The one anomaly in my collection. Why? It’s the only metallic in the lot. I tend to like matte/cream shades (but not a matte lip). This is my third tube of Tiger Eye, and I clearly need another. It is a a gorgeous cinnamon-bronze; very creamy for a shade with sparkles, and it lasts beautifully.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational—Are You Red-dy is my one drugstore lipstick, and it is superb. It has taken me years to find a red lipstick that isn’t too dark, too orange, too dry/matte, or too severe for my whiteness (I look so goth otherwise. And that’s OK, but I’ve been there, done that). This one is just a joy to wear. Luscious, moist, long-lasting, and so ladylike.

Tips for Wearing Bright Lippie

  1. Stick to cream (not metallic colors), in moisturizing formulations.
    The key to bright, bold lips is intensity and total coverage. Glosses and shimmers diminish the oomph of a vibrant shade. Moisturizing lipstick is also key to long-lasting color, but formulations that are gloss-like do not have the same effect.
    I’ve tried a lot of brands over the years, in drugstores and department stores, and the best of the best are:

    • MAC Amplified Creme formulations (Vegas Volt and Impassioned are both of this ilk)
    • YSL Rouge Pur formulations
    • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor (not High Shine or Pearls formulations)
  2. You really only need lipliner when you wear red-based shades.
    Red is the only color that “bleeds.” I actually don’t wear liner because it always changes the color of the lipstick slightly.* My red bleeds a little when I wear it sans liner, so I use a little extra powder along my lipline to combat it. And all those makeup artists who advise that you fill in your entire lip with liner before applying lipstick? That has never worked for me. My lipstick flakes every time.
  3. Wear Chapstick or Carmex under lipstick if your lips are dry,  or your lipstick flakes.
    I prefer Carmex in the tube. The waxiness of a lip balm not only helps with dry lips, it helps the waxes in your lipstick adhere to your lips, with less slippage, believe it or not. Whenever you have a formulation that is too thin, start with a layer of lip balm (not lip gloss).
  4. Color block with your lipstick.
    At the IFB Conference in February, I wore a fuchsia dress with orange lips and nails, and loved the coordinated clash.
    These colors look fabulous together:

    • hot pink + orange
    • coral + purple or fuchsia
    • red + pink
    • cinnamon + melon
    • orange + blue
  5. When wearing bold lipstick, make it the focus of your face.
    That means toned-down eye makeup, so you don’t look overdone, or like a Robert Palmer Addicted to Love extra. (Though I love that video!) Let your lips be the focus, without any competition.
  6. After eating, remove all remnants of your lipstick and reapply.
    If you simply reapply with any residue of food on your lips, you can expect your lipstick to start migrating outside your lipline. Go to the ladies room, remove it all, re-powder around your lips, and reapply.


What are your favorite lipstick colors and brands? What tips or tricks do you have to share?


* Want to know more about red lipsick? Wendy Brandes rocks red all the time (and splendidly, I might add), and I consider her to be a red lipstick aficionada. Search her blog for deets on her favorite red-toned lipsticks and liners.


  1. Yay for the lipstick run down!! I know I’m always asking myself what fab lip colors you’re wearing! The YSL Rouge is gorgeous! I have to check that one out! The liner all over the lip before lipstick hasn’t worked for me either but I will take heed to the liner with rocking a red lip color!

    Awesome tips V!

  2. Love love love this post, like you am not much of a make up junkie, but I do love lippy and nail polish.

    Want your lipstick to last longer and have more staying power? Put a lick of foundation on your lips first, then blot on a piece of tissue and then apply lipstick.

    I find that once you’ve applied a layer of lippy, to get rid of the excess, pop your finger in, form an ‘O’ and pull out.

    When choosing a lipstick, bear in mind your skintone, which generally falls into 2 categories: cool or warm. Buying lipstick can be fun as there are many different colors and types to suit everyone. Yet, buying lipstick can also be a little daunting since most of us do not want to waste money buying shades or formulas that end up not being right for us. Natural lip color and state of the lips, skin tone and environment are all important considerations to make when buying lipstick.

    If you stand in front of a large mirror and compare your lip color with those of relatives and friends you will see differences depending on skin tones. Just as there are warm and cool skin tones, there are warm and cool natural lip colors. Understanding the difference between warm and cool tones makes buying lipstick in a flattering color much easier. Some cosmetics brands today even identify their products as being for warm or for cool skin tones which really makes buying lipstick easy.

    Cool skin tones have a bluish undertone to them while warm skin tones have more of an orange undertone. Lip colors that are balanced between warm and cool shades such as true red look good on any skin and lip tone. We often automatically choose clothing colors (and jewellery) that suit us, so you can use that as your guide when buying lipstick.

    Here’s a link which says it all:

    Right, lovely, go have a fab fab weekend!

  3. This is fantastic! For someone who’s “not a makeup girl”, you write about it better than a lot of beauty bloggers! The graphic with the lipstick on your hand, with each shade identified, is brilliant!

  4. Ooops, not sure what happened there! I obviously copied more than the link!

    Delete as appropriate. Thanks.

  5. I’m not a big makeup person myself. I normally wear a little tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, concealer and a little bit of blush to give me some color. I am in love with both the YSL #52 and #49.

    These are very helpful makeup tips because although I love the bright and color lip colors, I am a bit afraid because of my skin color. Thanks for the tips doll.


  6. Myth is one of my favorite nudes, and I have that exact Rouge Volupte and no, it doesn’t last long! I tend to go for my Rouge Volupte’s for a night out or something where I’m just wearing makeup for a short amount of time – not all day because like you said, you’re reapplying constantly!

  7. As a fellow fan of bold lipstick, I really loved this post. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t do the “colour your lip in with pencil” thing! NEVER works for me. ALWAYS changes the shade. I do have some lip pencils, but they never seem to look right on me – if I’m wearing a red lipstick I just use a lip brush to line my lips with the lipstick itself: I find it stops it bleeding, but doesn’t change the colour or create that flaky look.

    As for colours and brands, I’m a MAC girl – Ruby Woo, Russian Red or Lasting Lust (which I read about on Wendy’s blog and will be forever grateful to her for – I’m never without a mug of coffee or bottle of water at my elbow, so I’m constantly looking for longwear colours I won’t have to reapply every five minutes!).

    1. Amber, thanks for ringing in. I just purchased a product that may be our secret weapon! Will share details soon!

  8. Great tips!

    With red lips I think you can even get away without using a liner if you top it off with a gloss… but like you said, it can bleed.

    For all other colors I like to use a nude lip liner sometimes. That way the color looks more pure on my lips.

    Lastly, the Mac Impassioned and YSL rouge pur are making me want to go shop!! Bad annie. No. lol And lips is probably the best thing you can do for color blocking. It totally vamps up an outfit so many different ways!

  9. Oh my gosh…. once again, you have educated me!!!!

    I am going to be honest. I own three lipsticks. And really only wear one. It is a bold color. But to be doubly honest. I only wear it maybe twice a week.

    I think this is something I need to take more risks with!

  10. I’m a junky, I’ll admit it. When I was quite young I had this hairstylist who never ceased to go all-out: she had bleach blond hair that she kept short and edgy, immaculately styled, and her makeup was always intense and intricate. I remember I always thought she looked so artsy and creative and I’d look at myself in the mirror with her standing behind me and I just so wanted to be like her. I’ve avoided the bleach blond locks (thank goodness; I’d look atrocious with it) but otherwise she’s still my inspiration. Ha!

    Anyway. I loved this post, and you went above and beyond with your commentary. I’ve kept my eyes open for an alternative neon pink because I most likely can’t fit YSL into my budget, but I’ve had no luck. As far as red, one of my favorites is actually from Ulta if you can believe that. It goes on so well and really stays put, plus it has a darker sort of “burnt” look to it that makes it a bit classic. I’m planning on trying Mac in Ruby Woo, I think it is, but the one Mac lipstick I have gets really clumpy so I was a little wary of buying another. Luckily I used to live in Studio Fix so I’m due for probably half a dozen free lippies with their recycling program. I’ll definitely be adding Impassioned to my list – looks gorgeous!

  11. This is awesome! I’d recently heard about a clear lip liner that I’m dying to check out… mostly because my bottom lip is pretty undefined and because of that, all lipsticks bleed on me. Sometimes glosses do too. So I tend to go unmade up there, when in reality I love the look of lipsticks. But, I feel like if it was a clear lipliner, prevented bleeding, and didn’t change colors? I could be in to that…

    1. Someone else recommended the same thing below. Now I’m totally intrigued. I think I could dig a clear liner too. Let’s get on that!

  12. I’m not much of a makeup junkie to be honest. I only really use makeup to even out my skintone to look more fresh and i prefer to emphasise my eyes, but i always find myself admiring your lippy!! haha I really love the MAC impressioned lipstick so that may have to go on my wishlist for the summer! I could never pull off the bright pink YSL one, actually I think you are the only person I have seen that can!!
    And thanks for the tips at the end! Super helpful for dummies like me!!
    Have a great weekend xoxo

  13. I have sooo many lippies. I tend to get fixated on a brand and then buy about 5 different ones from them – currently loving MAC! Love all your tips! Bon week-end 🙂

  14. I love this peek into your makeup bag, and that you include a good drugstore level lipstick. It’s helpful to know the YSL Rouge Volupte’s aren’t all that…I’d been considering #22, Exquisite Plum, but you may have saved me $34.

    You’re an inspiration to try bolder colors. I usually stick with medium plums or “like lips but better” mauve-tawny blends in lipsticks and glosses. They’re safe for my lifestyle: I usually apply in a hurry and can’t check often for smearing. Mistakes are less noticeable. Revlon’s Plumalicious (Super Lustrous Pearl) and MAC’s Fast Play (neutral pink Amplified Cream) are my daily go-tos.

    I do adore my MAC Viva Glam III, which although described as a “muted brown plum,” is really my holy grail red — against my pallor and on my light lips, it’s a lovely matte cherry wine.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I actually think darker (berry/wine) colors show mistakes more than the bold colors. Your coloring is so similar to mine that I think a lighter, brighter color would look fantastic on you! I think it would bring a lot of light and color to your face. Would love to know if you decide to try one.

      And yeah, skip the YSL Rouge Volupté…it’s a pain. If you can find something similar in the Amplified Creme range at MAC, it is totally worth the $14.

  15. Ahhh V! You’re the best…I love, love, love your color-blocking tips!!! So fantastic! I can’t wait to try.

    I have never worn lipstick until this year and am still trying to find a coral for me…I brought this bright orange guy that I really like. I’m always hesitant to spend on lipsticks b/c my lips get super dry. But I like the carmax tip I have to try that, I have been layering with rose salve and it does take away the brightness of the color.

    Thanks so much for all these helpful bits!!! You rock the house :).

  16. Both you and Ms. Brandes work a fierce pout like nobody else! Have you tried Bobbi Brown’s Cosmic Raspberry or Guava? I’m in love! Seriously amped up color!

  17. I’m a lipstick girl as well – works so much better and easier than eyeshadows for me. As I wear glasses you can’t see much of my eye make-up anyway…

    Great colour-blocking ideas and I love your lipstick choices – lovely colours!

    My favourite lipsticks and lipliners are Bourjois. They’re lovely and hidrating, and they stay up long. Perfect.
    My newest discovery are Manhattan lip tints, somewhere between glosses and tinted chopsticks, but with a very very matte finish.

    Don’t know if you have these brands where you live, hope you can give them a try. 🙂

    1. They do have Bourjois near me…need to remember to scope the line for fun colors. Thanks for the tip!

  18. Loving this post! Lately I’ve become a coral lipstick fan after being a serial gloss girl. Fave is Napoleon Perdis Harmonia. Am also trialling the new Benefit Cha Cha lip tint – an orange that actually works for my skin tone!

  19. Wow, great post! Would you believe that I don’t even OWN a lipstick??! Tons and tons of mascaras and shadows but NO LIPSTICK! Crazy, right? But I just don’t wear it. Anyway, your lips are always looking gorgeous! 🙂

  20. What a lovely post, Vahni! I love that you show us the real stuff that you use. I am not a makeup girl either, and I normally don`t find makeup posts all that interesting, but I love yours. The lippies you have are amazing in colour, so sultry and perfectly suited to your colouring as you point out. You always look amazing in lipstick, and I think it is great that you like to have fun trying on new shades.

    It`s funny, looking at your pictures I remembered trying on my mums YSL lipstick as a child, I still remember the taste of the lippie, and that delicious feeling of dressing up. I use nude/pink/coral tones for my lips, keeping it natural and playing up my eyes. Saturday-hugs for you my friend!

  21. Love love love this! I think if someone doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, then choosing one product to be really into is the way to go. I’ll definitely check out those MAC lipsticks you mentioned 🙂

    1. oh! Also on the lipliner–you may want to check out Revlon’s clear lipliner. I like lipliner for the staying power it gives lipstick, but not for its look. This is a good happy medium to that conundrum.

      1. Thanks for the tip, Courtney. Ashe mentioned it too…I am totally going to hunt it down and try it!

  22. Not only have you just sold me on two new brands to buy, I want lips that remind me of you. Adding YSL Rouge Pur #52 and #49 to my shopping list.

  23. Wowser, that is quite an array! You have fantastic colouring for such vibrant shades, whereas I feel a bit limited by my red hair – I have several fabulous shades of red which I rarely wear, and a colour slightly darker than my natural one just to make me look ‘done’ when I’m playing up the eyes. I’m slightly more adventurous with nail varnish…so looking forward to that post!

  24. I love how you wrote this V! I love makeup, but I’m an on-the-go lady, & it needs to be quick and done within minutes! I actually only own about 2 lipsticks, I’m more of a gloss girl (love Dior), however these colours that you have are beautiful. I do enjoy buying playful eye shadows for my doe-like & dramatic almond eyes. lol Thanks for the great tips, I always love your bold nails, & you wear colour quite well every time dear! -xo

  25. Just found your blog via Already Pretty! I know what you mean about the search for the perfect red lipstick. After many years, I think I’ve finally found mine: L’Oreal Color Riche in Sunset Red. I knew I was onto something when my best gay male friend said (unsolicited), “That lipstick is just the right shade for you.” Bold lips are gorgeous when done right, so I’m glad I finally figured out the right way for me.

    1. Hi Stacy, welcome! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment!

      Nothing like a good gay man to confirm your beauty and fashion choices, right?! I’m convinced every fashionista needs one! Going over to see you now. Hope you’ll visit again soon.

  26. Thank you for this post. I am much more of a gloss girl–and I love those L’Oreal Colour Juice glosses too, in fact, I think I have the same shades as you. I am currently in love with Chanel Glossimer in Mica. So pink, so shimmery, so wonderful. I’m trying Chanel lipsticks too but I don’t know, I don’t think lipstick is so great on me. Not sure why. I will check out YSL lipsticks next time I hit up Sephora. BTW, are you coming to NY? I was serious about a meet-up so keep me in mind, although I am sure every blogger in the tri-state area would like to meet you at the McQueen exhibit. Hmm, could be an event!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jill!

      I would so love to come to NY for the exhibit…but mama wants me to take her to Vegas soon, so I’m not sure I can swing both.

      However, I AM coming to NY in September for the next IFB Conference. So I’m hoping we can get together then!

  27. Great tips! I’ve been cautiously venturing into lipstick use lately (I say cautiously but I really mean whenever I can remember), and these tips will be great!

  28. I’m kind of hopeless when it comes to lipstick. I really only started wearing anything more than gloss over the past year, and even now, I tend to stick to sheer shades. I do love bright lipstick, but I’m still working my way up to super bold. For that reason, I love Nars. They make bright colors in sheer finishes that are super moisturizing. I’m also a big fan of Chanel Rouge Coco, and I have it in Gabriel (a bright red, which I’m usually too scared to wear) and Peregrina (a peachy pink that is much more wearable for me).

  29. I liked seeing all your lipcolor! I am not so much into lipcolor, really. I think when I was first getting into makeup I only had access to thick goopy formulas that smelled bad and I could always taste. You know how they say to pick your strongest or favorite feature and play that up? Whenever I read that it is followed by “like your eyes”. For me I found the opposite if true. I have small Asian eyes with the tiniest, shortest, stubby straight lashes that refuse to hold a curl (funny, my boyfriend is the exact opposite, it’s so cute). I have big lips though, and kind of big teeth, and my mouth just has a lot of presence on my face. My smile is huge in pictures! So if I slap bright lipstick all over that but I forget my eyes, my whole upper face- eyes, nose- shrinks because all the attention is on my mouth. My face becomes all mouth. Soooo, my usual makeup is powder, mascara and some shadow on my eyes, eyebrows darkened, a bit of highlight on my cheekbones, and almost nothing but Chapstick on my lips. Some days I’ll wear a bit of tint there, but my lips stand out fine on their own. But I still really enjoyed reading this! It’s encouraging (especially that you have a drugstore recommendation) to someone completely unprepared for bold lipcolor.

    1. Hi Claudia, thanks for sharing your approach! We all have different assets and they key is to make the most of them!

  30. Well.. secretly I wanted to try those YSL Rouge Pur when I met you but I might need to check your lipstick bag again.. way to many gorgeous options.
    I miss you V.. We have to have cocktails again. (hope ASAP).
    lee x

  31. Great tips! I love a bright lip, too. I am often too nervous to wear it for day, but you’ve inspired me 🙂

    I agree, my makeup is almost always the same, as well. It’s not very common in Detroit to look all dressed/made up, so I always feel like a drag queen when I’m wearing something outlandinsh AND a bright lip!

    Keep rockin’ it girl! You look great and I love how you took pictures of your actual stuff. 🙂


  32. When it comes to makeup, I tend also to go for the lipsticks. If I’m not wearing a natural color, I’ll go bold with red. My favorite au moment is Ruby Woo from Mac. It suits many skin tones but is a little on the dry side. So I remix it with a bargain red lipstick, to moisten my lips and bring out more color. It helps me use the MAC even longer too.

  33. Oh gosh, I have so many lipsticks I like it would be hard to choose just one brand to call my favorite! I too love lipstick and lipgloss. It’s the one thing I almost always wear. I have one of the Maybeline color sensational lipsticks in “Park Avenue Peach” which is my favorite soft coral color. I’m also very fond of a Laura Mercier color called “Audrey” which is sort of a berry/natural lip color.
    I’m printing your article out because I want to try those colors – especially the Mac ones!

  34. You rock a bold lip color so well V. I’m a lip product junkie too but I sway more to the lip shimmer/balm/gloss side- I just recently bought my first two lipsticks and haven’t gotten used to them yet!

  35. Great post – loved getting a look in on your make up arsenal. I love lipstick and actually I love going the whole hog of a Robert Palmer video extra face! (Was one of my fave videos too)

  36. Love all your YSL lipsticks. My favorite lipstick is smashbox “legendary” is a bright red that compliments my complexion I have big lips and tanned skin so the right shade of red is key! I love the YSL rouge pur but I would never be able to pull off that shade.


  37. I actually just started wearing lipstick, recently picked up MEDIA #A80 from MAC…ADORE it! Besides nail polish, lipstick has become my latest addiction! Definitely going to pick up some more brighter shades for the summer season.

    From your arsenal my fav has probably got to be your YSL Rouge Pur, it looks just like a color Hot Girl About Town from MAC I’ve been spying on for the past few weeks!

    Please check out my latest Dr. Perricone give away!


    1. Thank you, Empress! Since writing this post, I actually picked up two new tubes of the YSL Rouge Pur…you can see from the photos that it was definitely time!

  38. I love your lip colors! I am a new fan of YSL’s Rouge Pur line, I own one at the moment (22? i forget). Thanks for the Impassioned shout-out! 🙂

  39. Your timing is so spot-on! I’m not a big makeup girl at all, but I recently decided that I need to own a few lipsticks, so I’ve been shopping around in Sephora but I was completely clueless! Thanks for all the lovely tips and the color advice! =)

  40. Heh, will you be surprised if I tell you that my fave lipstick line is Tom Ford’s?

    I own two shades right now, Black Orchid and True Color and am in love with both! The formulas are amazing and the colors are so pigmented they tend to last a long time. That being said – they are so pricey that I can’t justify spending on them for all my lipstick needs.

    MAC and Bobbi Brown are my other brands of choice. I love MACs color selection and Bobbie Brown’s formula is quite nice as well. I’ve been wanting to try the YSL line you mention but I have so many lipsticks right now I put myself on a spending freeze!

    The only tip I’d add is to use a lip brush to apply dark colors and reds. I find that the color lasts much longer if I use a brush than if I apply directly and it doesn’t bleed as much.

    1. Totally NOT surprised! I haven’t tried TF lippies yet, mostly cause I wanted to be sure the line isn’t limited edition like TF Amber Nude for Esteé Lauder, which got me hooked and disappeared! I’m not sure if YSL is much cheaper. All I can say is it seems to me that my YSL tubes last longer than my MAC lippies for whatever reason.

      I have used a lip brush in the past myself, for reds, and it’s good advice. Others have said the same thing. Of course, since posting this, I’ve revealed that I found clear lipliner, and that has solved all my red lipstick issues!

      Thanks for sharing, B!

  41. First off I love the collection of shades you have! Personally I am a make up fanatic, but I have yet dared to try lipstick. I’m a loyal customer to MAC and I am loving the MAC impassioned. I might just go out and try the bold color out. Thank you for the tips as well


    1. Thanks, Ashley, and welcome! It seems that quite a few bloggers are big fans of Impassioned, and it seems to suit everyone. Go for it!

    1. Arnique, a simple rule of thumb for not looking like a call girl is to emphasize one feature…bold lips or eyes, or rosy cheeks…and to downplay the rest.

      Thanks for your comment!

  42. I have only recently dived into the world of lipstick and am loving it. At the moment I only have MAC Satin Pink Nouveau (bright pink) and Chanel Gabrielle (Red). i think my next purchase will be be a nude colour or a coral. I have only just found your blog and am now following!

  43. Oh my word, you look this fabulous at the gym? I just roll out of bed and go! I’m in love with your lip color collection… It amazes me that you went through and put together all these details and tips! I know this is a tutorial I’ll be coming back to again & again…

  44. i love all of the colors you have to choose from! It’s great to keep so many shades with you at all times because you can switch up your look so easily that way. The bright pink ysl one you have is so fun, I’d love to try that out. Great tips 🙂

    1. That one is an absolute fave. You should try it! I seriously get compliments on it every time I wear it.

  45. I agree that with red lips you can get away with not using lip liner. Thanks for the great pointers and for showing some of the swatches. I love the orange shades the most!

  46. I noticed some of your beautiful YSL lippies are running low. I was surprised to find how much product is still left inside the tube once you reach the bottom. You can get a pill box at the dollar store (those Monday through Friday ones) and use a makeup spatula to scoop out the lipstick into the pill box and you can go quite a while longer without having to but a new tube. I was totally stoked when I discovered that little trick.

    Love Pur #49. Just gorgeous.

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