Worker V: 1.7 (Just throw on a jacket.)

There is no doubt about it, spring is finally here. So over the weekend, I picked up some deliciously wide-legged linen pants to wear  with my warm-weather staple, the tank top. Since I’ve been reluctant to buy any more trousers for work, I thought this pair could do double duty for work and play if I dressed them up a bit with a jacket.

And so I did—this three-quarter-sleeve jacket has been hanging around for years, and was perfect for transforming a rather casual look into something more business casual.

Jacket: Ann Taylor • Shirt: Forever 21 • Belt: Gucci • Pants: Limited • Heels: Elie Tahari
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent • Watch: Michael Kors • Nails: Essie Pink Parka

And ah, my new favorite sandals…what can I say, darlings? I’m smitten with this pair. They also happened to be ideal for these pants, which require a platform because they are extra-long. I tweeted a photo of these last week, and now they make their debut. Sigh. I plan to live in them.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh of delight, admiration and joy)I havejust had a vision in the woods
    You look so fantastic with everything that touches your skin that I have no need to say anything else.
    Are you in your standing in your garden, because If it is so…I am coming right over, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Much love always.

    1. That is my backyard, Sacramento. Though my mother is responsible for the beautiful blooms…I may be good at blogging, but a gardener I am not!

      Thank you! Much love to you as well!

  2. You look gorgeous V! Those pants are great for the warm months. Confession: it took me a moment to recognize the belt shirt combo as the inspiration from the Instagram pic earlier in the week :-).

  3. Ah, yes. The gaze, the sophisticated outfit, the amazing heels, the nail polish, the desire to crawl up in that sofa with you. So lovely to see you again Vahni. You look absolutely stunning, so chic! I absolutely love how you work your shape, the flaired pants, the perfectly cropped jacket and the soft blouse. I would definately do business with you! Lots of love to you and the heels. xxx

  4. So good to see a post from you. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    I love your new pants and sandals! I still have yet to try a pair of wide legged pants. It might be something I just may have to put on my to-do list so I actually try them!

    1. Thank you Jenmarie!

      You must try the widelegs. I have so many pairs. I love them. Plus, they help balance my Greek derriere.

  5. Those are some seriously gorgeous sandals, V! Enjoy them. You’ll have to let me know how they wear because I bought a pair of Tahari flats a couple of years ago and the leather tore within a month. I was so sad to have to return them.

  6. I totally agree about this jacket’s as structuring as “legitimazing” virtues, AND (naturally) cant’ help BUT add that this Fetish pink polish (paradoxically) tend to extol your obvious strongness Dear !!! “Worker V = Multi-faceted Corporate Mistress-ity” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Those shoes are so hot. Can I ask where you picked them up!?

    Also love how you toned down the print on the blouse by throwing the blazer over the top. The whole look is super polished and put together, while still fresh + fun.

    1. HA!!!! OMG, you’re killing me. I totally almost scrapped these shots, cause I so did NOT feel hot. So thank you!

      PS: The hair. Order Viviscal and Appearex from Wonder supplements!

  8. Gorgeous, V! I love that little jacket. It was definitely the perfect finishing touch on this look (for work, that is). The heels are amazing and they are that perfect go with anything metallic, so we don’t blame you for wanting to live in them. (love that pink polish, too!)

  9. Gorgeous, honey!! I’ve been thinking of you/praying for yoU! I’m glad you’re back to posting!! 🙂 I like this look! I wore my linen pants ( on Sunday and I had been waiting and waiting for the weather to permit me to wear them!! Haha!! Aren’t they sooo cozy!?? I like the look with a blazer! You look fabulous as per usual! 😉


  10. Love the new shoes – so hot! I also like the woven pattern on the jacket, it makes a black blazer looks surprisingly spring-y! Glad to hear you’re getting back to your normal V-self!

    xo, Ashley

  11. The first photo by the flowers is so incredibly beautiful. I love fresh flowers, my mother had a tradition of always keeping fresh flowers at our home growing up. I’m such a jacket lover, I have tons & wear them all! I remember viewing the photo on via twitter. Just fabulous! I see why you use your backyard, goodness! It was designed for stylish shoots like this! -xo
    Happy Friday!

  12. Okay, I saw the shoes via Twitter but can’t remember if I mentioned how much I frigging adore them? Love me some Elie Tahari. Still don’t know how to properly pronounce his name (E-lie? Ell-ee?) but the man makes a gorgeous sandal. And just about everything else. I love this whole look with the pop of color in the top and of course the wide leg trousers. And that YSL ring is to die for!

    P.S. To echo the sentiments of everyone else, it’s so lovely to “see” you again and you’re still in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you enjoy your weekend, V!

  13. Hi V,

    Love the outfit for office or out on the town. Accessories is such the key. Your belt and shoes make this outfit come together like a gift with a bow on top. And your blouse looks so romantic with the ruffles.


  14. Those pants are the shee-ite. (That’s cool people speak for, “Those pants look nice.”) I would wear those every day of my life.

    Thank you sosososososo much for your advice on how to become a “professional” blogger. It’s kind of my dream to do this for a living. I love everything about social media — blogs, Facebook (okay, I kind of hate Facebook, but I am on it), Twitter, YouTube — and I would love to find a way to do this for a career. I figure that my already existing social media skills and my Masters in English Literature should help me in some way … right? I’m good at what I do, so I guess I just have to hope that somebody takes notice of my mad skills. There are so many other fashion bloggers out there trying to do the same thing as me, and that is a little disconcerting, but it’s worth a shot! 🙂
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. i can totally see why you are smitten with your new sandals. they are lovely and elegant!!

    i am dying for a pair of wide legged pants. you look so chic in yours and i love everything you’ve paired it with. i still can’t get over how well you dress to work!

  16. Hey girl,
    How you doing? Love that you’re rocking wide legs…. but i am seriously in love with your heels!
    That veranda looks like the perfect place for a dirty martini and sunset… lucky you!

    Have an awesome weekend & Kalo Mina!


    1. Thank you Bobbie! I agree, the bronze + neon pink is delish. I didn’t realize how gorgeous gold is with bright pink until that day. One of my fave combos now!

  17. FAB outfit! I love the jacket and don’t get me started on those shoes!!! You always look so glamourous for work – I always fine your worker V. outfit posts so fresh and inspiring, even though I can’t get away with some of the things you get to wear – open toe sandals for example are a no no for me but boy am I suffering from shoe envy here!

  18. A perfect example of how the right accessories make an outfit pop. The jacket, the belt, the watch, the shoes – they all have the same texture that connects the separates into one.

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