WVW: On the {Bur}berry Last Day*

Last weekend all hail broke loose in my city. Literally. Thunder, lightning, rain, and quail-egg-sized hail that put holes in my canvas gazebo roof, dang it. Bloody hail. I’d rather have spent the money I just spent on my gazebo on shoes, of course.

Oh well. The bright side of it all was temperatures cool enough for a sliver of time to wear boots one last day before full-on summer heat hits. And boots I wore, but not just any boots—the Burberry fall/winter 2010 boots I scored for practically pennies in fashion terms. Yeah, those boots. Leather up to my neck, absolute dominatrix-like deliciousness. Paired with a sensational white Foley + Corinna City Tote in supple leather.

You’ve seen this dress before, by the way, if you’re a long-time G&G reader. It’s my favorite LBD. I’ve worn it to work, and with another pair of OTK boots as well. Proof that every girl needs at least one trusty little black dress.

And the bag. I’m not done talking about it! It’s a tote, a cross-body bag, and an oversized clutch all in one. I’m totally crushing on the white (which is kind of anti-Vahni), but curiously, it makes a powerful statement, don’t you think? Next week I’ll feature it with a more casual ensemble and close-ups.

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: Banana Republic • Belt: White House/Black Market • Bag: Courtesy of Foley + Corinna
Boots: Burberry • Rings: Unknown • Sunnies: D&G

PS: While proofing this post prior to publication, I showed it to Hubby. I had asked for his seal of approval before selecting the bag and scooping these new pink D&G sunnies, so I wanted him to see this look. (He’s got great taste, non?)

He said in his Aussie accent, “You look badahss,” to which I replied, “I am badahss“—then accidentally disclosed that these are new boots—he had not yet detected that fact. Maybe it’s time for me to go back to the Badahss School of Stealth Shopping.


  1. You look freaking awesome!!! This outfit is absolutely delicious, and you are totally rocking those boots. I like the severe contrast of your black outfit with that white bag. Its perfect.

  2. V! These boots and that purse are DOING IT for me. By far one of my favorite outfits from you. This white F+C bag is going to be your best friend this season – crossbody, tote & oversized clutch? Duh, winning. LOL.

  3. Hellloooo bad azz boots!!! You are rocking these babies V!! And I do love the white purse…Im thinking I need to change my purse more….this would be a great color to start with!! Awesome post!!!

  4. Of course I love this post, and you know EXACTLY why 😉 For some reason, I thought you had chosen the black.. but yay for the white! It is so fresh and screams spring. Enjoy the bag, V!


  5. Oh V! You look AHMAZING as usual (I don’t know if I commented on your last outfit post ,but that dress was a VISION on you!) LOVE love the boots. Gahh I really wish i could go shopping- really been coveting a lot lately. Oh and I agree- you are totally badass hahah. 😉

  6. Aaaww AND this next to the skin tribute to your crepuscular winter (spontaneously) does not fail to sound as such a (KILLing) “Uppercut of day to day SM CHIC-ittude”, stylish Ôde to an exuding hieratism that your pink polish (paradoxically) tend to extol Dear V !!!
    ps: Aaaww ET cet hommage à fleur de peau à ton hiver crépusculaire ne manque (spontanément) pas de se faire (fatal) “uppercut de SM CHIC-ittude”, Ôde stylistique à un hiératisme naturel que ton vernis rose tend (paradoxalement ) à exalter Chère V (“Cyber French Teacher’s deeply approving look”) !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Oh no, that totally blows!!!! Well at least you look cute!! 🙂

    And the shoes, HONEY let me just say…. FIERCE MAMA HOT HOT HOT!!!!! The hubby sure does have good taste!!


  8. BADAZZZZ is right! Those boots are definitely hott!!! And I have been waiting on a Foley + Corinna bag (smaller version of yours) to come into my consignment shop for, forever!! Its a super popular style, great outfit Vahni!!


  9. Oh all this Foley love has me swooning. Love the contrast of the white! It’s fresh and perfect for spring. And I have maybe a dozen LBD’s. They are essential to every woman’s wardrobe. I agree, I love this one!

    Can’t wait to see the other ways that you will style the bag!

  10. I love that bag so much, that i clicked on the link to see how much it was….. I wish I hadnt, now I know Ill never own! wahh 🙁 (unless I wion the lotto on Saturday, then Ill buy 10, haha) I love those boots on you, I really need to invest in a pair next year! Your such a style inspiration Vahni!

  11. I am soooo distracted by the hotness of the boots, I can’t see anything else. But that white tote is genius and a perfect foil for the midnight vixen we know and love as Vahni. YOU are such a bad-ass. Delicious. Supple. Fashion-wicked. Bad. Ass. <3

  12. I LOVE a great fashion deal and those boots are amazingness…….
    I am in the process of changing my closet around for the higher temps and I am really going to miss my boots. Going to drop them off the be cleaned up and resoled (where need be) in the next week so come fall I can wear them again…..

  13. What could I possibly say about this outfit that hasn’t already been said. Boots > OMG!! I love boots – especially OTK and these are awesome. I think what I am really digging is that perfect pink pout!! Great shade of lippy on you!!

  14. the combination of black & white always looks so gorgeous together!
    and may I add that you have GREAT taste in shoes? Between this post and your last one I am in full on llust after your shoe collection!

  15. I’m a graduate of the Stealth Shopping school …it’s been 13 years but the ‘this old thing’ line still works on my hubs – bless!
    Congrats on making the IFB weekly roundup!

  16. You DO look badahss! The pop of white is a glorious savior piece amidst your ‘dominatrix-like deliciousness’ vibe – it works. The sunnies justify everything like the ‘badahss’ cherry-on-top!


  17. Hahahahahaha, caught! So funny, I totally get so excited I forget my stealth all the time. I can’t wait to see the closeups of THAT bag. And I am the biggest PRO OTK boots kind of gal. The only thing I’ll miss about winter.

  18. Yeah but the boots were on sale so it doesn’t count, right? And they look so fabulous on you. Of course, you’re wearing them right, with a short poofy dress. I must say it’s not my favorite trend, but they looks so good on you that it makes me want a pair!


  19. I’m sorry to hear about the hail! That doesn’t sound like much fun. But you do look AMAZING! Those boots are absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to see close-ups of the bag.

  20. That hail is something, sorry about your gazebo. Would you believe in my neck of the woulds about a month ago we had tornado warnings.
    Those boots are so cool and look awesome on you. You are so fashionable and chic. I love handbags and this one looks so pretty. I have a leather bag that converts to a tote and I really enjoy wearing it.


  21. Sorry about the hail on your gazebo. My hubby and I had a tree fall on the front of our home after a tornado went through last year. Thank the Lord everything is repaired but boy I will never forget that. This weather has been so strange, snow one day and 90 degrees the next.
    Those boots are kicking and the dress is so pretty. You look so fashionable and rocker chic. I love the balance of pretty and cut edge fierceness in the same outfit. The bag is so chic because you can wear it so many different ways.


  22. LOL! I have a husband that worked in retail for quite a few years, so there is NOTHING that I can get away with. He knows exactly when I bring something home that’s new!

    You look great, and I love the white Foley + Corinna purse!


  23. I can hardly ever hide anything I’ve bought, or any new pairs of shoes or clothes, my other half ALWAYS knows, he is absolutely terrible!! or maybe I’m the terrible one buying all the shoes 🙂

    I like how the white bag works with the rest of the outfit, very powerful and seriously stylish. Oh and some strong boot envy on my side too…

  24. Get down witcha badahss self. Those boots! I can’t even. They were, like, my most coveted/favorite part of that collection! And you are absolutely killing it with them. Werk!

    And I love the bag to bits and pieces; love that you took an adventurous step with the white, too. I find it’s easy to sort of fall into a style routine and once in a while it’s refreshing to go for the unexpected. I went out shopping last week with the intention of not buying one single thing that was black. It almost worked! I think I only got two black pieces. But beyond that, color. The New Yorker in me is shaking in her boots (which I wouldn’t mind, if they were as badahss as yours) but I’m exciting to take the leap and try something new. It might just make me feel sassy! Or it could totally backfire and I’ll look like an idiot. But…such is the journey of personal style.

  25. Thanks to all for the highly entertaining comments! Glad you all like the boots and bag as much as I do. I appreciate your time and thoughts!

  26. I love it how you casually skipped over the part about how you actually picked up the burberry boots for pennies… come on V the people wan’t to know! Well… I do anyway 🙂

    1. Ha, thanks Arash! The boots were a serendipitous find at Nordstrom Rack. Literally the only pair there in my size. I went by on the first weekend the store opened. I bet I’ll never find a deal that sweet again!

  27. Love the thigh high boots! Contemplating buying a pair but I have been unable to make up my mind about the texture of leather. I like this look because it can be casual or really fierce when paired with colors like red, orange, or emerald! : )

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