WVW: The Jolie Foley*

Last Friday was date night. At noon I had no idea where I was going or more important, what I would wear. Half the reason I insist on periodic date nights is purely so I can flex my sartorial muscle beyond office wear and gym wear. Donning heels and something totally not office appropriate every once in a while is de rigueur for my sanity.

Back to noon on Friday. I’m eating lunch while working from home, and a quarter of the way into my Wendy’s BLT Cobb salad, the doorbell rings. My fashion fairy godmother (in the form of a UPS delivery man) bestowed upon me a HUGE box that I was expecting, but not quite so soon (yay!). With a wild look on my face (and a bemused one Hubby’s), I sprinted for the scissors and began hacking my way into the box.

Eventually, I unearthed a fantastic frock from equally fantastic brand Foley + Corinna. And then, in true blogger fashion, I tweeted this:

@gritandglamour: UPS man at my door. Big @foleyandcorinna box delivered. Weekend made.

What was it? Oh, just the Long Jersey Dolman Dress, courtesy of Foley + Corinna. Just my perfect date night dress.

Why do I love this dramatic long dress? Oh, let me count the ways…

A well-hidden slit—and reversible leather belt with fringe ties—as far as the eye can see. Don’t let that slit scare you…it only opens with a good, strong wind (or if you want it to). T-shirt-like jersey that’s as comfy as your favorite old bathrobe. The breathtaking draped, open back. And the fact that my new Max Azria half-front sandals happened to match the belt perfectly. Another bonus. See? Meant to be.

OK, so why the Jolie Foley?

I know when Americans see “Jolie,” they think of Angelina. Jolie actually means “pretty” in French (Jolie’s mum happened to be a Frenchie). Enter another lovely Frenchism, the double entendre. Fully applicable in this instance.

While I do think the dress is très jolie, I took these photos before stepping out for a date with Hubby, remember? On said date, in between appetizers and our main course, I slipped to the powder room to reapply my MAC Vegas Volt lippie. While there, a lass complimented me on the dress, saying “It looks like something Angelina Jolie would wear,” and asked where I got it. She’s right, I thought, as I conjured images of Jolie in long dresses of this ilk.

Eyes gleaming (and not just because I’d had a couple martinis), I turned to her and replied, “Thank you. It’s Foley and Corinna. I’m a fashion blogger and they actually sent it to me.”

Who needed dessert after all that? Not me. My day—and night—were already sweet enough.

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: Courtesy of Foley + Corinna • Belt: Courtesy of Foley + Corinna • Heels: Max Azria • Bag: LOFT • Rings: BCBG

PS: I was feeling all kinds of French in this post, wasn’t I? Beautiful language. Thought of you when writing it, Antoine.
And thanks to Hubby who kind of begrudgingly suffered me as model and picky artistic director while taking these shots.


  1. Beautiful dress and you look fab. I love the drape in the back and the way the dress flatters the figure. The slit is a little high but I could work it too. Perfect for a date night and your shoes are so fierce.
    I will have to check out Foley + Corinna designs.

    Tres chic!


  2. Awwww, I adore the happy ending to this post. Yes appreciate sweetness everywhere!!!

    P.S- I love strangers who comment on outfits, I do this all the time because you can see how happy it makes people. And when lovely strangers do this to me I get so excited I practically draw a map to where they can find it. Cheers to the compliments from strangers!!

    Lastly, YOU LOOK AMAZING. Super stunning the dress is just soooo perfect on you. Love the slit and the low back.

  3. Whoa!! Girl – Angie has nothing on YOU! You look amazing! I think you definitely ROCK this dress. It does look like something she would wear (get lost in) but you look WAY better in it!
    I too always compliment people’s outfits or parts I like. It does just make someone’s day and you can tell the compliment means alot to them. Love spreading the fashion joy!!
    How great that they sent you a dress!!

  4. Aaaah, mais oui, ma cherie, it was destiny.

    You look amazing -as in heart stoppingly beautiful. I love everything about your look, so flowy, so sensual, so chic I don`t know what to do with my self. And, I would like to point out, this look is my kind of practical (can open if you want to.. HA! J`adore!)


    x Anika

  5. That dress loves you Vahni, It is beautiful but you take it to the level of perfection: classy and chic.
    Such wonderful photos, too my dear friend.

  6. oh.my.god.

    I don’t even know what to day without sounding like a complete fangirl. You look AMAZING – that dress looks like it was made for you.

    First, I didn’t even know Foley + Corina designed anything other than handbags. Where have I been this whole time?

    Second, that dress is truly a beautiful piece of art. The draping, that slit, THAT back… perfection. A dress like that can often be overpowering and look like it is wearing the person instead of the other way around… but not here. It looks like it was designed just for you, and you wear it well.


  7. I ADORE your Frenchisms in this post! Jolie is the one French word my friends seem to have learned from me, so it’s used often and unnecessarily in our conversations, lol.

    This dress is gorgeous on you! The fabric, back drape, and long slit are perfection on you!

  8. LOVE the dress V. So elegant. I’m not one to wear sleeveless or strapless, so I love that this is still so chic and has sleeves! You look stunning 🙂


  9. Ah-mazing. YOU look amazing! I could see this wonderfully liquid frock garnering many more compliments for you for years- the cut is so timeless, I can see this a wardrobe staple for you for many years to come.

  10. OMG, this dress is Fierce girl!!! So simple yet the cut is absolutely stunning! I know I’d be rocking the mess out of that slit on the side! 🙂

  11. You look stunning, the dress DOES indeed look like it was made for you! I can’t wait to show off my own Foley + Corinna items, aren’t they the bestest? I picked out a leopard burnout backless dress that I can’t wait to wear the next time I have excuse!

  12. What gorgeous treats! The back swoop is magnificent. I wouldn’t need dessert either, with a couple of martinis in me, a beautiful dress and chic bag to wear to a date night, a thoughtful ladies’ room compliment, and a blog reference. Did you give her one of your cards? 😀

  13. The stunning V everyone! You look I N C R E D I B L E!! This should be on a cover of a mag: The V dress Sessions! My favourite is the back part of the dress. (of course those sandals were already on the loving list). I’m obsessed with fringe, actually in the middle of a DIY project for a future post. -xo

  14. I like to have date nights with my partner, too. Even though we’ve been together for a very long time, it’s still nice to have special evenings out together. What can I say about this look? One word: elegant!

  15. I, too love when I’m expecting a package and the delivery guy walks to my doorstep. It’s the best feeling!!!

    This dress is GORGEOUS!!! You look sexy girl!!! I love everything about this dress, and yes it does look like something Angeline Jolie has worn before, but who cares. You look hot in it and if I were you I’d wear it everyday. Lol.
    No, but really Wow! Stunning V. You deserve the best look of the week. I’m soooo digging this outfit. You should post this look on The Wear to go Girls’ facebook page for a chance to be featured for best look of the week.



  16. Twit twoooo! You look stunning in the dress, perfect for a date night. I love the draping on the back and I love the thigh length slit as well just to add a bit of glamour. You’re right the max azria shoes go perfectly with the belt, a great combination.

    One thing I did notice which is completely off the subject matter of the post was you said ” a lass complimented me” I didn’t realise you used the word lass in the US I thought it was a good that us folk in the north of England and Scotland used?

    But back on topic again anyway, perfect timing to get the dress as well… it’s a fantastic look.


    1. HAAAA! Thank you, Arash.

      RE: Lass. Not commonly used in the U.S. I’m a little different, being an wordsmith, the child of European parents, and married to an Aussie. I use a crazy blend of Southern American, English, and Australian colloquialisms! I do wish more people used lass, though. It’s a sweet word.

  17. aaaahhh! I love it, V! It’s absolutely fantastic and kudos to you on the partnership with Foley + Corinna! That is pretty freakin awesome!! You look stunning!

  18. Mon Dieu, V! C’est magnifique et très jolie! I like Arash’s whistle, too; I second that.

    I love a good Dolman top and I (more recently, since I just realized I can still wear them at 5’5″) love a good long/maxi dress, but if someone had suggested combining the two I would have thought it would be way overkill. But it completely works! And then the slit and the low back and the belt, all these amazing elements working together. It’s the coolest dress ever – which of course means it was made for you!

  19. And this outfit (utterly) is “Vahnilicious”, (slightly Fetish) ôde to your exuding “GLAMazon-ittude” Dear !!! I can’t help BUT vote for this uber sensuous back cleavage, the way this kind of unveiling can betray an (uber bewitching) “worn next to the skin” effect (“shy smile”) . . .
    ps: AAaaw Merci INFINIMENT pour cet hommage spontané, ce serait (vraiment) un Plaisir d’être ton “cyber professeur de Français” Dear !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  20. It’s gorgeous! I love that UPS box at the door feeling, unfortunately the box I found at the door today contained a dress that just didn’t quite do it. Sigh. Back it goes.

    But yours is wonderful. I hope you had a fab time on your date night. Like you, I find it’s a must for my sanity. The shots I did in my last post at Union Station were on date night too.


  21. Seems like you had the perfect night! Seriously? First a Free Beautiful dress, and to end the night with such a lovely compliment! I am happy for you! lol

    It truly is stunning, and reading this made me feel very at ease. 🙂

  22. What perfect timing for this dress to arrive! You are a vision! The dress is perfect for you. I’m crazy about an open back and I hope for your hubby that it was an especially windy evening 😉 xoxo

  23. I love all the word play and double entendres…French is a beautiful language to compliment a beautiful dress. Sounds like the ultimate day for a fashion blogger, gifts, dinner, compliments on the ensemble. Parfait!

  24. I was reading my tweets these past few days and I was wondering why the commotion about V’s current post…I was not able to find time to blog visit but I am trying so hard to visit and check your post before going out for my vacation…and WOWWW!!!! I think I just dropped my jaw…I know this could be the 100th compliment you will ever receive from this dress and this post…but YES V! you are a goddess…I love it…just perfect!!!!


  25. vahni you look AMAZING!!!!! foley and corinna is a new discovery for me, i hadn’t really known about them before a few weeks ago. but i am loving the items i bought from them. your clutch is wonderful! and this long dress looks absolutely stunning on you. you’re such a goddess!!

    1. lol, i just had to mention that i’ve been sitting here staring at the drape on the back of the dress for something like 5 minutes. it’s so gorgeous. mega bravo to foley + corinna.

  26. OMG…. You should be next to me when I open this post. Even J got scared when I screamed so loud.. hahaha
    You look fabulous in this long frock.
    Hubby must feel the luckiest man…
    Ps.. I want to say sorry V for not visiting your site lately, as you know I was on holiday and having lots of dramas to get internet access sometimes… but I am back.

    Lee x

    1. Ha! Thanks Lee, I can imagine the scenario you just described.

      No worries about visiting! I know you get here when you can. We’re all busy!

      Miss you. Hug to J. xo

  27. How funny that you got that comment about Angelina in your Jolie dress. Did Foley & Corina pick this out for you? Because it’s definitely your style to a T!

    On another note, don’t you love it when packages come right on time? My Vena Cava leather skirt from Gilt arrived at my door at 4 o’clock on a day I had an event at 6. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

  28. Well, my goodness! So many unbelievably kind comments. Thank you all so very much! Thrilled that you thought this dress is as special as I did.

    Big thanks to Foley + Corinna for providing the dress. You made an absolute winner!

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