WVW: Chevron*

I’m wearing yoga pants. There. The secret is out.

I’ll tell you another secret: I’m wearing yoga pants, but I didn’t go to yoga (and I miss it so!).

And one more secret, for good measure: It is very possible to wear not a tailored stitch, look chic, and feel über-comfy. ‘Tis the season for flares, anyway.

Can I get an…OM?

*WVW = What V Wore
Cardigan: NY & Co. •  Tank: Old Navy • Pants: LOFT •  Scarf: Limited •  Heels: Vince Camuto • Bag: LOFT
Rings: Stephen Dweck, Mars & Valentine • Sunnies: Juicy Couture

PS: Look at me pattern mixing. Chevron + chevron + did you notice my leopard pumps? No? Scroll up! Aren’t you proud of me?


  1. Awh! I love that you’re wearing yoga pants! I’m wearing yoga pants as I type. Comfy chic is where it’s at and spring and summer make me want to ditch the tailoring and be free! This look brought a smile to my face because it’s the type of look I try to create for work. I think you already know that I work at a gym so I spend a lot of time in yoga pants, but I still want to look chic and pulled together as well. I love the pairing of the tank and scarf and the sheer cardi is divine. You definitely get an OM! xoxo

  2. Now if only you posed in front of a Chevron next to a Citröen… meta ahh!

    And I did have to scroll up to see your shoes; they were doing their job too well (staking out their next prey)!

  3. You take the fiercest outfit pictures in all the blogosphere, babe. Just had to be said.

    Love the pattern mixing, love the yoga pants, love the leopard pumps. Everything about this is chic, fun and comfy. And seriously, that tank is Old Navy? It’s cute! I don’t know why I don’t go there more often.

    1. Lord, thanks honey! That’s quite a compliment because I always feel like I still have a lonnnnng way to go!

      FYI: The tank is Old Navy from years ago, when it was so great. They’ve changed they’re designs or sourcing, or something since then, and I’ve had no luck there for like the last year. Sigh.

  4. I love this! I’m working on something with lounge gear. I love clothes that feel good. I’m always trying to dress up something laid back lol. cool outfit!

  5. If you didn’t say they were yoga pants, I wouldn’t have known! They are super comfortable and (with the right pair) can make your legs look really good! The top is gorgeous! Love the Bohemian chic feel to it!

  6. V – Love the yoga pants and I don’t think any of us would have noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out. I’m also loving the fact that this whole outfit is what I call ‘mall fashion’ and it looks great! – Katy

  7. Seriously, V, only you could rock pumps and yoga pants and make it work! I love this look…I love the fact that you didn’t go to yoga but still wore the pants even more. Maybe I should wear my running shorts on days I don’t run? Hmmm….

  8. OM I would’ve never guessed they were yoga pants. You look pretty fancy my dear!!
    Lol, I do that sometimes too though because they’re comfy and they work. period!!!

    Good job on the leopard heels. Love the mixture of the pattern top with the leopard shoes. They somehow work very nicely!!


  9. u made perfect combination of the top and scarf,and as everything else is black it gives the accent to those things…looking great!;)

  10. Perfect yoga pants I’d say! I’m looking for another pair of yoga pants myself, so, thank you for inspiration! 😉 LOL
    BTW, I just got back from yoga and I absolutely enjoy my little bit achy & tuned body! 🙂

  11. I know for a fact that I could never look this chic in yoga pants. But you – you look stunning as always.

    Great job mixing the chevron patterns with the leopard pumps. Loving this look on you. And your hair looks phenomenal in that 3rd shot. Pantene commercial worthy!

  12. I would have never guessed those were yoga pants. either way the look chic and comfy. Make s me wanna go throw on a pair of harem pants for good measure.


  13. I’m so glad you confessed. I’ve always contemplating wearing yoga pants for serious, but never actually had the guts to do it. Will people notice? Will it look right? But it looks perfectly normal here. Do you feel like such a rebel?

  14. This is totally awesome, because now I feel ridiculously validated for having done the same thing (although never blogged, so guess it doesn’t count 🙂 My co-workers actually thought that they were real pants when I wore them! Love the chevron on chevron combination!

  15. STOP IT!!! This is kind of amazing. Although, I do hot yoga so my yoga apparel is not really good for the walking world. P.S.-love the pattern mixing!!! So good that leopard.

  16. I’ve never seen yoga pants look t his chic- you’re one of a kind, V! Love the pattern mixing!!! that scarf is especially divine. and that close up- HOTTT, those shades are FABULOUS on you.

  17. Hurray for yoga pants and possibly the worlds most comfortable work outfit! I have a friend who does that as well, its a great look and so easy. I love leopard pumps as well, I just purchased a leopard print maxi skirt this morning… cant wait to wear it, love leopard print so much!
    you look gorg lady 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jessica! You know, come to think of it, one could wear yoga pants to the office with a long sweater in winter. I might have done that once!

    1. Thanks, Kristin…the Missoni-esque look of both of them is exactly what attracted me to them! I actually wear the scarf like all the time, with everything.

  18. So proud of the pattern mixing! I can’t ever wear flares without looking like a little elf, damn it.
    And oooo laa laaa loving the F+C banner up there. Cannot wait to see your goodies!


  19. I didn’t notice the leopard print pumps until I got to the end of the post I had to scroll back up to the top. I’ve been doing yoga myself recently as part of my work out plan and it’s a killer!

    I love the tank top with the chevrons on and of course the pumps…leopard print is all good with me. The tank top is very missoni!

  20. Um, yeah for the flare loving! In fact, you have totally helped make up my mind what the next look on my blog shall be 😉 I love the colour of yours, I am still playing safe with variant shades of blue.

    My yoga pant equivalent is hareem pants. If I could I would live in them. So comfy!

    Thanks for the comment on the post. I was reading one of your old articles the other day – about being comfortable with the type of blog you keep and I think I am just starting to really figure that out for myself. OTD focused blogs aren’t such a bad thing! Thanks for the prompter x

  21. I’ll give you an OM, honey!! Haha!! I have actually rocked yoga pants a time or two as well! It really can work if you do it right, which you DID! 🙂 Loving the chevrons mixed! And my God, your hair is beautiful!! Have I told you that before?? BE-A-UTIFUL!! 🙂

  22. You sure can get an OM, I`ll even throw in an OMG mixed prints and pimped out yoga pants! J`adore. I love that you are doing more fashion posts too. Also, I wanted to give you feedback on the commercial on top of your site, it looks great! Very in keeping with your blog, doesn`t take away from your content, and has me coveting new bags. Job well done 🙂

    Also, I have now branced out into wearing several statement rings at once (shocking development I know :D, but, I did only dear wear red nail polish a couple of months ago) thanks to feeling inspired by you my friend.

    You know, you are strikingly stunning, and I love that, but what always get`s to me more is YOU, and your beauty inside. Happy weekend dahling!

  23. WOow so Frankly beyond the yoga pants’ question I can’t help BUT say that this subtle “One bare shoulder effect” MUST be tagged “with a high content of early-summery sensuousness”, AND that these patterns do not fail to create a kind of stylish symbiosis between the awakening Nature and your KILLing Haughtiness Dear V !!!

    a presto, Antoine

  24. Hi Vahni,
    I just came across your blog via the post on Styling You, where you were mentioned as one of the 5 bloggers who inspire Nikki to be a better blogger.

    Love your site – well done!!

    I had to laugh when I read your post here about wearing yoga pants when not going to yoga. I just wrote about this, after getting some survey results back from mothers saying that 20% claim to have a ‘good’ tracksuit that they wear out but when not exercising. http://www.foxinflats.com.au/2011/03/tracksuit-rule/

    Looks like you hit the jackpot of a comfort, practicality & style with this outfit!

  25. Chevrons plus chevrons plus leopard – very nice combination. You look great in your yoga pants! I think the trick is to keep the top covered up a bit, as you have. The yoga pants and gym bra combo looks fine at the gym, but not so good shopping for groceries, if you know what I mean.

  26. Whew! After the bermudas, So glad the yoga pants went over too! so many gracious comments. Thank you.

    And extra points to those who recognized the Missoni-like look of these chevron pieces. Good eye! I thought the same myself when I bought them.

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