WVW: Bermudas for a BBQ*

Yesterday was a gorgeous, 65-70 degree day in my world, and I was invited to a birthday barbeque for a chic and lovely friend of mine. Normally, I overdress. Even for a backyard BBQ. Since the birthday girl is quite fashionable herself, I thought my brand of dressed up bermuda shorts would be perfect.

Now get a look at these shorts:

They’re kind of man repellers, aren’t they? I’ve had them for a long time, but they’re so quirky I haven’t had the heart to banish them from my closet. Instead of forgoing them, I decided to ask a MAN his opinion—Hubby. And I did, fully ready to not wear them, and not be cross about it. After all, I was iffy about them myself. Hmm.

I asked him while I was barefoot, but in the midst of slipping on these big honkin’ heels. Once they were on, Hubby approved, and I was flabbergasted. Wonders never cease. That said, I know the fastest way to ensure man repelling is to pair long bermudas with flats. Uh, no.  Wait. Who am I kidding? Like flats were even an option. Pffft.

*WVW = What V Wore
Shirt: Calvin Klein • Shorts: Limited • Belt: Michael Kors • Heels: Michael Kors
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent • Bracelets: Unknown • Polish: Orly Hot Shot


So, bermudas. Hot or not?


  1. I really like the look of the bermuda shorts with heels! I actually think they make your legs look really good! 🙂 Love your nail polish and your belt too! A bbq sounds so lovely right now- it’s supposed to be rainy here for most of the coming week!

    1. Thank you Nnenna. I’ve been trying to get more color into my wardrobe. Nails (and accessories) are the easiest way to do it.

  2. Well, we both know hubby would have been even happier had you chosen Daisy Dukes instead, but even some leg is better than no leg for most men, and he was probably focused on those sexy heels. At least that’s what my husband would have thought!

    I have to say this belted shirt thing looks great on you, and I can’t get it to work on me. Maybe I’m wearing the wrong sort of shirt? I don’t know, but I think capris and a belted shirt is going to have to be in my future at some point soon.


    1. Thanks, Heather! Not sure why the belted shirt isn’t working on you. Or maybe it is, but you’re not quite used to it. Please share photos if you do a look like this!

  3. Bermudas are a very important part of my warm weather wardrobe. Your nails are on FIRE. Love! And I’ll forever be jealous of all you lovelies who have that gorgeous YSL ring. Le sigh. Beautiful look from top to bottom lady!

    1. Hey, you, thanks! Yes, got to sex ’em up. I always wear shorts with heels. I have to admit, it gets a lot of attention. It’s a look I love though. It’s just that little kick in an otherwise simple look, you know?

  4. This outfit looks really chic and perfect for a barbecue. Most of the time I would be doing the cooking and smelling like hickory smoke so my outfit would be very casual because I would have to change into something else.
    I agree about not wearing flats with your outfit, those heels rock. I love the turquoise ring and your nail polish.

    1. You make a good point, JT…if you’re the one cooking, it might not work. Been in those shoes before too.

      Thanks for your comment…so glad everyone’s loving my crazy nails lately!

  5. I think you look great! I have a similar pair of shorts – although they’re white with a black ribbon belt – and they’re the only kind of shorts that I’ll wear! The leopard print and orange/red accents make this outfit really ‘you’ – love it!

  6. I, myself will skip the maxi dresses this summer and give my shorts (denim & coton) a go. It is kind of a risk, but I like just going a bit against the flow sometimes. You look absolutely polished: I can see the attention for details (last pic). At least, I see it and I love your outfit.

    1. Thanks, Eva. I kind of feel the same. And I have to admit, it gets a lot of compliments. I actually am thinking of buying another, I love it so much.

  7. You are really rocking these bermudas! I wish I had the dedication to heels, I am all about comfort these days, hee hee. Love the nail polish too 🙂

  8. I’m an accessories hound so the last picture is just beyond for me, like the Index section in Vogue. So much to love here but I have to single out the ring, that belt and those smokin’ hot nails! Of course it all looks great because it’s against a leopard background.

  9. I love that michael kors belt, I saw it before and I wanted to buy it. It looks good on you. Me I find no problems with capris and bermudas, during the summer they are a godsend. Along with shorts. but sometimes you want to conceal your thighs so I choose capris. hah.

  10. My dear Vahni, only you could have pull off so wonderfully this short length. Not only that, they are a real statement.
    The shoes, the hair, the yewellery, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a true Greek goddess.
    Much love always.

  11. I use to wear bermuda shorts all the time, and I still love them. They’re fun, comfy and great for spring. I, too always try on stuff and get my bf’s opinion. Most of the time he approves. 🙂

    The nail polish is such a pretty color. Your jewelry and belt are perfect for the outfit. Love the leopard top! You my dear look amazing. Very casual, cool, yet chic all at the same time.

    oh, and the shoe – aaahhh hot hot hot!!!


  12. I could not possibly love that outift any more, I think long shorts are a nice alternative to skirts. And adding that pop of color in the belt and heels elevated the look about twelve notches. I only wish I could pull off that glamorous look. I’m afraid I’m firmly entrenched in the “girl next door” look:) Perhaps in my next life…..a gal can dream.

  13. Dearest V,
    You rock those bermudas like no other woman I have ever known. In fact, I think that you are the only one who should have a license to wear them. I love how you paired the outfit with a pop of orange in the belt! Gorgeous!

  14. Well, I’m actually a fan of bermudas. I also kind of wonder if in this world of quirks and kinks there really is such a thing as a man repeller….

    I love the nails and heels!

  15. Bermudas on Vahni = hot. Bermudas on me = so not hot. I’ve always found them to be awkward and unflattering. I love how you just completely blew my whole perspective by making them actually look fierce here. Is there anything you can’t do?

    Honestly, even in the summer I don’t experiment much with trouser length. I have a few pairs of capris but I’m not a particular fan of the way they look on me. I guess I need to gain a bit more confidence in the gams!

  16. Love the YSL ring V!! I have had my eye on that for sometime, but haven’t mustered the courage to buy it yet. You carry of the Bermudas very well, especially paired with the whimsical leopard print top! You break the basicness of the black Bermudas. Well done!

  17. V, you could wear just about anything and make it look gorgeous. Love this. I’ve worn bermudas in the past, but my non ability to wear heels, and my short legs stopped that very quickly! I love the top and your nails and accessories are so FUN! 😀

  18. Bermudas? I’ll declare them hot on you, but I know all too well that they are not hot on everyone (myself included). I love your mishmash of accessories!

    1. OMG, you crack me up! Thank you, but I look less than perfect all the time! Like when I’m sitting in my PJs in front of my PC, blogging away!

  19. Hello – I’m here for the overdressers anonymous meeting. You know, I normally don’t like bermuda shorts, but I have to say that the way you styled them they’re coming off as fashion-y and not soccer mom-y (which is where my first association with them goes for whatever reason). I like them with the heels and the leopard, but I’d be wary of wearing them with flats in the future. Or maybe I’m the only one with this aversion to bermuda shorts! It sounds like the rest of the commenters are totally on board. Wouldn’t be the first time my tastes didn’t side with the masses! At the end of the day, if you like them – that’s what matters.

  20. Those bermudas are hotter than hot girl!! You look fantastic in them and LOVE how you styled them! You took a plain pair of black bermuda shorts and brought them to life with your pizazz…..A+ for sure!!!

  21. I really love the last photo where you can see all of the amazing colours together!!
    Not saying i don’t like the other photos, because I do of course!!! 🙂
    I have always been a fan of turquoise and red/orange together, especially in jewellery!
    Although I personally wouldnt wear bermudas I think you rock them SO well, but a heel is absolutely necessary to keep the edge! lol

  22. Love the Bermuda look V, because unlike the very short shorts you can actually wear them in the office, at least in my office (with heels) and make it look so appropriate & chic! I also like the way it flatters my calfs with wedges/heels, does that sound weird? It just looks good! Oh, & did I already say how I loved the scorpion posts! — sorry for delayed reaction!! -xxoo

    1. Thanks Madison. You know, you’re right! I have a long jacket that might look really cool with these. Thanks for the tip. Must try!

  23. Without the heels – probably a “NOT” but you’re tall so flats might work for you. I am short – heels are a must. Like everyone else – I adore the flashes of color in the belt, nails and jewelry. Heels and leopard blouse give the bermudas enough ‘growl’ to be HOT!!
    You look awesome!

  24. I don’t consider bermudas to be man repellent, but I’ve never asked a man for his opinion on them either. I think they’re absolutely not at all repellent the way you’ve styled them. The heels are just perfect.

  25. bermudas are definitely hot. how could doubt them? but i must agree heels are an ABSOLUTE must. otherwise you end up looking 10…like some little girl whose mother doesnt want her to look too grown lol.

  26. I had faith that you would rock those Bermuda shorts quite nicely and I was not disappointed! 🙂

    I think you have to have the right kind of legs and the right shoes to rock bermuda shorts right. I do believe they aren’t for everyone!

  27. Bermudas are totally hot and they look great on you- I love how you don’t have to worry about them being too short (which I often do when I wear shorts). I am going to have to hunt that belt down- it is soo cute.
    <3 H

    1. Thanks, Heidi! That belt was available in a beautiful tan too. Kickin’ myself for not buying it. I’ve already worn the orange several times since I bought it.

  28. I absolutely LOVE this adaptation of the Bermuda shorts…..totally rocks ’em!!! 🙂 I wish I could wear Bermudas but with my height they make me look like one of those Umpa-Loopahs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so…I go with khacki shorts or black cotton poplin shorts set at lower-thigh-length: between above the knees and at the mid-thigh. Hard to find and usually I end up getting longer shorts hemmed-up in order to do this.

    Overall I am not a “tee shirt, shorts n’ flip-flops” kinda’ gal so this more sophisticated version on the short that you’re showing here is inspirational, thanks!

    As always, lookin’ good V!!! Best to you from here

    1. Hey, Lac, thanks a bunch! Bermudas can be tricky, but as you noted, going a little shorter if you’re petite is the trick!

  29. Hi Vahni, my vote also is HOT. They look fab, well fitted, perfect length, so versatile, simply smashing. I would love to see you in them with an oversized white belted shirt and killer leopard heels. Just a vision I had 🙂 Hugs to you.

  30. Thank you all for weighing in on bermudas. I was very hesitant, but since you’ve given me the seal of approval, I have renewed interest in this pair!

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