WVW: No Black!*

So how’s this for a switch-up?

  1. No black! (The black in my leopard-print belt doesn’t count.)
  2. Jeans!
  3. A ’70s vibe!

Gotta keep you all guessing, you know? I’ve never tried this particular combo before, but I rather like it. Kind of easy, breezy for the unseasonably warm weather we’re enjoying in the Southeast. A softer, more gentle V. For five minutes, at least.

*WVW=What V Wore
Shirt: Old Navy  •   Belt: Talbots  •  Jeans: Express  •    Heels: Prada  •  Bag: Asos  •  Ring: Mars & Valentine  •  Sunies: Target

PS: Had to include a couple close-ups of this oldie-but-goodie pair of Prada sandals. Aren’t they crazy fab? I love the crochet appliqués and the wild purple patent heels.


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    V, I think you look fab! I think it’s a great idea to switch up your style – I need to do that more often. I fall into the same pattern far too often! And those heels are TOO cool :)
    Leia’s latest post: Happy Spring!My Profile

  2. says

    My dear Vahni, I love your whole ensemble so much. And the charisma and quality of your photos is breathtaking.
    So much knowledge and beauty.
    I am so honoured to be your friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Much love always.

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    I was scared for a second when I read the title. I thought you were taking a vow not to wear black. That’s impossible beyond impossible, but for a day when you’re sporting a cute 70s vibe, it’s perfectly fine and chic! My heart has finally stopped racing from the shock.
    Chelsea Rae’s latest post: On-the-Go Beauty- Handbag NecessitiesMy Profile

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      HA! OMG, your comment had me in stitches. There is no WAY I could not wear black…it’s a huge chunk of my wardrobe, and my psyche!

      Thanks for your comment, honey. Made my day.

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    Those jeans fit you perfectly! I love the 70’s vibe on you…and those shoes just top it all off! I’d comment more but Myles is taking my computer.

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    You are braver than me allowing a camera to get that close to your feet. :P Fabulous bag btw, I was expecting to scroll down and see a big designer name. I really need to check out ASOS!

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      Thanks Christy! And for the record, I think you did an outstanding job with the long skirt. And magnolia tattoos? You ARE a southern girl!

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    I am convinced you would rock a burlap sack if you had to! You take basics and make them look couture. Really.

    I am a jeans kind of girl – they are my main weakness, although I probably look better in a skirt. I LOVE how these look on you, love the top, the sunnies, that bag everything.

    But OH MY LORDY can we talk about those shoes a second? Wow. Perfect.

    Plus, the fact that you were able to dress like this, when we had hail yesterday and snow today, makes me insanely jealous.
    Beautifully Invisible’s latest post: Remembering an Icon- Elizabeth Taylor 1932 – 2011My Profile

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    This is a whole new side of you – and I love it! I really like when bloggers mix it up and go outside the realm of their usual dressing spectrum. It’s nice to see you in your casual wear instead of your worker V wear.
    Becca’s latest post: Wasn’t Meant to Be…My Profile

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      Thanks, Becca! It’s funny…so much of what you all see on the blog has to do with time more than anything. So many times I have on a cute outfit I totally want to shoot, but I’m rushing out the door or I can’t bear to ask Hubby to wait while I shoot photos…I try to not do anything blog-related on weekends unless he’s busy himself and I have some downtime.

      Glad to know you all appreciate all sides of me!

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    Oh my! I have a crush on 70’s Vahni. Well, I have a crush on you always, but I love the vibe you’re rocking here. Those heels are wild! I want them. And let’s talk about those legs that go on for miles. You’re a babe. xo
    brookemeagan’s latest post: We have lift-offMy Profile

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    Love the look my dear! Those shoes are fantastic!

    I think you and I have the same affinity towards the color black and heels. People at work are always shocked if I show up with some kind of color in my outfit and in flats…does that happen to you? :)

    Cyrillynn’s latest post: I Gotta Dance!My Profile

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      Yes, Cyrillynn, that DOES happen to me! I do wear color here and there, and it does shock people. They always say I should wear more. And I would. But I’m really picky and I’ve found that with color, you have to buy quality items in beautiful, rich fabrics, or they look cheap. That, more than anything keeps me headed toward the black. But this spring’s color trend has me excited, I must admit!

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    Vahni you look gorgeous!! don’t get me wrong, i adore you in black as well. i just adore black in general. but i too have been trying to branch out lately and include some more colors and easy breezy styles. i think this looks really beautiful with you. it works wonderfully with the style of the photos as well. i can almost feel the unseasonably warm weather. now if only new york would follow suit! =P
    kristy’s latest post: snow in march- hiding out in the MetMy Profile

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    For someone who lives and loves black, I would have to say I love this outfit. It is sweet and warm. Love those flares and pop of leopard!



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