Links à la Mode: Tech, March 22

Garments & Gadgets: Try Them On, See How They Fit
Edited by Maggie Battles

Modern girls are finding common ground between fashion & technology in a multitude of ways these days. Gadgets & garments both inspire us, enhance our daily lives, push us into the future & often out of our comfort zones. Adapting to new trends in technology has become incredibly personal & how you react can set you apart from the crowd, bring you closer into your community or both. The evolution of fashion & technology is so exciting & I feel honored to be apart of the first round of editors in this new Links A La Mode: Tech community. I’m looking forward to sharing new ideas with all of you and seeing where this year takes us.

Links à la Mode: Tech – March 22nd


  1. Great stuff! I love this, and I am so happy that your post was included, rightfully so. Isn`t the blogosphere a wonderful and exiting place to be? So much happening, so much creativity, thanks in no small part to you darling. I am so happy that I am a blogger, and that I get to be part of such a great community! Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Anika! I agree that the blogosphere can be very exciting and enlightening. The best thing about it is the unbridled creativity…and the community. When you find bloggers with kindred spirits (like you), it’s just the icing on the cake!

  2. I have been meaning to check out links a la mode, but school has decimated my blogging free time. I am going to add share this on my blog tomorrow. I agree on analytics. I love both the analytics available from Bluehost and godaddy. It lets me see when readers are doing and it helps a whole bunch!

    1. Good for you! Thanks…I know how it feels to perpetually never have enough time for the blog, believe me!