Don’t just sit there, do something to help Japan! You can:

  1. Copy, paste, and tweet:
    RT @gritandglamour | Bloggers Day of Silence | #forjapanwithlove #japan
  2. Use the share buttons at the end of this post to let others know about this event and how to help.
  3. Join the Bloggers’ Day of Silence.
  4. Donate. Your money will go to ShelterBox, an amazing organization that is already helping in Japan.
  5. Share your Japan resources—add your link to the list below.

For Japan With Love + Bloggers Day of Silence was started by Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours.

Are you participating?

Link your blog here so others may discover resources you provide to raise awareness and aid Japan.



  1. Lovely post.

    I decided to join this yesterday as well. I know some don’t think the day of silence is beneficial in any way, but if anything, I think it is respectful. Lots of love to all those impacted by these tragic events.

  2. I think everyone’s heart is in the right place with this. I’d like to ask bloggers who are not posting however, (and blog readers!) to use their time contacting Representatives and the Japanese government in order to urge the Japanese government to permit food and supplies airdrops to Northeast Japan where people are now starving, a week after the earthquake. See a video interview with a Japan scholar on my site: that explains why.

    Thanks if you can help!

  3. Already added the icons and the Red Cross (UK) to my blog and donated but made extra donations here:

    Esp. after hearing that a classroom of kids were still waiting to be picked up by their parents… but they’ve been waiting over 3 days+

    Have a fab weekend doll.

  4. Thanks to all of you who participated, commented, and tweeted to raise money and awareness of Japan’s plight.

    Think our little blogger event doesn’t matter or help? Think again. When I donated, donations had already surpassed Utterly Engaged and Ever Our’s goal of $5,500; I believe donations had reached around $13,383. Today, I took a peek and this is what I saw:

    882 % TO GOAL
    $5,500 GOAL
    $48,535 RAISED SO FAR

    Nearly $50,000! From a few posts and tweets. That is amazing, and is a testament to the power of bloggers and human kindness.


  5. It was so heartwarming to see so many bloggers get involved in this. Utterly Engaged and Ever Our’s did such a fab job organising this and the results speak for themselves – spreading the message works.

    1. I totally agree. They did do an amazing job and I’m so glad they came up with the idea. This endeavor was one more piece of evidence showing the power of social media!

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