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In my recent post, Worker V: 1.5 (+ Rules for Rocking Leather in the Office), I shared some shots of me in an ensemble I wore to work that included a favorite leather skirt. I also shared my tips for how to wear leather in the office and not look like a hooker while scrolling through your PowerPoint deck.

In a serendipitous twist, the very day I wore that outfit, I happened upon Krystle of Krystle’s Style—in the very same skirt, in perfect demonstration of my Rules for Rocking Leather in the Office. Krystle and I had emulated each other’s style, totally accidentally. And she’s even got a furry vest on…y’all know how I love a furry vest. So I simply had to share! Isn’t she gorge?

Images of Krystle used with her permission.
For the deets on my outfit (if you missed it before), see Worker V: 1.5 (+ Rules for Rocking Leather in the Office).
For Krystle’s outfit details see Remember This?! #3- the Glam Edition.


Several of you noted on my original post that you have this skirt or another leather skirt, and you planned to use my tips as a guide next time you wear it. If any of you have a VG experience, please let me know!

*VG = Very Good experience emulating Vahni G. Or in this case, VG-approved!


  1. Way to rock a leather skirt, both of you! I’m loving the different ways you both styled it. I think if someone had asked me to work it into an outfit I wouldn’t really know where to start. I love the blogosphere for things just like this – you learn something new, gain some wonderful fashion inspiration every single day!

  2. She looks great! Despite your great tips on leather in the office I would still never get away with wearing leather anything in an office in my profession. Sniff! I need a career change.
    I do have a great narrow leather maxi skirt by Joseph which I scored for nothing on ebay and I love wearing it with a tee or turtleneck and my furry vest and boots. xx

    1. Doesn’t she?!

      I’m fortunate that I don’t work in an ultra-conservative environment, so I can get away with it. And wow, a leather maxi? Would love to see that. I’m already totes jealous of your leather tee.

  3. Her look is great too! Love her furry vest! It’s been a bit warm here for the leather skirt I found in my mom’s closet, but if it cools off enough, I will definitely be wearing it and send you a pic to see if it’s VG. 🙂

  4. She looks fantastic. You look fantastic, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I also want one, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are both so snazzy.

    Mil besos my dear Vhani.

    1. Krystle, you did the hard work…putting that smashing look together. I’m just admiring you from afar…along with Eboni and everyone else!

  5. I think this just shows how workable and wearable your tips were! I too love me a furry vest, so I’m totally digging Krystal’s interpretation. My leather skirt is about a foot shorter then the one seen in these posts, so I think I’m out of the running for using these rules!

    xo, Ashley

  6. ooh I am pretty sure I wanna get VG approved. I better hurry up and finish this dang 30 for 30 so I can whip out my leather skirt. The only problem is I am pretty sure I don’t own a demure pump. Lol! Oh wait, maybe I can work it with a nude pump instead of black… hmmmmm… see you’ve got my wheels-a-spinning!

    Krystle looks fabulous! Doesn’t she have gorgeous smile with those dimples!

  7. She is very gorgeous V,
    I totally agree with you regards wearing leather skirts without looking like a hooker.
    Leather pieces are chic and sexy.
    Totally obsessed with your look too
    Lee x

  8. I actually DO have a very similar leather skirt, thrifted it in Paris for 10 bucks! SCORE! Im also wearing it today, but I dont work in an office, its a vintage clothing shop…so.. maybe a bit more casual, still office appropriate I think!? I should send ya a picture and get a VG rating!! x

  9. Mmh AND actually I can’t help BUT see in this official “VG” label a (strong / enlightened) guarantee of “day to day Corporate Mistress-iliciousity” Dear Vahni !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. Amazing synchronicity! I don’t have the vest, but the shoes are en route. Looking for an appropriate sweater. Will be sure to let you know when I manage to pull it all together.

  11. I love the leather skirt to work thing. You both look great and office appropriate. I was checking out some leather skirts yesterday while thrift shopping. I refrained from buying – but only because I am focusing on my spring/summer wardrobe now. Your tips from the original post are spot on!
    That VG rating is pretty cool too!

  12. Although I love leather……I have never worn a leather garment, let alone a skirt for this exact reason, not being able to pull it off at work. Seeing you two stylish ladies have truly inspired me. The next time I set my eyes on a leather skirt….it will be mine….:)

    Thank you V.

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