Evolving Influence: Business of Blogging Video

It’s here! If you missed the Evolving Influence livestream on February 10, 2011, here’s a lovely video highlight of the panel I moderated…and related posts:

In this video: ME!…Vahni Georgoulakos, Grit & Glamour • Caitlin NiChathain, Gucci •  Keiko Groves, Keiko Lynn • Tony Wang, Post Fashionism • Gregory Shove, Halogen • Piera Gelardi, Refinery29 • Craig Arend, Altamira:Models Off Duty

Photo by Dustin Fenstermacher, Video Interview by Wendy Brandes

Read Jennine Jacob’s coverage of the panel on IFB.


  1. Whoohoo! Awesome!! Even though I watched it live, it’s great to know I can come back and take some more notes! 🙂 Thanks V!

  2. Thanks for posting Vahni! Yet another amazing reference to add to my list of goodies. I’ll be bookmarking it so I can refresh myself from time to time. Thanks!! xo

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you posted this. P.S. Loved your lip color (again! … I know I have said it several times before as well)

  4. Oh, thank goodness. I think I might have missed some tips, and this was actually the most interesting panel. So, I’m going to watch it again (and again) until I get everything.

  5. Oooh thanks for posting this V! What a fabulously edited video! So concise and picks out all the main points from the conference! Definitely something to refer to that is simple and easy to watch!!

  6. Look at you saucy lady! You seriously have worked it out in New York! You deserve all this amazing success and it’s so awesome you moderated. I think you did an amazing job and you really nailed some hard hitting questions for all these great bloggers out there. Hope to see you again love!

  7. This is so great “V,” It’s good hear them take notice & say (just because one may have many followers does not mean that they are sticking out for the right reasons (content key but keeping your style). Great points in this video! Oh, & you look stunning!
    ~Madison 🙂

  8. PFFFT!!! I remember reading that you get all kinds of nervous speaking publicly. I didn’t witness ONE off nerve – you were awesome!! Thanks for putting this up since I wasn’t able to catch the live stream that day. Your makeup looked fab……or maybe the new ‘it’ term is VG. Haha, love that.


  9. Wow this is the best and the most helpful information yet!!! I love the advice you gave in the beginning, and thank you for sharing this.
    after seeing this, I really need to get on the horn.


  10. It was great seeing you talk as weird as it sounds you know when you’re used to seeing someone in still images it’s kind of ‘different’ to see them in video… if you catch my drift. Really good bits I like how the guy mentioned that the trend is moving away from traffic and more to depth which is something I feel is more achievable than getting millions of visitors. I’ve yet to check out my klout score it’s something i need to put on my to do list.

    1. Thanks, Arash. I’ve done a few vlogs, but it’s so nice to see a professionally-edited video instead of my homegrown ramblings!

      One thing I love about Hootsuite is it shows your Klout score as part of your profile. Right now you’re at 45…pretty good! You’re on your way!

  11. I am so thankful to you for taking the time to do put this together. I was unfortunately unable to watch any of the livestreaming when it was happening. Thanks so much!

  12. woohoo! V! your panel was the most informative for me personally! thanks for sharing the video to help me recapture all of the many ideas that were swirling around in my head the day of the conference. its so easy to lose sight of your goals once they are not right in your face anymore, ya know?

    Anyway, I just checked my Klout score and I was pleasantly surprised that I was just below 50 at 48. I definitely expected it to be much lower. I don’t use Twitter as much as I should. It’s tough with my job, but I definitely want to try and use it to connect with my blogger buddies more often.

  13. One more thing! I was so bummed to see the FBFF awards get canceled. Not that we don’t all know that you are the spark notes QUEEN but I would have loved to see you be celebrated in the same way that you always celebrate everybody else. You’re a champion!

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Eboni! I appreciate your comment and your nomination. I did see myself nominated in that category by several people and you know what? That’s celebration enough for me. I’ve been very blessed with a lot of special attention recently, so I’m happy, doll!

  14. V, congrats on such an incredible panel. You did such a fabulous job! The questions you asked really zeroed in on some of the questions we all have as bloggers- the exact purpose of a panel. Not to mention, you were surrounded by great panelists as well! Really enjoyed this and took lots of notes. Will definitely have to watch again and soak up some more info!
    Keep doing what you do, you’re such an inspiration!


  15. Lovelies, thank you all for the tweets, comments, and for your amazing support of me and G&G! Your comments have been so uplifting and fantastic. I’m walking on clouds.

    So glad you enjoyed the video recap…Jennine/IFB produced this video and it is extremely well-done!

  16. These are great videos. I think different areas are catching onto blogging more then others. Im from san jose california and I just recently started a street style blog and when I approach people for their pictures they have not idea what Im talking about. Like style bubble said blogging is kind of its own world. If your not a blogger or you dont read blogs then you wont really understand what there about.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree that the blogging bug and fashion caught on quick…and is perhaps a more natural fit than some other industries.

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