WVW: Juicy and Jersey*

It’s not often that loungewear is public-space wearable, but this past Sunday, it was. This skirt is like a big, long comfy t-shirtβ€”who knew a skirt with an elastic waist (gasp!) could be so glam. Between the long, long skirt, my new lippie (MAC Impassioned), and my bright pink OPI Strawberry Margarita-painted nails, those people in Target didn’t know what to think or what hit ’em.

Just another Sunday, I suppose.

Yes, Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore…

*WVW = What V Wore
Juicy Couture necklace, NY & Co. sweater, Banana Republic tank and skirt, Wittner heels.


  1. gorgeous hair, gorgeous sweater, gorgeous pics, gorgeous person! (as always) πŸ™‚

    PS: I am proud to say that I too, wear a couple of loungewears to venture outside πŸ™‚

  2. Delicious like a scone with freshly made strawberry jam. A Jersey-knit scone. I must be hungry, as it’s meant to be a compliment. Fantastic photos. I am now reconsidering the possibility of elastic banded waistlines in my closet. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

    1. HA! I know that feeling at the moment…I’m endlessly hungry!

      Thanks, Bella…yes, sometimes we should reconsider the elastic waistband. Prudently, of course.

  3. Gah!! Vahni these are SO gorgeous. I adore the long layers of your skirt, sweater and necklace and I love the nude colour scheme. This is comfy casual at its best. I never knew loungewear could look so effortlessly chic. I hope everyone who was at Target to witness this in person knows how lucky they are. That last shot made me sigh. It’s painfully beautiful. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Brooke. Such a sweet comment.

      “Painfully beautiful” kinda had me cracking up…it was pretty painful when the occasional car drove by and saw me photographing myself. GAH! Hate that!

  4. Wow Vhani…jaw dropping outfit. love skirts, but this one is something else.
    You look fantastic beyond words my dear friend.
    have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you Leia. This outfit is proof that it’s no so much the fabric, but the cut that makes the difference. Because when was a tank and knit skirt ever considered sophisticated, you know? Love that contradiction.

    1. Thank you, Eva. Photo editing is such an interesting thing. Sometimes I never know what I’ll get. In this instance of these shots, the product after the effect was a complete surprise.

  5. Mmh BUT there is (obviously) a certain “comfy majestuousness” in this softly embracing outfit, AND I MUST confess that I really like the way your unveiled toes Here sound like a “Fetish Foreshadowing” of Spring Dear V !!!

    Γ  BientΓ΄t, Antoine

    1. Thank you Antoine! Yes…the spring foreshadowing…it’s been so lovely here lately. Nice to be able to see my pedicure for a change!

  6. When I was a little boy mum used to “over” dress me just because it was sunday.
    So until now.. every sunday I still think about her but of course now I do my own style.
    Love the longs skirt and your necklace is super chic V.
    love ya
    lee x

      1. Mrs B, I appreciate that! Thank you!

        PS: Tried to leave a comment on your last post, but Disqus flipped out. You can totally pull off those white booties with tights. Go for it!

  7. ~ * β™₯ * ~

    You looks so glamorous in this outfit V! The silhouette reminds me very much of a “golden girl Hollywood screen siren” look ~ totally fab and you rock it. : )

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * β™₯ * ~

  8. Ruffling feathers at the grocery store is my favorite pastime. I like to go for a Stepford look with high heels and a full skirt. If I could borrow a child as cart decoration, I would. Perhaps you inspired a few Target patrons to actually try a maxi dress/skirt, because if I saw you walking down the shampoo aisle, I’d totally head to the clothing department in search of something similar.

  9. I am always a mahoosive fan of luxurious loungewear (and i’m not talking juicy couture-ew)
    The cardi is so effortlessly draped and I definitely think people underestimate how chic a simple jersey maxi can look!! Plus you pull it off SO well

    1. Thanks, love! I’m still chuffed that you taught me something because of this post. Jersey girl!

      And yes, I’m not a trackey dack kind of gal either.

  10. ever since moving to the midwest from southern california, i’ve started using my trips to the grocery store/target/CVS almost purely for entertainment… wear my most fabulous outfit, and receive lots of funny looks + comments. the things people come up with to say never fail to amuse me!

  11. Hmmm…now I’m kinda craving una margarita de fresa! How about you and your nails hop on a plane and meet me for one? What’s that? Not going to happen? Well, fine. Be that way. I’ll still have one! πŸ™‚

    I love how that sweater drapes around your body – so chic!

    1. Ha! I wish I could hop on a plane and dip my toes in some nice warm water! I hope you still had that margarita, though!

      Thanks for your comment, babe!

    1. Ha! You’re a funny lady, Jill. I scare the hell out of most people, for real. No chance for a mauling!

      Thanks, love. You are so generous with your kindness.

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you sweetpea! I wish you could really see that lippie in person. It is super bright hot pink. So crushin’ on it right now!

    1. HA! I love it! Thanks for sharing that link. Apparently we are more alike that we knew…

      Maxi skirts at Target…check.
      Rose gold MK watches…check.
      MAC Impassioned…check.
      Kinda totally Type A…check.

      No wonder why I love you.

  12. Even in your casual chic you are a stunner. Floor length skirts are the catch for the upcoming season and you have done true justice to it. You have a statuesque beauty that is reminiscent of old world charm without sacrificing the “hip” factor! Simply stunning!

    1. Hi Ambuji…thank you! How kind is your comment?! I am a big fan of floor-length skirts and wear them often. They’re the epitome of femininity, and I always feel so ladylike in them.

  13. woah-ho-ho… HOT MAMA!! you look lovely! yeah, If I saw you walking through Target, I’d basically be staring. Lol. I picture you just gliding down the aisles ever so graceful like. hehe. Okay, but seriously I love the neutral color palette! Gorgeous! that skirt is indeed very glam and paired with that sweater??? RESORT CHIC! I love it!

    1. Eboni, you are a riot! Thank you. Grace is always a goal, and one not always easily achieved!

      I love the neutral palette too. Every once in a while even I need a break from the black.


  14. Every now and then I get this mad notion to do a wardrobe ‘cleanse’ sadly my maxi skirt was in one of these cleanses… Now I want it back!! My favorite part of these images has to be the colors. The way the colors of the building, the grass, your outfit and even your lippy all seem to blend so perfectly! gorg. x

    1. Yikes…don’t you hate when you go on a purging spree in your closet and regret it?! Sorry about that, Jessica!

      Thanks for your compliment…these photos are proof that a minor bit of editing makes a good photo great!

  15. this is gorgeous V! and I’m jealous ofthe seemingly lovely weather where you are haha. I love the photos though- you are stunning as usual and I love the layers , that fabulous necklace and that skirt!

  16. You cannot prepare Target for Vahni’s visit, let’s be serious. OK and since when has anyone ever been able to make loungewear so sexy? Really, V. You’ve outdone comfy-chic. Sunday, shmunday. I am in love.


    1. HAAAAA! Perhaps not…no one is really ever prepared for me, I think.

      And talk about love? Your last post…you look FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!

  17. Wowsers – you are totally gorgeous – as in Greek Goddess gorgeous!

    Loving the necklaces… but i wanna see a closer shot of the nail colour! You know how i love anything pink!


  18. Holy hell lady, you are looking gorgeous…as always! Seriously, loving this long, lean look on you! That sweater, is delicious. Talk about a comfortable wardrobe. Looking chic and comfortable is something we all strive for and you hit it right on the head. This is amazing on you, dollface!

  19. Darlings, so many delicious comments…I am stuffed with delight and swooning from your love notes.

    Thank you so much! So many things happening…like the Gucci livestream here, tomorrow(!)…I am still trying to get round to your blogs to show you some love back.

  20. V, you look smashing! I never would have guessed this is lounge wear; you’ve made it uber-chic.
    & cheers to you for a background switch up! Did hubby help with these or did you use the handy remote?! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Marissa!

      No, I shot these by myself with my tripod and timer. I really am not comfortable with anyone else around! The occasional car drove by, though, and I nearly died. I felt so stupid. It looks so pretentious, taking photos of yourself. At least if someone else were taking them, -people might think it was the photographer’s idea and not mine!

  21. that skirt is gorgeous! πŸ™‚ and wow can’t believe those were just tripod shots! i get what you mean in the comment above mine that it might look pretentious but isn’t the outcome just worth it? πŸ™‚


    1. Reg, thank you for your comment. And welcome!

      Yes, you are right, though. The things we do for our blogs. I agree the outcome was indeed worth it.

    1. Fabienne, thank you! How is it that you know me so well?

      And OOOWEEE…you know there is actually a song with that title? I love it. I’d never heard about it til sweetie A Brit Greek (mybigfatgreekmove.blogspot.com/) sent me a CD with it. So fun.

      Thanks again!

  22. Can I tell you a little story? When I was out visiting my sister in Michigan recently I picked up this gorgeous faux fur vest when we were on one of our ritualistic shopping sprees; I don’t know that I’ve ever entertained a faux fur vest before in my entire life, but when I saw it I thought, Vahni and Kristy ElΓ©na would totally be rocking this. Maybe I should be adventurous. So I snatched it up and wore it the next day with damask-print jeggings (really!) and snow boots (because I had to be realistic – it’s Michigan, after all). The boots ended up working better than my leather ones, go figure. But anyway, I was scurrying through Target for some quick things and…I actually turned a few heads! I thought, This is what Vahni must feel like every day! In a word, it was awesome. It’s become my ultimate fee-good outfit and I have you and Kristy to thank for the inspiration.

    So that’s my story – I’ve been wanting to tell you since I got back but I keep forgetting. This post reminded me – and I can only imagine what a showstopper you were in this look! Obsessed with that skirt and sweater right now. Ah!

  23. Hi darling, I had to come back for a second look at these amazing pictures, I just can`get over the amazing light in them, found my self thinking about it and you yesterday on the plane from Oslo to Stavanger where I am staying with a friend for a few days. I am on her pc now and had to come and leave you the comments my pc wouldn`let me.
    You look stunning, and I also enjoyed reading about your hair on FB πŸ™‚

    x Anika

    1. Hi sweetie, thank you! Sorry to hear about the PC troubles…totally hate when that happens! But thanks for dropping me little notes on Twitter when you can’t here. It means a lot.

  24. You’re absolutely stunning, V! These photos belong in a magazine spread, seriously. And there you go, showing off the hair again in that last shot πŸ™‚

    Love it!

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