Surviving IFB Con: Tips for Next Season

I can’t believe that just over a week ago I was in New York at the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference, Evolving Influence (aka IFB Con). It seems so surreal…I can’t believe it has already come and gone!

Although I would love to be back in New York meeting new and fascinating people, the great thing about IFB Con is that it’s growing steadily—so I’m quite sure next fashion season (September!), it will be held again. That said, here are some words of wisdom to help future conference-goers.

Tweeted Tips

I asked attendees on Twitter if they had advice to share regarding the conference, and got these responses, which are explained and expanded in the list below.

@HouseOfJeffers: “Bring business cards with your website and contact info! They come in handy later when trying to remember faces & websites!”

@meccanuri: “2nd that RT @cubiclechicblog: Less down time between panels (so more panels?) and water for attendees!”

@cubiclechicblog: “Less down time between panels (so more panels?) and water for attendees!”

@LibertyLndnGirl: “wear Uniqlo heat tech!”

@everyday_runway: “arrive early, bring chargers, multiple devices, business cards, sweaters, water, aircard for wifi on computer! xo”


IFB Con Survival Tips

    1. Jen (of House of Jeffers) is absolutely right. Be sure to take business cards with your blog address and Twitter handle on them (at minimum). Better yet, make sure your gorgeous mug is on those cards to jog people’s memories later! I love my Moo Mini cards…they’re easy to make and fun to collect.
    2. I don’t know if water needs to be provided or what plans there are for scheduling, but take what Mecca Nuri and the ladies of Cubicle Chic and have said to heart and bring your own water.
    3. What Ms. Liberty London Girl meant by her tweet is dress warmly. This advice may or may not apply in September, so wear layers in preparation for heat or cold.
    4. On the subject of what to wear, the most important piece of advice, ever, for IFB Con, or fashion week: WEAR YOUR MOST CREATIVE, OUTRAGEOUS STUFF! This is one of those events where the more original and creative you are with your sartorial choices, the more you will be noticed, revered, and photographed! Let your freak flag fly! Well, you know what I mean. And of course, rock your wildest/sexiest/highest heels. They will be appreciated.
    5. Everyday Runway covered a lot in her 140 characters, but let’s start with this: In New York, you can never predict traffic, so leave early to arrive early.
      Image via
    6. Charge your devices fully before heading to the conference. Even my battery went dead after spending hours attempting to connect to wi-fi and tweeting. Hence, #7…
    7. Bring the chargers for your devices. I’m a total iPhone lover, but its battery power became frighteningly obvious when walking around between the third and fourth panel looking for an outlet, I noticed scores of little iPhones plugged into every available receptacle. But thank goodness for the juice, right? Have the chargers for any device(s) you intend to use—phones, laptops, or cameras—just in case.
    8. Speaking of devices, how I wish I’d had an iPad. Or some sort of PC tablet. Tweeting from the iPhone is OK, but not the easiest. I’m glad I didn’t lug my laptop with me because that’s just too much to deal with all day long. An iPad would have been perfect. If the fairy godmother of technology is paying a visit to you this year, and you’re already stocked with a PC and camera, I’d go for a tablet.
    9. Most of you know to tweet with the #IFBCon hastag, but here’s a little tip: after you tweet the first time using the hashtag, select and copy “#IFBCon” on your device and use the paste function to add it to your tweets on the fly.
    10. Don’t be afraid to talk to bloggers you don’t know. We’re all just people! The only way to make new friends, network, or meet a blogger you’ve really been wanting to meet is to politely approach them and introduce yourself. They won’t bite. I promise.
    11. Another important one: register early! This season’s conference sold out, and the workshops booked up in no time. As soon as registration opens, sign up to be sure you don’t miss out.
    12. If you aren’t familiar with New York City, take that little freebie map from your hotel with you! I can’t tell you how many times I wish I’d had it. Sometimes you can’t get your bearings (or a signal) fast enough through Google Maps on your phone. One time my group and I (because we were sans map) took a cab ride around the block to get from one destination to another. If we’d had a map, we could have seen that it was walkable. Duh.
    13. Pick up after yourself! This is what clean, Zen, MAC & Milk Studios looked like after they cleared away the chairs and bloggers departed for the day. Ew! We’re supposed to be stylish and refined, people! The floor is not a rubbish bin.
      Trash—and someone's abandoned swag bag!— on the floor after IFB Con.


Do you have other tips to add? Please leave them in the comments below so others may benefit from them as well!


  1. These are such great tips! And working in theatre, I can attest– clean up your shit, people! Be gracious and lovely, don’t make things harder on people…. and who could leave their swag bag?!

  2. haha yes I cover a lot in 140 characters! I made the mistake of bringing a laptop for the Sept IFBcon and it was too heavy. This year I brought my iphone, and borrowed an ipod touch to tweet on one, and take notes on the other! It was the perfect compromise!

  3. Always always ALWAYS campfire–mean leave a place better than you found it. I can’t stand when people leave garbage behind. Remember: There’s a person who has to pick up after you.

  4. The picture of the garbage all over the floor is driving me crazy. I will never understand how people can just leave their garbage laying around. I have such OCD when it comes to that stuff. All of my coworkers make fun of me because every day when I get to work, I do a walk around and pick up every teeny, tiny tidbit of paper and anything else I can find that doesn’t belong on the floor. I can’t relax until I do ha ha

    These are all great tips for surviving the conference and hopefully I’ll be able to put them to use come September. Happy Friday V! xoxo

  5. One of these days, I may actually be able to attend and do live in person coverage, rather than just live coverage.

    Also, dude, that picture of the garbage. I expected much better of the IFB community. Shake of my fist, and wag of my finger on that one.

  6. Great tips V! I hope you had fun meeting everyone face to face!

    I cannot tell you how much the litter is driving me nuts in the last pic!
    Have a fun and fabulous weekend angel!

  7. Invaluable tips when you have to go all day and your phone’s not working. Thanks to you and Lee for doing posts so we got an insider”s view of the IFB con

  8. Great tips V! Hopefully one day I will be able to attend something like this and will definitely have to remember all of this info! I agree with some of the other girls, I can’t stand to see all the litter on the floor! Just because there are people working the event and tidying up afterwards doesn’t mean they have to be lazy and leave rubbish lying around, totally disrespectful.

  9. Great post, V! Loving your tips – and hopefully I’ll be able to apply them next year? Fingers are sufficiently crossed. Ugh, the trash picture, that’s just terrible. I’ll never understand the way people can be so flippant with their garbage. Shame on them.

  10. Very practical list V….I had such a hard time tweeting from my cell at the convention. Water is a greta idea too, especially for the parched souls and so is carrying an iPad. Hope IFB has another one in Sept. It was extremely informative.

    1. Hello Ambuji! Thank you for your comment! We both had a hard time tweeting…I don’t know what was up, but I’m glad I managed to find a connection some of the time.

      Next conference, I’m rocking a tablet, for sure!

  11. I brought my laptop, and ended up not using it, except to charge my phone with it’s remaining battery because the outlets were full. So, next season, I think my laptop will definitely be staying at home. By the end of the night, it felt like it weighed a ton!

  12. Yes. Time passes by fast when you are having fun. garbage drives me crazy. Nice photo, i hope people see it and don’t do it. looks really bad.

  13. Hey guys and dolls, thanks for chiming in. Hope these tips help you for next time round, and I hope that we can all see each other at #IFBCon in person!

  14. Great advice for any conference really! This year, we didn’t make it to IFB, but we were in Las Vegas for Magic, and basically all your advice is applicable! The only thing I would add is to wear comfortable shoes if you’re going to do a lot of walking (esp. if you’re taking public transportation in NYC) or have a pair of comfortable shoes you can slip into (ie: flip flops.)

    1. Thanks herCatwalk! Yes, I almost put in: “Stow a pair of comfy flats in your bag for walking, then change into your heels at the conference!”

  15. eeek, the trash! We have got to do better next time, and I will be sure to let my freak flag fly next IFBcon!!
    I will definitely be there come next season, and will be prepared with gaDgets GALORE!!

    Great post!


    1. Ha! Yes, the freak flags should fly! And that’ll be two of us with gadgets galore. I’m stalking the iPad 2 and it hasn’t even dropped yet!

      Thanks for commenting, love!

    1. Hey, Annie, thanks! I must admit, some of my posts are indeed very time-consuming. But worth it when I know people appreciate my words, or I brighten their day, or someone learns something new and helpful to them.

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