IFB Con Day 2: Moderating Evolving Influence

Brekky at The Standard Grill

After way too little sleep (due to a post-Wine Down middle-of-the-night breakfast at a local diner with Lee, and Erika), I woke up early to grab yet another breakfast and head down to the conference before the traffic in New York got totally crazy.

Lee making notes about our outfits at breakfast...he photographed us right after!

Super sweet Lynzy of Sparkling Steps (who was also one of my roomies) had set up brekky with doll-like lovely Francesca of Le Kiss Kiss. Lee and I crashed their party, and I’m so glad we did. Breakfast at The Standard Grill is deeeeelish!

Missing the shot…but Lee didn’t.

One critical and totally exhilarating thing happened between breakfast and the conference, that I stupidly did not take a photo of—Lee photographing us—Lynzy, Francesca, and me! Street style. Literally in the gritty and uneven streets of the meatpacking district. I could have snapped him snapping the other girls, but I was so cold and it was all over in like two minutes because we were in a rush to get to the conference.

But, wow, how exciting it was to finally witness Lee at work! He knew exactly where he wanted each of us…some in front of the lovely morning light, some behind. He made us all feel comfortable and look amazing, no joke. I can only pray our photos make the cut on his blog, because they were just so good. It is incredible the difference a real photographer makes. Someone who has the eye, who knows composition and how to work with the light. Lee is a true talent, and a true gentleman. I was duly humbled, and as you can tell from these posts, absolutely smitten. I just. Adore. Lee.

And J back in Oz, this is a shout out to you. Lee told me you read my blog (thank you!)—thank you for being so supportive of Lee. He was born to do this. He’s going to go far, because you believed in him too.

Evolving Influence Conference

Ah, the conference! What a thrilling event…the bloggers! The clothes! The shoes! I was totally drooling. And there was such incredible energy in the room.

At the conference I met so many fun ladies, and they did not disappoint in real life. Cece of LoveBrownSugar is absolutely stunning in person, and TALL! Taylor of Sterling Style is funny, sweet, and totally cool. Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly is a Norwegian goddess, let me tell you. She looks like an angel face-to-face. Fajr of Stylish Thought is another sweetie, and so adorable. Christina of Profresh Style is such a dame, and her outfit at the conference was dynamite!

Moderating The Business of Blogging

Those of you who caught the livestream know it was so informative. I know I learned a lot! Like many of you, I now have a long to-do list related to my blog—I picked up so many wonderful tips while there, most of which came from the fantastic people who were on my panel, The Business of Blogging. If you missed the panel, until the video is made available you can read Live Blog: The Business of Blogging on IFB.

Moderating the Business of blogging panel. Photo by Francesa, image via Le Kiss Kiss.

As I mentioned in my post IFB Con Day 1: Wine Down Blogger Meetup, Caitlin NiChathain of Gucci, was such a breath of fresh air. She breaks every stereotype of women in the fashion industry, because she’s stylish, whip-smart, and sooooo down-to-earth. No pretense, no B.S. And have you trolled Gucci’s digital world and social media lately? Caitlin is the (wo)man behind the curtain, people. Of all that.

Tony Wang of post.fashionism was an absolute joy in person. He’s adorable, extremely friendly, and talk about smart! I’m not going to go into all Tony’s achievements here, but let’s just say that aside from mad style, he is prolific. I thought he and Greg Shove of Halogen brought so much to the discussion, and these bits were most useful to me:

  • Don’t post the same content on all your social media channels. For example, you don’t need every tweet feeding to your Facebook page, and vice versa. Putting the same content on your blog, your Facebook page, and tweeting every post from each is overkill and it’s redundant.
  • Ads on your blog are not the only way to make money. Consulting is another avenue of revenue.
  • Keep the look of your blog—and your content—clean if you are hoping to attract sponsors or brand partnerships.
    According to Greg Shove, brands do not want to be associated with a sub-par or potentially controversial blog, or a blog that doesn’t look good.
  • Ads that are 300 x 600 pixels are the most lucrative for brands. They have the highest click-through rates. Make sure your blog can accommodate them if you want to go that route.
  • The standard formula for calculating advertising on a blog is $10 for every 1,000 impressions. That’s known as CPM, or cost per mille.
  • Make sure your Klout score is at least 50, but aim to get it to 70. Your Klout score is one indicator of your influence (and marketability). Note: When you click on a Twitter username in Hootsuite, their Klout score is one of the details shown in their profile. Another reason to ♥ Hootsuite.

After I moderated the Business of Blogging panel, I found out from your tweets that the livestream had some issues. Fooey on that! Anyway, many of you have asked about video of the panel, and I know Jennine will get it posted to IFB just as soon as she can. I’m sure she’s not only exhausted from the conference, but I’m betting she’s got some pretty sweet fashion week invites to make use of.

A shot of me from shopbop.com’s Best Dressed Blogger contest booth at the conference. I wore an All Saints necklace and dress, Country Road cardigan, leggings (which were barely visible), and Aldo boots.


After Party at The Chelsea Room

The Evolving Influence party continued after the conference at The Chelsea Room in The Chelsea Hotel, New York. We enjoyed gratis vodka drinks for the first couple hours (hello vodka cranberry!), and I got to meet Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls…finally! She’s a petite, lovely little thing.

Here’s a little snippet of video which includes Lee Oliveira, and cutie patooties Erika of Style Activist, and Marissa of Taste & Style Files. I’m sorry but I didn’t get the other ladies’ names!


You can see more photos on the G&G Facebook page…I will add more there as they surface!


  1. I cant wait to see Lee’s pictures of people I “know” 🙂 I can only imagine how amazing they turned out! I had some issues with the Livestream, which was frustrating, but I know the videos will be up soon so I can catch what I missed.

  2. I am soooooooooooooo glad for you Vhani, and for me , too, because I know you will pass on all the new knowledge you have acquired.I am so looking forward to seeing the videos, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can´t hardly wait.
    That purple dress, and chunky jewellery is such fantastic choice my friend.
    You really look hot, and so does Lee.
    Mil besos GUAPA, and thank you for sharing.

  3. Woman, you are too kind. Too kind I tell you. And everyone agrees you are a gorgeous greek goddess yourself! Your luminous complexion and long shiny raven hair…i die. I really wish we could have chatted longer, and I know it’s my fault, but next time, dear, next time!!

    ♥ Kristina, Pretty Shiny Sparkly

    1. Thank you Peter…geia sou! And YOU keep up the great work! The photos on your blog are incredible. So glad to meet you!

  4. Love these updates! How cool it must’ve been to meet all these amazing people in person.

    PS: V, I think you need to do a hair tutorial in the future. It’s so long, straight and healthy! How do you do it?

  5. OMG V!! I just saw you over on Lee’s blog in his first post from NYC and you are a total knockout. Wow! Not only that, but you can tell that he really gets who you are as a person. It’s not just a picture of a beautiful outfit, but of a beautiful woman who owns her style and who she is as a person. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s inspiring. It’s the very essesnce of Vahni! x

  6. I will say this again, the panel was one of the best! And I thought you looked fabulously. The after party video makes me so sad I could not make it this season.

  7. You did such an amazing job! I watched it until the end of your panel. So glad I did, can’t believe that Tony mentioned Wikifashion, I died a little at my desk haha. That was about 15 minutes after our mashable mention too 🙂 I’m determined to be there next year to meet everyone if person 🙂

    1. Thank you Maddy! I can’t believe you stayed up so late to watch. I hope you can make it next time…would be lovely to meet you in person.

      And I got your little package…thank you! I’m going to include it in a post soon.

  8. I am so looking forward in see the video once its posted. LOVIN” the Lee/V photo collab. Brooke said it best: Lee took a gorgeous picture of you, not just the outfit but he captured your spirit. And that spirit is a beaute. LOVE YOU.

  9. yaaaayyyyy!!!!! obviously great post. thanks for summing up some of the best points that were made. i definitely will be sending people here when they ask me about the conference. =)

    and the video is so adorable! i love grit & glamour too!!! =)

    brekkie was so much fun. can’t wait til our next brekkie!!

    p.s. meeting you was the coolest thing ever.

  10. What a fabulous post from a fab fashionista!!! Saw the live feed, it was a little disappointing as it kept breaking up…but I got to see you in action girl…..SOOO proud of you…..loved the pic Lee took…so happy he is everything I thought he was and more:0

    YOU…will go far as well:)

    Hugs Lady!

  11. It was sooo awesome watching you in action during the panel. I learned a TON too! I was at work just taking notes as I watched! This must have been a ton of fun and I really need to get my butt up there for the next conference for sure! Thanks for the updates! 🙂

  12. Once again, thank you for all the tips that you share with us. You are so wonderfully generous. I’m bummed I didn’t get to attend so I could meet you in person. You looked fabulous in your outfit, btw.

  13. So good to read your first person account of the conference. Wish some of us could’ve been there. Will come back to read the next post. Thanks for these V.

  14. WOW!!! I am not so sure if my previous comment went through…damn internet…but as I was saying I wish I lived near NYC hehehehe I missed a lot during your talk because I was busy chasing my students hehehehe!!!

    but I have learned a lot from the items that you have highlighted in this post!!! thanks dear

    and LEE plus KRisty wow!!! perfect combination…

    aww yey!!! my Klout score is 54 hahahaha but I want it to be 70 eehhehe


  15. Vhani!!! You are a DOLL in person, I absolutely loved meeting you during the IFB conference. The panel you moderated was amazing, you’re a natural! Please don’t hesitate to reach out next time you’re in NYC – we MUST do drinks. Keep up the fab work over here at Grit&Glamour – we all appreciate it 🙂

  16. V <3 There's just so much to say!
    It was absolutely wonderful to FINALLY meet you.You did an incredible job moderating at the IFB con; and just so the world knows, your panel was my favorite. For many and obvious reasons 😉
    I am totally thrilled that our little snippet of a video made it onto your blog; I'm posting either tonight or tomorrow and will definitely link over to it!

    Since Erika and I are already sick of this town, I think we should plan a trip to Charlotte soon. And Lee should be there too. He is incredibly fabulous and his photog skills just blow my mind!

    Thank you, dear, for your ever so helpful tips about the blogger vs. wordpress debate. Once my life slows down (pshh, who am I kidding!), look for the switch!


  17. V – once again you have exactly the type of content I’ve been looking for. I was disappointed that my recent move kept me from NY this fashion week, and although I’ve seen a lot of posts with reviews of IFB and Lucky Fab, so few bloggers shared the details of the conference and their takeaways. I’m still hoping to catch a few hours to watch the videos of the conference, but in the meantime your recaps will have to suffice! Hopefully we’ll cross paths in New York in September.

    1. Thank you, Becca! Yeah, I want to see the videos myself…it’s easy to miss stuff at the conference with all the people and tweeting and such.

      I do hope to see you in September. I’m already excited about the next NYFW!

  18. Thanks for the awesome recap! It was so much fun meeting all the other bloggers and you were the best moderator by far, and I mean it! You were also so much fun to talk to and I wish we could have talked more! Let’s be sure to find each other next season!

  19. Thanks so much for your mention too! I would love to continue helping bloggers, so I’d love to share anything that you think is valuable. I’m sure that after this summer when I go on my tour of fashion firms in London and Milan, I’ll have tons of new insights for bloggers! I’d even love to see a “blogger exchange program” being sponsored by companies to invite bloggers to see the more realistic side of fashion – the offices, the merchandising, and the everyday management of a fashion brand.

    Me thinks the IFB should start international exchange programs for bloggers. =] If not, I’ll start thinking about that! Haha.

    Keep in touch!

    [totally a recopy from my blog reply, but not sure if you got that!]

    1. I cannot WAIT to hear more about your upcoming experiences and to perhaps collaborate. Too excited!

      Thanks, Tony!

      And, yeah, let’s get that exchange program rolling!

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