Friend Friday: Tech Grrrl

You know, there’s a lot more to fashion blogging than just taking photos and typing a few words on a page. I don’t think most people realize that until they live with a blogger and can witness first-hand the hours that go into all these little labors of love in the virtual world. Blogging requires creativity, tenacity, and above all technology. That’s this week’s Friend Friday* topic.

What technology do you use in blogging?

Gah, everything. A computer, a video camera, a DSLR, a smartphone. If I’m not in front of my PC blogging and tweeting, then I’m handling it from my iPhone. I’m kind of a little obsessed.

What computer and online technology do you use?

The hardware and software I use are actually summarized in detail on my Build a Better Blog page, under My Tools. So I won’t repeat it all here except to say that I’m a total techie. Love gadgets. I’m a complete geek. Don’t really know how I got to be that way. I wasn’t like that as a kid. Anyway.

What is your process for taking pictures?

That’s another one I actually covered in The Shoot Behind the Shoot. My process is pretty simple:

  1. Feel like I want to shoot a photo.
  2. Put something on or plan to shoot what I’m already wearing.
  3. Go outside and try not to stack it while I’m shooting, running back to check the camera on uneven ground, and shooting some more—all undoubtedly in some massive heels.**
  4. Transfer photos to my PC, edit, upload to post.

In case you missed the vlog, here you go:

Behind-the-scenes of a G&G shoot…

When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider?

I know that I do not like seeing  the minutiae of life on the floor in other bloggers’ photos. I can see when the carpet is dirty, when stuff is strewn about, and it doesn’t make for an aesthetically pleasing shot. I’m a tidy person, but sometimes I also feel like I don’t want the whole world to know what the inside of my house looks like too. It’s kind of a privacy thing.

I’ve done a couple shots and vlogs indoors, but generally, for backdrops, nothing beats being outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beach, mountains, my backyard, or a graffiti-covered wall…it’s almost always better than an inside shot. I would love more cityscape shots, but I’m in the burbs. And thank God, I live in a relatively graffiti-free city. It’s so clean. So there’s no local color to spice it up a bit. That’s OK. Though sometimes a little sanctioned graffiti is good.

Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?

In my blogging fantasies, Hubby is only too happy to traipse all over my city looking for a place to shoot the star of his life, his wife. In those same fantasies, he also can’t wait to shoot me properly using a fancy DSLR instead of his iPhone, a foot from my face. Sigh.

No, as I’ve noted before, because my spare time is limited, I have stagefright (Lee, I’m petrified for you to shoot me, just so you know), and I have to shoot myself, I’m relegated to shooting photos in my yard. I don’t have a spot inside that I really like. So if I can’t go outside, I no longer photograph myself indoors. Maybe I feel slightly less cheesy not shooting indoors, too.

The Asus Eee Pad Slider. Come to mama!

If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment, what would you buy?

A new wide angle lens for my camera. Who am I kidding? Splurging means spluuuuuuuuurging.

I’m hangin’ for the new Asus Eee Pad Slider to be released. I’m totally getting one. I wanted an iPad, but I already have an iPod Touch and an iPhone. I need a portable PC solution without the limitations of the iPad. So Asus it will likely be.

*The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for fashion bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Join the conversation by joining the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Google Group.

**I never have stacked it in heels for a blog shoot. But I did once gouge the leather on a brand-spankin’-new pair of Michael Kors sandals. I was not happy.

A casualty of an outfit-of-the-day shoot. Boo.


  1. Oh no!! Those beautiful shoes!!! I would’ve cried!!

    I also dream that the boyf is a crazy-inspired portrait photographer who wants to spend his time doing nothing but following me around with a camera and waiting for the perfect shot/location/outfit – everything to come together. But, alas! It is but a dream!!

    Happy Friday V, xx

  2. Oh No!! The shoes! LOL

    I would love to do city scapes as backdrops for my photos too but I suffer from the same stagefright and the unenthused photographer husband too so until I get a place with a private backyard my house will have to do! 🙂

  3. Totally agree with you V. To make a blog work it takes a lot of time, practice and of course all the technology.
    For some people like me. I have to work of what I have. It’s to expensive try to keep up with the cutting tempting products out there.
    The reason i love photography is the moment in time like this where I can capture true beauty and keep it forever.
    You must feel it.. if don’t.. there’s no life on the picture.
    Oh.. I have been reading about that Asus Eee Pad Slider too. (but I probably need to sell my mother to afford it.. hahaha – Sorry mum)

    Lee x

  4. I just feel weird about setting up a tripod in a populated area to take my own picture! Maybe one day I will be brave enough. I have decided I will just tell people that I vacation alone and still deserve pictures!
    I love reading your answers – I agree with you about the inside photos. I don’t want to see the clothes on the floor, the unmade bed, etc. I find it very distracting. I have done a few indoor shoots but I try to make sure there is nothing distracting behind me – even going so far to take my sheet music off the piano!
    My husband is willing to do photo shoots occasionally, thank goodness but I wish he was more into it! I am wanting more urban photo backdrops too. Maybe it is in the air….
    Again – Friday snuck up on me!

  5. I feel the pain of those damaged shoes! Tragic! Talk about suffering for your blog. I always enjoy reading your tips on outfit shots and I am so jealous of your beautiful, atmospheric back yard. I actually do have plenty of graffitied walls around where I live in London – but there are also quite a few dodgy looking characters hanging around them a lot of the time to make me think twice about whipping out my nice flash camera and putting it on a tripod to tempt someone to run off with it! The downside of living amidst glorius grit. Oh and with 10 million inhabitants you bet there is always someone watching you take a photo!

  6. agreed with your backdrop point: i think blogging has gotten to the point where you can’t (or its become a faux pas) to take pictures in your messy room (not aesthetically messy, but just careless) in poor lighting… its time to step it up, and its one of my pet peeves too! bad backdrops! good article!

  7. I know it seems so obvious now, but when I first started blogging I had no idea it involved so much technology. Well, I didn’t realize many things when I first started but especially that. Blogging introduced me to an entirely new world of technology. I’m a new woman and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I’m so pleased that I can now usually coax my boyfriend into taking outside pictures of me twice a week. Sometimes it’s just too cold out there (like near -40 with windchill) so I have to resort to inside shots in my poorly lit place. I almost always use a plain white wall if I’m indoors and I always get rid of the clutter. I can’t stand that! x

  8. Fabulous post and Vlog! I have yet to get a cannon or professional camera or a tripod but I see it is essential for photos. Right now I am just using a regular digital camera until I can upgrade. Have to use what I have. However, Thank you for the advice and taking the time to show us all how make our blogs better! You are amazing and I love your nail polish!!!


  9. My laptop is Asus. lol It is my husbands “old” one. He is very into technology, so we have a lot of nice things like that. I totally agree outside is better. But sometimes I do take them in my kitchen. I try hard to make sure that “dirty stuff” isn’t in the picture. That sounds bad though, cuz it sounds like my house is dirty. lol But it’s not, expect lately cuz I have been busy…but guess what? Today is cleaning day! After I finish catching up on blogs.

    I 100+10% agree with you and the hubby taking pictures. Mine isn’t so great at taking shots that don’t make me look funky. (He has gotten much better) but for christmas he got me a tripod so that he doesn’t have to take them! lol I love it though. It has been so helpful.
    I love wearing heels. I just got some new ones! ZEBRA print! Yeah baby!
    Have a good day girl!

  10. Ouch the rip in the leather in those shoes made me feel for you!

    I was just checking out your blogging tool list it’s quite cool especially the plugins you use. I’m always fascinated by what plugins people use on their wordpress sites. On a couple of occasions I was going to ask you, now I don’t need to :-).

    I also agree with you other than the technology you do have to put a lot of hard work and hours into blogging. In fact If I knew how much time I’d have to put into it at the start I don’t know if I’d actually start blogging lol. That Asus Eee Pad Slider looks quite cool, I think I’m going to hold out and check out the iPad 2 when it’s announced, I’m a sucker for Apple products.

    I’m also a little obsessed with checking tweetdeck on my phone, to the point my girlfriend shouts at me lol Does your husband ever have a word about your obsession?


    1. Thanks for your comment, Arash. Yeah, Hubby has a word about the time I invest in blogging. Or two. I try to limit my time in front of the PC on the weekends to a quick morning check only, usually while he’s sleeping in. No blogging on Saturday or Sunday!

  11. Ouch! Seeing that injured sandal hurts:( The more I covet a precious shoe, the greater the risk that I spill/scratch/scuff it almost instantly. Sigh.

    I love your fantasy. In mine, the hubby doesn’t complain that I’m making him late. Although to his credit, this morning I was running too late to set up the tripod. He stepped up to the task and commanded me to be goofy and we had a good laugh.

    Goofy photos coming right up!

  12. I find it hard to go out and take photos, there is a wood near my house but bare branches in the winter doesn’t give a nice picture and I’m far to shy to take them out on the street. My brother is pretty good at taking photos for me but I need to invest in a tripod so I can take pictures when it suits me.
    I think I’m going to try and think about my photos more and try out some editing, I’m not very technical at all! I have tried a few things out on Picnik, it was free and easy to use and it’s a good way to enhance you photos with minimum effort and at no cost.
    This post has left me with a lot of ideas to explore x

  13. Ohhh those poor sandals. Seeing that tear made my heart hurt. It also reminded me why I have a tendency to let my more expensive shoes sit in the closet and gather dust more than they should – I am too afraid something like that WILL happen to them. I have a tendency to be rough on heels anyway, and that would just make me cry I think.

    I checked out the hardware/software you use back when you first posted your BABB page. Just re-checked it to see your plugin list. I really do like the look of Socialize. Very nice.

    Much like you (again!) I am also a techie, although for me it’s been since I was a kid. I used to watch my dad, a self-taught repair man, fix things and take note sin my little head. Now I like to fix things AND buy expensive toys! That Asus Eee Pad Slider looks like a nice option, although I, like Arash, am going to wait to see what the next IPAD is like. I have a DSLR I use for my other photography, but as of yet I am still staying anonymous on the blog. If I ever decide to reveal myself more I’ll be checking out your post on photography for sure!

    By the way, to answer your earlier question – I am a Scorpio. I am not sure if that means we should get along beautifully, or hate one another? I don’t know my astrology! My guess is get along as if we’d known eachother forever.

    1. Hmmm, Scorpio. I’m actually surprised you’re not the same as me…we have so much in common!

      Socialize is OK. So far, it’s one of the most customizable sharing plugins. So far!

  14. Great post as always! It is def important to be tech savvy if you want to be a GOOD blogger. I am learning so much from blogging that is helping me in my current job. I am still learning and growing in the blogosphere.

    I too have my bf shoot photos of me, my biggest problem is I am a commuter and dont ever have time to shoot photos during the day so by the time I get home its too dark outside. So I am forced to do indoors. Le Sigh. But hopefully you wouldnt think my photos are too cheesy. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Looking over these questions this week makes me realize more the work I need to put into my blog and blogging to make it better. People really don’t know what goes into it!

  16. Loved the vlog, I don’t know how I missed that one since its been on your blog. It’s funny because I do the same thing with my tripod, as I’m sure probably many others do to. LOL its so funny how we all have so much in common! 🙂

  17. I really appreciate all of the effort you and everyone puts into blogging! I know that with trying to make a wiki all of my time is consumed. My blog has kind of fallen out of the picture because of this. Definitely joining the google group now. Tres sad about your new shoes, I would be devastated!

    1. Thank you, Madeline. As you know, maintaining any kind of site online is a lot of work! Hope you will join the group. It’s a great resource!

  18. Awww that sucks about the sandals!!! I get upset over mere scuffs on new shoes. I love your answers to these though… There’s just something about your writing style that really draws me in.

  19. You are way more techy than I am! I’ve finally feel like I’m pretty blog savvy in terms of what I can do with wordpress, but every time I change my theme the new one throws a bunch of new stuff at me. Sigh. I do so want an I-pad, but instead we splurged on a new camera. If you have time check out my newest post, I would so love to hear what you think of my photos Vahni!


  20. Finally getting around to commenting… Ouch about the Kors sandals. I might have cried if that happened, I always hate that first scuff on a new pair of shoes. And I am totally with you about not liking indoor photos that have random stuff or an unmade bed in the background. At least straighten up before taking photos for the world to see! – Katy

  21. I love your southern accent! And I laughed re: the sentence about not liking to see people’s clutter on the floor in their outfit photos. HB is so with you on that one (as am I) – he’s a nut about clutter on the floor!

    {which makes living with me very…very hard.}

    1. HA! I totally can’t even hear my accent sometimes! I’m always amazed when people pick up on it. See you soon, sweetpea! YAY! Are you, like, totally nervous? I’m dying. But once I figure out what to wear, that will be half the battle.

  22. Thank you all for your comments! I appreciate your feedback. It’s going to be a little crazy for me the next two weeks as I prepare for IFB Evolving Influence. But I do read all your comments and I am so grateful for them.

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