iPhone. iSnap. iPost. Version 2010.2

Warning! This is a picture-heavy post!

This is a continuation of iPhone. iSnap. iPost. Version 2010.1, which was inspired by the Profresh Style post, Photo Diary Year 2010—iPhone.

More photos from my iPhone…

⇑  One of my all-time favorite singers, Ian Astbury (with The Cult). Incredible concert.

⇑ A stunning sunset, as seen from my car.

⇑ Hubby turns me into a beer snob, and I fall in love with a beer only distributed in October. Of course.

⇑ A meetup and dinner with Erika (@StyleActivist) and Meghan (@fashionfoody).

⇑ Decorating my Christmas tree.

⇑ Mom’s money garland on the tree. She doesn’t like to just put cash in an envelope. Gotta love it.

⇑ Out to dinner for New Year’s Eve 2010/2011. French restaurant. Just getting started.

⇑ At the restaurant bar on NYE. So festive!

⇑ Props provided by the restaurant for midnight. Masks by Veuve Clicquot. I can’t wait to wear one.

⇑ In my new stole and New Year’s tiara, ready for the countdown. Hubby snapped this photo.
The eye makeup is a new look I love that was prompted by Tanya Burr’s Blue/Black smoky eye look as seen on A Brit Greek.

⇑ Peekaboo! I see 2011 on it’s way in! Wrapping up my spectacular NYE dinner date with Hubby.


  1. you look like so much fun 🙂 im hoping you’ll be in nyc for s/s 2012 fashion week cos i will be 🙂
    and the blue/black smokey eye really suits u 🙂

  2. I LOVE these pictures
    SO FUN!!!
    I know it’s too late but I should have asked Santa for an i phone 🙁
    LOVE that blue black eye make up too doll, you look so stunning

    Enjoy your weekend babe


  3. Hi my lovely, I am missing you a lot these days. I love each and everyone of your pics, especially your Mom’s money garland on the tree, the sunset, and the tiara ones. Fantastic!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing a little bit more of your life.
    Mil besos GUAPA.

  4. The quality of the pictures is pretty good! Looks like you had a lot of fun over the festive season. Love the smoky blue/black eye – thanks for pointing out where to find the tutorial – gotta try that one myself! xx

  5. Again, awesome pictures!! I love the pictures from NYE. That restaurant looks gorgeous!

    To answer your question about Zuri, once he is that large, we will have a habitat for him someplace in the house (we have to, since he is a desert animal and needs dry heat rather than humidity), and he will eat (sorry if this is gross) mostly rats, etc. I can’t even pick up the mice we feed him, so Scott ends up doing the feeding. I’m just the love!!


  6. hmmm, not sure what happened to my other comment, but…

    OMG!!! Sexy, smoky blue eyes! Gorgeous!

    Fab photo snaps… keep ’em coming!

  7. V- you had such a fabulous year and I’m so glad I was able to follow along the way. You looked beautiful on NYE & I’m obsessed with your fur.


    PS- See you for NYFW!

  8. I love the eye makeup, the glamorous stole and the red nails at the blogger meet-up! How can you say you are a fuschia nail girl when you look so hot in red?

  9. I’m jealous of your sunrises and sunsets. It’s making me crave early summer sunsrises and late summer sunsets. Right now the sun is still rising after I get to work and setting practically while I’m still there. But it sure makes me appreciate them all the more! Your smoky eye is delicious. Sexy lady! xx

  10. aw its so lovely to see a brief glimpse into your 2010 life!
    Your eye makeup looks utterly gorgeous and definitely a great new look 🙂
    Your mum is so cute with the money garlands too haha!
    Sorry I haven’t been around lately, I have still been reading! I am back now :)<3

  11. Really nice pictures, the sunset is amazing what a majestic site on your way home. I also liked the idea of the money garland on the tree that’s a really cool and creative way of giving someone some $$ for christmas.

  12. OMG You are looking so hot and sexy on NYE!! And I love your makeup in those pics!!
    I am sure you guys had a fabulous time!
    I am going to have to tell my parents about the money garland, I love that!


  13. Such a great post honey! I love seing snippets of you in your real life surroundings. I love the beer comment and your new years getup, very va va voooooom! J`adore! But then, you had me at hello ;D <3 Anika

  14. Hey darling, great pics and I love the header, btw… How late am Iol. I know you probably get tons of emails but I just wanted you to know that I wrote to you about the color challenge I was interested in running! Hope to hear from you soon!

  15. Great post, yet again. I love these shots… especially the last few! That stole is just perfection. I am so impressed your hubby came up with that purchase all on his own!

    Also – LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header. It suits you and your style perfectly.

    Thanks again for all the input yesterday re: comments, helped me make a decision i have been waffling over for what seems like ages now!

    1. Hey B, thank you! Glad you like the header. It was NOT a choice I took lightly, but I’m so glad I finally did it.

      And RE: the comments, no worries. That the great thing about WP. It’s pretty damn good already. 🙂

  16. I used to hate beer, but my ex turned me into a beer snob too. Sometimes I wish I could happily go to a bar an order something cheap without scoffing, but I just can’t anymore. I also wish I could go to a party with masks. I think a masquerade ball is my last childhood fantasy!

    1. Thank you Lauren! The header…it’s my own self-shot photo that has undergone many hours of editing and layers of effects in Picnik. I couldn’t even tell you how I got it to where it finally ended up. All I know is it took forever.

  17. Thank you all for your incredibly gracious comments! It’s been a very, very busy week.

    I’m hoping to make up for lost time and come visit you all in the next few days!

  18. Your iPhone gets some amazing pictures. The NYE date pictures are particularly atmospheric and spectacular. And ohmigosh, you and the other style blogging ladies are so lovely! Gosh, I think I’d have to outfit-plan for a month and visit a salon before a blogger meetup at that level. 😉 Is your ring jade?

    1. Thank you Sarah! I must admit, there is a treasure trove of great videos and photos of my family and moments in life that is fun to scroll through and reminisce.

      As for the blogger meetup, it was so fun and so real. Erika and Meghan are an absolute blast…I’d have felt comfortable with them even in cutoffs and a tank top.

      And…good eye! The ring is jade. From Stephen Dweck. One of my very favorite pieces.

  19. Thanks for stepping by my blog, V!!! I feel like I have been so disconnected from the blogosphere, and I always worry that I will be forgotten.. Lol (silly, I know!). Anyway, I see that you have been busy! I’m like 5 posts behind! sheesh. I’ve got a lot of reading to do. You look beautiful in these pictures!

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