iPhone. iSnap. iPost. Version 2010.1

Warning! This is a picture-heavy post!

When I saw the Profresh Style post, Photo Diary Year 2010—iPhone, in my Bloglovin’ feed, I was immediately intrigued. Then I popped over to the post and wondered, why in the hell have I never thought to do this myself? In her post, Christina wrote:

There is something so secretive about iPhone photos. It’s like a hidden world that never really gets shown.

Indeed, it is. I commented about how I thought Christina’s post would spark a lot of copycatting, and then she wrote back:

Will you do a post on this V? I’d love to see it! I bet you it would be phenomenal—so many goodies!!

So with Christina’s blessing, here is part one of the (unedited) world inside my iPhone…

⇑  The first snowfall of 2010.

⇑ An amazing sunrise on the way to work.

⇑ Note to self: A book I want. Review was good. Not that I need it. But it can’t hurt. 🙂

⇑ Australian Tim Tams in American Target. God bless Target.

⇑ Birthday roses from Hubby.

⇑ Boiled peanuts…one of those quirky Southern things I love. Who knew they were “country caviar”?

⇑ On the way home from work, in disbelief that it’s 101 degrees Fahrenheit at 5:00pm. Ugh.

⇑ A photo sent to me of Hubby in a mask. A gag. No pun intended.

⇑ Reveling with other Little Monsters before the Lady Gaga concert.

⇑ A look in a magazine that I love.

⇑ Note to self: Love these booties. I often snap photos of items in magazines I plan to research.


  1. I can’t go anywhere else without my Iphone checking my facebook and twitter account ever 5 min. (maybe less).. hahaha
    Good to know you can get Tim Tam.. are they good are the ones over here?
    I need that book V.
    Lee x

    1. Lee, I am equally obsessive. I try not to be…it grates the hell out of Hubby.

      The Tim Tams…I haven’t actually had them here, but the packaging is the same…I’m sure they are delish! I want to get them but with IFB Con coming up, uh, I need to keep giving them the swerve.

  2. I really love this idea. I guess I do it in small doses on Haikuesday!. If I ever wonder what I did this week, I check the photos on my BlackBerry. Almost every photo in those posts comes from my phone (this week is the exception of course because I was taking promo photos for my boyfriend).

    Phone photos are a great way to remember all the small moments over the year.

    1. I totally agree…there are so many moments trapped in our phones. I think we should all peruse (or post) them regularly.

  3. It feels like I can see images of your life, and litle fashes of what is important to you. How interesting!!!!
    Most of the time I do not know where my cellphone is;although I aleays carry my camera.hehehe

    1. Phone photos kind of are images of one’s life, aren’t they? I wish I could detach from my phone. But ever since I got a smartphone, I’m never far from it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sacramento!

  4. I love this idea! iPhone pictures are like storybooks. They show a more personal and intimate side to a person and I love that you’ve shared this with us. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the pictures in their phone. Most of mine are of food ha!
    The sunrise is gorgeous and the book is priceless. I love how it says fully illustrated. It’s all about the little details! xx

    1. Thanks, Brooke! Uh, let me know if you pick up that book. I still need to. Fully illustrated…that got my attention too!

  5. I love this. I saw Christina’s version of this and thought it was brilliant – was hoping you’d do the same when i saw your response. I actually need to get in the habit of using my iphone as a camera more throughout the year. Maybe by 2012 I’ll do that!

    P.S. I love TimTam’s – I don’t think our Target has them, but whenever family comes to visit from Melbourne I make them bring me some.

    1. Hey B, thanks! I take so many photos and videos with my iPhone because it’s always on me! Even Hubby, a smartphone holdout, loves his iPhone.

      My Targets (I say that because I’m walking distance to TWO of them (oh yeah, yuppie suburbia) has the best stuff. I bet yours just might!

    1. Thanks, Collette. Some of my photos are a little blurry, but I love that I have all these moments in my phone I can look back on.

  6. I enjoyed seeing these pictures from your iPhone – somehow they suit you. 🙂
    I just checked my Blackberry to see what photos I have on there. How embarassing!! Five pictures of my eye(s) – trying to get a good pic of my eyeshadow application. Ha!! Couple pictures of my BFF, 4 pictures of she and/or I when we were 20 (she sent them to me) and one picture of me dressed as Lara Croft for Halloween!
    I need to take more interesting pictures!!

    1. Hey doll, thank you! Funny…your photo rundown! I have soooo many photos on my phone…a ton of my niece and nephew. I bet you have some goodies in there somewhere!

  7. I love this post! I definitely want to go out and see if our local target has timtams now – yum… and those GAP Boots! How did i miss those?! I wonder if i can still get my hands one them ;P great post! Would you mind if i copy cat the post idea as well?

    1. Thank you Haute! Talk about boots to love…the VERA WANG’s! Check GAP’s site…last time I did (it’s been a while) they were in stock.

      And since I copycatted Christina, I can’t see why you can’t too!

      1. Thanks, V! Now i just need to go through my phone to see if i have blog worthy shots. lol

        Btw, I heard the Vera Wang Fiona’s are now at Nordstrom Rack 😉 it might take a little digging but they’re probably even less now!

  8. So great to see a little bit more about you- you know the saying a picture tells a thousand words. These are great, and some just made me laugh.. Looks like a fun year! and you’ve got such great humor.

  9. What a fun post – a peek inside your iPhone photos! haha I especially love the fact that you mention Tim Tams! A friend of mine studied abroad and came home raving about them, so last year for Christmas she managed to find them (also at Target) and surprised me with them. She was convinced I’d love them as much as she did, and she was definitely right!

    xo http://www.RavingFashionista.com

    1. Thank you Sarah…yeah, Tim Tams are so wickedly good! My Aussie mother-in-law offers them to me with afternoon tea. A woman after my own heart!

  10. Really cool post, but such a simple idea. It’s interesting to see your life through the lens of your iphone. It’s quite strange how most phones are equipped with cameras nowadays, yet the photos rarely end up going anywhere. They just end up filling up your gallery on your phone. I think generally we should print more pictures out. I think one thing I’m going to try and do this year though is take more photos on my phone, I love the convenience of just being able to whip it out and take a picture at any given moment…. I just realised that might have sounded a bit weird… anywhoooo.

    1. Arash, you are so right: most phones are equipped with cameras nowadays, yet the photos rarely end up going anywhere. It’s so sad! It’s like this little photo vault that no one else ever gets to enjoy. And I , too I love the convenience of just being able to whip it out and take a picture at any given moment…and I laughed at your line after that! But seriously, my phone is ALWAYS with me. I shoot photos and videos on it almost weekly. It’s nice to give them some life.

      Glad you liked…and thanks for comment!

  11. Love this! I’m in desperate need of a new cell and I’ve been thinking of splurging on a smartphone. I just don’t know which to get; it’s so easy to get lost in all the tech specs. The one I have now is a relic (but it’s purple! I like it.) and won’t last me through a five minute conversation. Pretty tragic, for a blogger.

    P.S. Adore that look on Sasha!

    1. Hi sweetpea, thank you! There are so many great smartphones out there today. And as a blogger, you will be hooked. I was a BlackBerry person until last year. Once I got the iPhone, I was HOOKED. The Droid is good too, but you don’t have the convenient iTunes sync, if you’re an iPod person.

  12. OMG i want that book XD Looks like a lot of fun tee hee!

    And oh, what a fab idea, i take pics of random crap all the time, should be interesting !!!

    PS: weird I also had a crush on these shoes! I do the same, take piccies and then go Sherlock Holmes at my local mall 🙂

    1. Thanks, Steph. And those are mostly old shots from my iPhone 3. I have an iPhone 4 now…you’ll see shots from it on Monday here!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I don’t know why mine seem interesting. I just snap whatever strikes me. I’m sure everyone’s photos are pretty interesting on some level!

  13. This is a clever and fun post! I love being able to follow along with you and take a walk through time alongside you. And, brilliant idea to snap a photo of the magazine page! I always see something interesting when I’m waiting in drs offices or paging through magazines at the library – but it’s always a place where it’s more-than-a-little-frowned-upon to just tear the page out. Now I’ll just snap a pic instead!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! Yeah, I’m don’t like to violate mags that don’t belong to me either…so I always take photos. I’ve even taken photos of my horoscope on a day when it resonated with me. Go for it!

  14. is it just me, or did the snow SPARKLED on that first picture?
    this is such an AWESOME idea, I can totally relate with the fact that pictures from iphone (or blackberry in my case) will most probably never be seen by anyone other than myself!

    ps: i never knew timtam packaging in the US are different than what we get down under!you ever tried the double coated choco ones?they’re HEAVENLY (yes, i am a self confessed tim tam addict :P)

    1. Thanks, Asteria! The snow WAS sparkling in the light that day…partly why I took the photo.

      RE: Tim Tams. I’m terrified to bring a package home…I’d kill it! So I haven’t tried the double coated choco. Maybe one day.

  15. This is a fun post!! I really like the idea behind this too. I have an iPhone too, maybe I will start taking photos more!! Thanks for your comment about Zuri (my little Lizard friend). He’s such a cutie!! He’s 2 years old (his birthday is on Halloween, I love it!). He’s a savanah monitor, which means he’s a more aggressive breed, and he will be between 3′ and 5′ long when he’s fully grown. I can’t wait for that!!


    1. Kirstin, thank you! I just assumed everyone takes a gazillion photos with their iPhones…it’s just so easy. And my iPhone 4 has a flash and the ability to change the direction of the lens…sweet!

      And Yuri. So fun! I find it fascinating that you would have a pet lizard. I think you need to include him in the blog more so we can all learn about savanah monitors.