Happy New Year!

In 2010, the blogosphere brought me so many friends…here’s to more friendship, camaraderie, and fun in 2011!

To kick off this year, here’s a clip of my outrageously fun meetup with Erika (@StyleActivist) and Meghan (@fashionfoody). Thank you sweethearts, for the indescribably good time, and for your incredible post about the night.

G&G rabid die-hards (as Bella calls you, my lovelies), you simply MUST read Erika’s recap of our night!

Erika & Meg’s Excellent Adventure: Chapter 2

Looking forward to seeing you at the Style Nation Vegas Meetup in March and IFB Con!


  1. A wonderful New year to you my dear friend.
    What a wonderful idea to meet up with other bloggers and reinforced the bonds beteewn us all.
    Soooooooooooooooo jealous.
    Perphaps one day…
    Mil besos.

  2. Looks like so much fun Vahni! I love meeting other bloggers, too. I wish I could join the Vegas meetup! If only I weren’t on the other side of the world. Happy new year honey! xx

  3. What a fun video. And a joy to see your lovely face on it. I just know 2011 is YOUR year, and look forward in seeing how this new decade unfolds.

    Yes I am a rabid G&G die-hard. I need a T-shirt to proclaim it to the world.

    PS: I knew Mr. Stylist would be hot! One doesn’t get to pull in a goddess like you without add some sizzle to the table.
    Rabid & Die-uh, hardy: Bella Q http://thecitizenrosebud.com
    twitter: @citizenrosebudz

    1. We definitely had a blast, Bella. And thank you for your sweet comment! Maybe one day Mr. Stylist will step in front of the camera. Maybe.

  4. Happy New Year. Always the gracious host, aren’t you. This video makes the Las Vegas meet-up even more exciting. I can’t wait to produce our own. I hope 2011 brings you everything Vahni, everything.

  5. Yay!!! so much fun! I think the Mattie’s Diner part may have been my fave “DOT COM!!!” Lol!

    Question for you? What video editing software do you use? I think I recall that you have a Mac and I have a PC (boo!) but I mentioned in my FBFF NY Goals post that I want to start vlogging more. One of the issues that I ran into with the couple of posts that I did in 2010 was having NO CLUE where to start when it comes to editing and adding text, etc. The Microsoft video editor that comes with a Microsoft Office is just not user friendly at all in my opinion. I am convinced that there is a better program out there.

    1. Eboni…the video was edited by Erika…I think she uses iMovie. Which seems to be what everyone says whenever I ask the same question! No fun if you’re a PC person, I agree. I can tell you that I recently bought Adobe Elements Premiere 9 and it seems to be pretty good, fairly easy to use. And it’s not very expensive, either.

      PS: Mattie’s Diner was sooooo fun. And GAH! The cheese fries. They were delish.

  6. Amazing video! Aww, so fun. I’ve never met up with a fellow blogger before, I can just imagine the instantaneous sense of camaraderie. So glad Erika put that darling video together for the rest of us to see!

  7. Happy New Year lovely V!

    Thank you for all the answered questions and ever-useful pointers during the last year. I look forward to following your journey in the new year and getting to know you 🙂

  8. Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you. I’m looking forward to see what happens in the blogosphere and trying my hand at video posts

  9. Happy New Year!! It looks like you had a great time!! I would love to do a blogger meet up, I just can’t seem to find many bloggers in South Florida… Thanks so much for your comment, V. It means a lot to me, especially coming from you! Your tutorials and blog posts have been key to my rapid success so far, so THANK YOU!!!

    Kirstin Marie

  10. Oh how wonderful!

    I have been traveling around like crazy – so I apologize for being really, really behind on the commenting.

    Anyways, SO GLAD you liked this! I cannot tell you how fun it was to be in the city with the two of you – we will definitely do it again! And thank you for posting this – so glad all of your readers enjoyed it too.
    Happy New Year, V. I just have this lurking feeling like 2011 is going to be a year unlike any other. I just know it. Wishing you all of the happiness in the world, for this new year!


    1. Erika, I just adore your positivity and strength…and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. I agree that 2011 is going to be unlike any other year…we’re going to rock it!

  11. I saw this over on Erika’s blog and absolutely adored it!! It has been a great year for making amazing blogger friends, and it looked like you guys had SO much fun. I am totally on board the next time around, okay? 😉


  12. Awww it looked like you had an amazing time, thanks again for the link for FBFF I have finally joined the google group just waiting to be accepted. The video remind me of the road trips me and my friends used to do every month. We’d pick a different city to go party around the UK.

    That has been one of our new years resolutions to bring that back, your video reminded me of how much fun we used to have.

    Happy New Year!


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