Mr. Stylist: Mixing Prints

I think most men would tend to agree that life with a fashionista really ain’t easy. Especially a blogging fashionista. They hog all your closet space, they have waaaaay too many shoes and opinions, and when they’re not taking photos, blogging or obsessively checking their iPhones, they have their noses deep in a fashion magazine.

It’s true, non?

Despite the pained expressions our male counterparts exhibit when they look at our feet and see yet another pair of shoes they know they’ve never seen before, deep down, they also love the fact that damn, we dress so well. I’ve always been my own stylist and rarely ask for help when deciding what to wear—and I know better than to ask a man’s opinion of my clothing. If I get a compliment, then I know it’s an outfit that works, but mostly, I dress for me. In the past, I may have asked Hubby to help me select between two pairs of shoes or two shades of polish, but generally that has been the extent of his input.


Over the last year, I’ve noticed something about Hubby’s sartorial leanings—not only is he a good dresser, he actually has a very good eye when it comes to styling me. When given the choice, he nearly always selects what I was leaning toward anyway. So I’ve come to trust his opinion and rather enjoy the idea that when we step out as a pair, my look is often something we kind of designed together.

During some of our closet consultations, we began kicking around the idea of a series of posts in which he styles me for a blog shoot:

“Since [fashion] blogging is such a big part of your life,” Hubby noted, “I just thought, well maybe I should have some input as to what turns me on.

And that’s how Mr. Stylist came to be. I don’t know how often we’ll collaborate, but whenever he feels like playing dress up doll with me, and I can wrangle an explanation from him, I will try to share.

The Look

For our first collaboration, I actually came up with the bottom half of this look…last Saturday I was getting dressed for a breakfast date with Hubby, and I wanted to wear these new leopard print kicks, but in a casual way. So I asked for his input, and Hubby styled it from there. And yes, I did go to Cracker Barrel (ah, America!), and yes, I wore this outfit.

Witchery vest, LOFT shirt, Rich & Skinny cargo pants, Vince Camuto leopard pumps, Tory Burch bracelet.

The Logic

One reason why I wanted to start a Mr. Stylist series is because I want to know what men really think of women’s fashion. Ladies, I know that you know a lot of what we wear and love (e.g., drop-crotch/harem pants, capris), men find atrocious. I think Hubby is fairly representative of most hetero men, so this is like an inside track into their brains. We can find out what trends and pieces most appeal to them—and which ones don’t.

He said:

The top with the stripes reminds me of France, and it highlights your bust. I chose the woolly thing—well I like the woolly thing to start with, but it doesn’t detract from the rest—because it’s enough to keep you warm without hiding it all in the cold weather. I like to see women dress more European…for example in Australia, a lot of the women dress in the same sort of clothing in beachy suburbs. European women mix it up and put things together with class, and more abstract. From my psychological point of view, women dress to compete with other women, and forget about the male part. They seem to be more interested in dressing for other women rather than their partner. They are more interested in attention from females than men.

What I chose is an influence of things I’ve experienced in the past. You’d expect to see someone in the Louvre in Paris with that sort  of top on. But the vest reminds me of someone you’d see in Florence, Italy. The pants have a low-key military look; and those are your Zulu warrior shoes.

V said:

I probably would never have put this look together, because I’m a real pansy when it comes to print-mixing. And this really isn’t serious print-mixing, but I’m such a minimalist! When he pulled out the striped top, I thought oh no, too many colors going on here. I start getting nervous when more than three colors are represented in discrete items on my body…but somehow, it kind of works. Oh and it “highlights my bust.” Hmmm. Boys.

When I asked Hubby to pick from my outerwear, he immediately went for my grey vest. I told him I thought my black vest would look better; it would pick up on the print in the shoes. But when I tried it on, it was too much—he was right. So I stuck with the grey vest, and he added the gold and black leather cuff, which did pick up on the colors in the shoes. Right again. I had to admit that this look is not typical me, but I loved it. And after Cracker Barrel when we hit the mall, I got several compliments. A gold star for Mr. Stylist!

PS: Zulu warrior? What the hell? Is that what they think when they see leopard print?


  1. HA HA HA, too cute, and I think the two of you are a team, would so love to see his pics, perhaps a photo of both of you wearing complementing outfits?

    Wishing you a lovely day


    1. HA! You know the funny thing is we actually DO often wear outfits that complement each other. Two days this week we were dresses and boy-and-girl versions of each other, totally accidentally.

      One day he had on a camo tee and black bottoms, and I had on a black sweater and camo cargos. Then the next afternoon, he had on a grey tee and black trackies and I had on grey trackies and a black cardi and tank. We’re perfect for each other!

  2. Well, well. Another beautifully interesting content twist in the blog that is Grit&Glamour – your name does not lie! I really enjoy this first installment of Mr. Stylist. His fashion taste + supporting argument is on par! I agree that the black furred vest would’ve been too heavy, but this mix is light yet interesting (texture on simple print). I too am afraid of pairing prints! Love the character in the jeans, but just when you think the ensemble may be too casual, the leopard pumps give it that most appropriate kiss of V flair, haha.

    I like the her + his (I switched that around on purpose) point of view. Zulu….LOL. Maybe he meant Xena 😉


    1. Thank you , Raven! Yeah, maybe he meant Xena…and you do know me don’t you? “…the leopard pumps give it that most appropriate kiss of V flair…” Love it!

  3. OMG are you serious!!?? I love the print mixing on you!! You and your hubby did great! And might I add I LOOOOOOOVE Cracker Barrel breakfast dates!!! Yum! Blueberry pancakes, so worth it! I really need to wear my fur vest more! I have been ignoring it lately! You look great as usual!!!


  4. This is a great idea and your husband did a good job – I’m impressed! My husband doesn’t act the least bit interested in fashion so I figured everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. One night I wasn’t feeling great but we had plans so I told him to pick me out an outfit, never imagining it would go well. I actually liked it! Excited to see more from this series!

  5. If I as my husband´s opinion on my outfits, I would end up looking like her mum or auntie: an English lady hahahaha.
    He is pleased when he sees what i dare to wear, but taking my photos( telling me that he is in a hurry) is as far as he will go.
    Un abrazo my dear friend and good luck with hubby. If he brigs interesting mix and matches in your life I would love to see them.

    1. HAAAA! You cracked me up with that comment, Sacramento.

      We’ll see what else Hubby has up his sleeve. There is no telling.

  6. Hahaha! I love that he called them your Zulu Warrior shoes! Brilliant!

    Men are so funny when it comes to what they like and dislike aren’t they? Sometimes they pieces you think they’ll hate the most, they turn out to really like! I don’t go out of my way to buy things that the boyf will hate (obviously!) but when I saw my faux fur hat in store, I “knew” he would hate it, so I had to buy it as a semi joke. Then he loved it!!

    I love the vest and striped tee together – so chic! The prints are broken up enough by the jeans – so embrace it, I say! Really need a vest like that and a long sleeved striped tee – have plenty of short sleeved ones but it’s too cold for them right now.

    A+ for Mr Stylist 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you Emily…yes, you never can tell with them sometimes!

      I highly recommend a little fur vest. I have three and I wear them all the time!

  7. This post is really unique and I hope to read more! Most women dress for themselves or to catch the eye of men, never both. That being said it is interesting you took this approach.

    1. Thank you Joy! I think a lot of times, women either dress too much for men, or too much for women. There has to be a happy medium, you know?

  8. I love that you’re doing this because I think there is so often an idea that men don’t care, or have no capacity for useful input, or something, such that they are frequently discounted, when in fact many of the men that I know/have dated are interested not only in their own presentation but in that of their female counterparts, and not merely in a sexualized, objectifying way. And it’s always intriguing to see just how men who us well “see” us, I think.

    My boyfriend and I are actually doing a very similar thing on our blog that we’re calling “Freaky Friday,” if you’re interested, where we take turns styling each other and writing it up. So far he’s done a much better job with me than I have with him — eeek.

    Anyway, great post. I look forward to your future collaborations.


    1. Laura, I really appreciate your comment…thank you.

      I agree that the unfortunate side effect of super strong modern women is that they DO discount men way too much. Many men ARE interested in how women appear, in more than a sexualized, objectified way. Women (myself included) should do more to involve them if they express interest.

      I’ll have to go check out Freaky Friday…hadn’t realized you do that!

  9. This is pure GENIUS!!
    I too typically only ask my hubby’s opinion betwixt pairs of shoes/boots. Just did that very thing this morning. I love this post and he did a great job with your outfit!! I don’t know if my hubby would be able to dress me as well as yours dressed you. Tres chic Madame!!

  10. What a great idea. I love that your husband called the shoes your Zulu warriors. What is it with these guys and the names they come up with? My husband started calling himself the Hermes Hobo since taking to wearing an orange “cashmere” scarf he bought on the street for $5.

    Hope to see more posts featuring outfits your man selects for you!

  11. Hubby did an AWESOME job and I think having Mr. Stylist posts on your blog would be great! I know I always like a male perspective when it comes to fashion. A lot of times guys don’t realize the great fashion sense they have sometimes! 🙂

  12. Oh my god, V – this is the best post ever! It’s so funny to hear what boys think of the trends. My new boyfriend is much more tolerant than my ex (who hated anything furry, animal-print or otherwise trendy), but he did give me a bit of a sideways glance when I told him I got a hell of a deal with $188 leopard-print booties. “They were 70% off! That’s what we spend on shoes!” Anyway, I’m very impressed with hubby’s styling!

    1. Thank you Marissa!

      Yeah, guys don’t get “sale” shoes at $188. I suppose there here to keep us in check, right?!

      I’d love to see those booties…did you post them on your blog?

  13. Mmh AND this stylish collaboration truly is more than fructiferous Dear V !!!
    ps: I totally agree with your Husband’s words about THE Fashionista’s psychology, I really like the idea of the stripes’ (specific) French vibrancy (honestly I did not used to think that BUT this kind of girly mischievousness sounds very appealing indeed) AND actually about the wool vest I (shyly) can’t help to imagine a (so fantastical) “worn next to the skin” version . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

    1. Antoine, thank you for your comment! It’s nice to hear another male perspective. And anything furry next to the skin is not only sexy, it feels delicious!

  14. You look great and fair play to Mr.Stylist! Sadly my other half falls into the blissfully unaware category. Rarely does he actually notice what I put on. If I had a buck for every time he looks at me with a confused expression and asks ‘is that new?’ about an item ive owned for years. id be a rich woman! That said he has commented on many occasions that he hates ugg boots. (thankfully I dont have a pair)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Yes, some guys just don’t care or really notice. Par for the course, I suppose.

      RE: Uggs. I hated them too. Until I moved to Australia for a while and realized why they were started there! That said, they are meant to be house boots. Glorified bedroom slippers…that’s why they have no real foot support. As I type this, I’m in mine…which were a gift from Hubby. It’s in the Aussie blood!

  15. If I am ever asked, I am going to have a tough time picking my favorite series on your blog. I don’t think I can do it.

    This latest option is just fabulous. It’s like you are giving all of us a peak at the inner workings of a man’s mind – which is wonderful in itself, but not only that, it’s a peak at what he really thinks about they way women dress! Love it. Like that Zulu warrior woman comment – that was unexpected to say the least! I wonder what he’d say about your spiked pumps.

    I do have to agree with everyone else though that Mr. Stylist did fabulous on his first official outing. I love how the outfit works together. Again, much like the jeans the other day, I was surprised because it is so different from the outfits you usually post, but I love it. Great job Mr. Stylist, and great feature V!

    1. Aw, thank you B! I’m really glad you like this idea. I value your opinion.

      I’m sure Mr. Stylist read your comment, so thank you. This outfit is quite different from my typical look, but it’s fun. Let’s just hope we can keep Mr. Stylist’s head out of the clouds…

  16. Super cute post! My boyfriend makes the oddest comparisons with some of my clothing…”Zulu warrior” is pretty hilarious! I’m a bit of a pansy with mixing prints, as well. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. Love the vest!

    1. Thank you Santina! Yeah, sometimes men come up with the oddest (and most riotous) allusions.

      Maybe we ought to mix more prints. I would, but I really don’t have that many!

  17. Ha ha, I knew what he was talking about, and Mr Stylist gets major points on dressing you up so well, without making you look like a girlfriend. What I mean is sometimes the gents direct the outfit to look a bit ooompha, sexy like, which you do but in a completely natural, real life way. YOU do look timelessly chic and appealing. I love the subtle mix (stripes up there, animal print Waaay down there) and the texture play as well. I look forward in seeing more collaborations of you 2 in the future!

    1. Thank you Bella…you, if anyone, could appreciate this outfit. You have more chutzpah in your pinkie that any woman I know!

      This was a fun look. I may need to give him a more difficult task next time!

  18. V, I am LOVING this new series! What a fab idea! My bf can’t understand why I love bright nailpolish and other ‘funky’ fashionable things. This is going to be a great peek into the hetero mind! Also, I do love the outfit 🙂

  19. Seriously how brilliant is this series? I love the hubster’s picks and styling… I can’t wait to see more too! I love that he refers to the mongolian gilet as the ‘woolly thing’! Bless him.

    You look gorgeous in this casual, stylish mix!

    It’s funny how blokes can’t stand the really ott fashion statements like the harem pants? I think they mostly prefer something that accentuates a womans figure! Plus, the hiding of new purchases… they always question new things in the closet!!!
    Mr. Perseus also only ever really helps me choose between footwear and the odd accessorizing too!

    1. Aw, you are just too good to me. Thank you!

      They DO always question the new stuff…I guess it’s in their DNA or something. Oh, and yeah, “woolly thing”…I was typing as fast as I could to get his take on the outfit as he explained it…that is one of those priceless bites you can’t make up!

  20. This is a weird one for me being a guy that a) likes and appreciates both men’s and women’s fashion and b) also being a blogger. I also try and shed my view on a male perspective on women’s fashion whenever I can, but I don’t know if being interested in it already kind of skews my opinion? Hope you can follow what I mean.

    I think it’s a really good idea to get your partner involved obviously for me it’s vice versa my girlfriend has to endure my nose in my phone on twitter and the countless hours I spend writing my blog. As you mentioned on your previous post on the blogger burnout a lot of us can spend some serious hours working on our blog. If you juggle that with a full time job then quite often you run the risk neglecting your partner. Getting them involved is also is a nice way of showing you value their opinion and input on something that’s close to you. I got my my girlfriend to write me a post on how to choose the perfect bra once mainly as she works with lingerie everyday and secondly to get her involved in my blog.

    As for the outfit he picked I really like it. The vest works perfectly with the top as they’re both neutral as with the bottoms and the shoes are a nice statement to finish. A perfect collaboration between the two you.

    1. Arash, thanks for another wonderful comment, and for offering another male perspective! I agree that it’s a good idea to get partners involved in some aspect of your blog, if possible. Then it becomes something you can work on together sometimes, and as you mentioned, it shows that you value their opinion, which is extremely important.

      Glad the outfit goes over with you too! Thank you!

  21. V, seeeeeriously this post is just genius! And every.single.thing. you said, I could relate to or say has happened to me. I can’t even count how many times I’d have my eyes glued to my MAC screen and my boyfriend is quietly sitting next to me “waiting his turn”. The past few weeks, though, it’s bothered me. In no way or under any circumstance should he be “less” of a priority to my blogging. Second, I am ALWAYS asking him whether I should wear this striped shirt or that oversized sweater.. and which boots or pumps look better.. you name it! And more oftentimes than not, he picks the one I was leaning towards, just like you said.

    I just love the idea of Mr Stylist. I have myself my own Mr. Stylist too 🙂
    Thanks for this post lady, you gave me some inspiration for my next post.


    1. OH, and I also wanted to thank you for reading/following/supporting my sister’s blog. She was thrilled with the feedback she received from readers and bloggers alike, you being one of them. Really, my sincere thanks for it!


  22. I think this series will be everybodys favourite!! Bloody hilarious too! Oh to be in the mind of a male, i mean zulu?! haha too funny!
    Sounds like you and hubby make the perfect comedy duo! And he actually did a great job styling, so props to him!! Being a single girl its always interesting to hear what guys prefer girls to wear! I’ve seen a couple of articles in magazines before about this and the looks are ALWAYS much more casual than what the girls choose! Did you ask him what shoes he would have put you in if you hadn’t have picked them? 🙂 LOVE your choice though, they are stunning

    1. Meg, thank you doll! I think it could be quite comical in the future too. You never know what guys will say, you know?!

      You’re right about guys always picking much more casual outfits. Whenever I’ve read stuff like this post in mags, the guys always note that if a girl can’t go “do” stuff with him because of her clothes or nails, it just doesn’t work for them. Hubby is in a love/hate with me heels on this count. Loves them on me. Hates when I whinge about parking too far away.

  23. I seriously enjoyed reading this because there are so many things that I adore that my husband finds less than sexy. I think Mr. Stylist is a fantastic idea!! Looking forward to seeing more…xo

  24. Loved this post! How fun you two did this together… I appreciate the hubby comments as my beau will every once and a while says some things that surprise me….

  25. what a great idea for a post or a series. I’m going to mention this to DH. He may actually be interested…as he attempts to dress to compliment me, even though his wardrobe is far more limited.

  26. let me tell you, i cannot WAIT to read future entries of this kind! i laughed while reading this, because just yesterday i was discussing my boyfriend’s lack of fashion sense with him. it sounds like your hubby knows what he’s talking about somewhat, but my boyf is clearly a jeans-and-tee kinda guy. he doesn’t like anything complicated or trendy. his favorite outfit of mine is my work uniform — a white button-up and high-waisted dress pants!

    anyway, i totally relate to the whole dynamic. i loved when he said ‘the wooly thing’ — i laughed out loud! so cute and hilarious.

    i’ve learned to just tune out what my man says because he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about — he says animal prints remind him of my grandmother — so i’ll be turning to these entries for male advice. thanks so much!!!


    1. Hey love, thank you for your comment! I am lucky that he tolerates/indulges my love of fashion.

      Sometimes, yeah, you DO have to tune them out. I don’t like to be that way, but sometimes it’s necessary. Hubby doesn’t like my (slightly) drop-crotched jumpsuits although women rave about them every time I wear them. But he does extend me the courtesy of just not saying anything at all. I’m sure if I looked totally off the wall, he’d have plenty to say, though.

  27. I have a feeling that I am going to be bookmarking this post, possibly printing it and slyly placing it on his desk!

    Ah, the fur!

  28. I love this! I forwarded it right over to Mr. Fabrice. To day that living with a fashionista is hard might be an understatement for him. Lol! It is definitely an adjustment for him. He’s gonna be on a first name basis with the UPS man before we know it, if you know what I mean!

    Anyway, the hubby did a great job. I love the combination of stripes+fur+leopard. On paper it might sound like its too much, but it actually worked out well. the gray is a neutral and paired with the rugged cargos it toned the look all the way down. Also, i tend to think leopard is a neutral in its own weird way. It really matches well with more than one might think. Gold star for Mr. Stylist, indeed!

    1. All you ladies who shared with your guys are killing me! I love it!

      Thanks for your comment, babe. I appreciate it. Isn’t it funny how it did work out? You just never know. Mr. Stylist has seen all his kudos…now I just wish he’d share in the responsibility of saying thank you instead of just basking in the limelight!

  29. The hubs’ fam gave him hell b/c I put the dude in stripes and plaid. I’ll think I’ll direct them to this post. HA! Love love love those leopard pumps. I had to retire mine last year and reeeeeeeeeally need a new pair!

    1. HA! Thank you Kristin. Funny thing is while Hubby likes stripes on me, he does not don them himself.

      The pumps are from Get clickin’ missy!

  30. Your hubby did an amazing job! Love the shoes, the pants, sigh…it’s to die for! I totally agree with you on women dressing for other women, and for themselves!

    1. Hey Lady, thank you and welcome! That’s a cracker of a site. I think I’ve read her article(s) before. Thanks for sharing!

  31. I love it! I think we all tend to count out our boyfriends when it comes to anything fashion related but they’re actually smarter than they look. I’ve recently discovered that my bf is more than just a bf; he’s actually an amazing shopping partner. I dubbed him my “personal assistant” during a recent mall adventure as he ran around the store grabbing items he liked while I was in the fitting room. I ended up buying more of what he picked than what I had originally chose for myself. Then he shocked me with a shoe frenzy, sitting me down and putting beautiful heels and boots on my feet like Cinderella. I love it when they try… and I love it even more when they succeed.

  32. Zulu warrior? BRILLIANT. One of my tea dresses inspires Mr Bossa to call me ‘Canal Girl’ – he reckons I look like the kind of girl who lives by the locks in her wellies, refusing to talk to strangers but knowing the depth of every canal and “why fish go unshod”. I don’t know where he gets it from…

    1. Thank you my lovely! I bet your BF would be pretty good at dressing you. He’s got plenty of experience watching you dress yourself, and it’s always a stellar outcome!

    1. HA! Hi Annie…thanks for you comment…and honesty. I think there is really only room for one fashionista per household, anyway.

    1. Thank you Heather! It is nice to get their perspective sometimes. They are often much more appreciative of us than we are of ourselves.

  33. haha this is brilliant! im afraid with my boyfriend whenever i ask him for his opinion he basically chooses whatever is the most low-cut which is never helpful! but i think this is great cos its true i definitely think i dress more for girls, i remember being in halls and i had this amazing pair of boots and all the guys hated them and wanted me to wear these crap heels from new look, since then ive sort of ignored the male opinion but to hear from a man with taste (as judging from this outfit your husband has) will be very interesting! 😛

    1. Josceline…you do have a point…many men do like to see a little too much boob or leg. But there are a great deal who like just sexy enough, and that’s really what most women should aim for, especially on a date! Most of the time, when I go on a date with Hubby, I wear a dress or a skirt. When given the choice between pants or jeans and a dress, he almost always picks the dress. Because it’s the opposite of what they wear…a calling card of femininity.

      Thanks for your comment!

  34. absolutely adore how you got your hubby involved for an outfit post! funnily enough, my partner is also becoming more and more involved in my outfits…his input when we’re shopping is very useful and he is almost right every time…except with leopard print, he absolutely hates it, and I’m so in loooove with it 😛

    1. Thank you FL, and welcome!

      It’s a good thing my Hubby likes leopard print. I have a leopard print rug in my closet, and our bathroom drawers and cabinet are lined in it…aside from the belts, bags, and shoes I have. Sorry for you , dear!

  35. a “mr. stylist” series- brilliant idea!
    this post is enlightening…ahh, the psychology of dressing…
    your mr stylist did an excellent job of putting together this outfit for you!

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