WVW: The Babushka*

So technically, a babushka is a rather matronly look: a headscarf that is tied under the chin. But this hat, a very old fave, was coined “babushka” by my friend Ben many winters ago, and I rather like it, so it stuck. Even in jeans, I feel like a Russian princess in this hat.

Now where is my vodka and caviar?

*WVW = What V Wore
Limited faux fur hat, NY & Co cardigan, Ann Taylor cami, Talbots belt (yes, Talbots…can you believe it?),
Citizens of Humanity flares, and under all that…my rust-colored patent leather Dolce & Gabbana boots.


  1. I take it Talbots isn’t all that according to your comment about your belt? I believe we have one on the street near where I live; we also have a Pitaya, too, as well as a lot of consignment boutiques.

    And speaking of all things Russian, your photos look as if they were taken by an old Russian film camera, like a Lomo Diana-A, for example. Very fitting.

    And as Lee above pointed out, where is your vodka? Also: Where is your ekranoplan?

    1. Cameron, no for a long time, at least for me, Talbots didn’t have much to offer. But the store has really modernized and they have quite a few lovely pieces these days…for the office, if for nothing else.

      I had to Google ekranoplan. I like the way you think, sweetheart! Where IS my ekranoplan?!

      1. I’m sure there’s some Russian surplus store somewhere, though some assembly may be required. That said, if you were in Russia, the ekranoplan would assemble you from what I’ve heard some guy in Branson tell me once. ;P

    1. Thank you sweetie! I was really drawn to the color of the cardi myself. It was dirt cheap, but the color feels like a million bucks in my book.

  2. Hello pretty babushka!
    You don’t look like babushka at all) Cause in winter they wear large grey fluffy pashminas) And wear valenki – it’s Ugg like boots, which appeared in Russia much more earlier than uggs in Australia)
    How I know this?
    I’m from Ukraine, and our countries were related during large period of time and we have lots things in common!

    Well I’m drinking vodka while writing about fashion! LOL
    just kidding)

    seriously visit my blog http://owlsareawesome-uliss.blogspot.com/

    1. Welcome Uliss, and thank you! I cracked up at your comment…and I really appreciate the lesson on your culture. That’s what I love about blogging…meeting new bloggers from other countries who can teach me new things!

      Hope you’ll stop by again soon.

  3. *drools* ahhh i love that cardigan! what a stunning colour!!! My fav is the first photo, how very vogue :p
    Babushka goes so well with it too! Beautiful jeans too, they look so flattering!

    1. Thank you Meg! I have to say the first one is my fave too. And thanks about the jeans…all my best jeans are from Citizens of Humanity. They make the perfect cut for ladies with a bum!

  4. Those photos are so beautiful… is that last shot with the falling leaves a picnik effect, or did they actually fall perfectly like that?!

    I’m not used to seeing you in jeans, I actually had to do a double take for a second. LOL Love the look though – perfect fall colors with that scenery, and the “babushka” somehow fits perfectly with it all!

    1. B, thank you honey. No, the last shot is not an effect…it’s a well-timed kick! I wanted falling leaves, so I gave them a kick just before the camera snapped. Sometimes it all comes together!

      I don’t wear jeans often for photos, it’s true. I go in phases with them in real life. In winter, I hardly wear them because they are not warm. I prefer leggings and dresses with tights. Anyway, thanks again!

  5. Oh, these photos are gorgeous – I love the last one, with the leaves falling! That hat is perfect on you, too: my mum just got a white one I’ve been coveting – I may have to see if I can “borrow” it from her!

  6. It’s no doubt you feel like a Russian princess because you certainly look like one. That hat is gorgeous. I could certainly use one just like it up here in the Great White North. The Talbots leopard belt is a nice touch. And no, I can’t believe it! xx

    1. Thank you Brooke! I bet you could use a hat like that. Crazy all that snow!

      And yeah, the belt. The interesting thing is there were actually several other leopard pieces I spotted on the Talbot’s Web site, and they sold out! Guess the change in creative direction is paying off.

  7. As soon as I read the post title I have started to get that Kate Bush song in my head… Babushka, Babushka, Babushka-ya-ya… and it does not want to go lol Please post another musically inclined post so I cant get rid of Kate Bush πŸ˜‰

    I believe it is the first time I see you wearing blue jeans? You look very cool and relaxed. And the 3rd picture is amazing: the leaves, the belt, the pose…definitely my favorite πŸ™‚ x

    1. Ha! I don’t know that song…lucky me! I have worn jeans on the blog before, just a couple times, I think. I don’t wear them that often.

      Thank you for the sweet comment, Lady N!

  8. Tell Ben he is genius for coining your hat the babushka. It’s fabulous. I love it. Who couldn’t feel like a Russian princess wearing it? I’m on the hunt for a babushka of my own πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Marissa! Ben knows he’s genius with that name. And was chuffed about the blog mention.

      Good luck on finding a babushka of your own…I’ve been wanting a new black one myself. Another thing for my very long list!

  9. I like it! I’ve never been a hat gal. I have an odd shaped head. But, I remember this fur muff I had as a little girl, I used to play Russian princess… no, for real! (I had an overactive imagination, and I was a weird kid). I’d love to find something like it as an adult. I mean, it’s so much more fun than gloves!

    1. Hey Becca, thank you! I love muffs…so wish I had one now. I don’t think you had an overactive imagination, just a healthy one! Muffs are so much more fun. And glam.

    1. Thank you Terri! The floating leaves were nothing more than a well-timed kick. See, that’s the gritty portion of G&G. No special effects there!

  10. Babushka or whatever, I love it. You are most definitely a cross between a Grecian goddess and a Russian princess in this. So glad to see this up – I was patiently waiting it’s appearance πŸ™‚

    Your photos look a little different in this post – is there a change? Am I crazy? Ok, most likely…
    but change or not, this is my favorite WVW post thus far!

    style activist

    1. Hi Erika, thank you honey! You’re too sweet.

      The photos are a little different…good catch. I used a different camera setting and different effects for these. Sometimes things just come together, you know?! I’m still trying to learn what settings on my camera are best.

  11. Love the hat! It’s a gorgeous colour as is your rust coloured knit top. I’m not going anywhere without my fluffy Russian hat these days. Fab shots and love all those leaves in the background – great shot of the leaves falling in the last pic.

    1. Thanks, V! Yeah, when I need to raid a closet for warm furry stuff, yours is the one I’m hitting. You have such a fantastic collection!

  12. what I love about this is how uber glamorous you look, even though you’re wearing jeans! it’s a amazing what a little fur can do! I tried on a “babushka” (Lol) and it just made my head look a little larger than I’d like, but you’re making me want to try again! and you know I’m loving that belt. Super cute! I love love love the last picture with the leaves falling. Beautiful!

    1. Aw, thank you Eboni! I wrote this above, but sometimes it just all comes together. I never really know what I’ll end up with until I get out there in front of the camera!

  13. I absolutely love these pictures. The are phenomenal V! I wish my photos looked even half as good as yours. Time constraints leave me in my basement with my tripod. I usually only have a half hour between jobs to take my shots.

    Love the outfit. You would make a lovely Russian princess.

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! I think so much of photography is a matter of practice. There have been times I’ve shot and not used a one. I try not to force it. And I try to have fun with my photo editing. That’s why I rarely do more than two outfit posts in a week. It’s just too much work!

  14. I now know exactly three people who can rock those hats: two IRL friends and you. I like that you wore the babushka as part of a fall outfit rather than saving it until full winter!

  15. I love the name, lol… my sister and I throw the word babushka around all the time… She recently treated me to a fuzzy flap hat and a super chunky scarf, which should really be victims to outfit posts, hmmm

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