Sunday Coffee: Mr. Ford, Woolly Vests, and Pumpkin Cheescake

The Cream

TOM FORD. Need I say more?

OK, this is old and well-covered news, but I couldn’t help myself. I blame B at Beautifully Invisible, who clearly shares my Tom Ford obsession. Her post, Whatever Wednesday: Tom Ford 2011, Burberry Bespoke and, had me scrambling for the December 2010 issue of U.S. Vogue a week before it hit the newsstands.

Alas, it finally dropped, and into my covetous little hands. I loved Mr. Ford’s logic behind his uber-secret  Spring 2011 collection debut. I wish the fashion industry would follow his lead, because it makes sense:

…Except for the film Ford was making, and for Terry Richardson, hired to throw himself in the path of every woman, snapping away (to appear on the relaunched Tom Ford Web site), no cameras were allowed. Ford determined that the site’s debut would be in December, when the clothes are nearly in his stores (which is why you see them here for the first time in Vogue).

“I do not understand everyone’s need to see everything online the day after a show,” he says. “I don’t think it ultimately serves the customer, which is the whole point of my business—not to serve journalists or the fashion system. To put something out that’s going to be in a store in six months, and to see it on a starlet, ranked in US magazine next week? My customer doesn’t want to wear the same thing she saw on a starlet!”…

All clothing and accessories, Tom Ford Spring 2011 collection, available at Tom Ford boutiques. (via via

Lucky you…want to read the full interview and see Mr. Ford’s stunning new collection? It’s all on now. Read Mr. Ford Returns.


Annie of Makeup and Jeans Girl did a Fashion Beauty Friend Friday swap over at Destrehan’s Daughter. Topic: How to prepare and take a perfect family picture…yourself.  Annie’s tips are excellent and to-the-point, and judging from this photo, she knows what she’s talking about!

Image by Annie, via


The Sugar

The best narrative of the week comes from Veshoevius of The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe.  In her post, Mariachi Jeans and Mongolian Sheepskin Gilet, V wittily recalls a film director’s colossal cultural faux pas, while also rocking a look (“Mariachi lost in Mongolia”) that I like to think deems us sisters from another mister. First, the words:

The director corralled the Mariachis and I together.  Jubilantly grinning and clicking his fingers to some Latin rhythm of his own invention to show that he knew, and was just so clever at the cultural coup he’d scored for his production, he told us to do our thang.  Lord only knows what strange vision of flamenco dancing he had in mind.  The Mariachis and I regarded each other in faint panic and then had to explain that no such thang would be possible.  They couldn’t play flamenco music to save their lives and so I was duly absolved from dancing and spent the day standing around like a decorative pot plant in the background scenery.

And here’s the look…see, I told you so!

Image on left via Photo on right (and photo editing) by yours truly.


And something seriously sweet: Famous Pumpkin Cheesecake by Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly. I’m not a baker, or I’d attempt this myself. But Kristina IS a baker, and her pumpkin cheesecake photodiary is as lovely as I’m sure the finished product is. Jump over to her site to get the recipe and see more delicious photos.

Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly making her famous pumpkin cheesecake. Image via


  1. If only GM had taken M Ford’s advice with the Camaro; the car was a Transformer before anyone even drove it, took four model years to go from concept to showroom, and in the meantime, the car was all over the place… ugh!

    Your photo looks almost as if it were painted… how did you do that?

    1. Cameron, I applied a couple effects in Picnik to give both photos a similar feel. I LOVE Picnik. It’s one of the easiest, no-brainer photo editing apps out there. It’s like Photoshop for the dumbest of the dummies…perfect for me! I hate Photoshop. Just too big and complicated.

      Go to . Even the free version is pretty robust.

  2. I loved B’s post, I am also slightly obsessed with Mr. Ford, he so rocks in every way. I love that this hush hush collection has been designed as classics, the type of clothes with longevity…

    That shot of you and the other blogger is so uncanny… great minds they say…

    Hope you’re having a fab one darl!

  3. it is true that by the time the clothes are in the shops, everybody is sick and tired of seeing them everywhere. Good strategy on J. Ford part, many might follow. I have to buy the Spanish Vogue. I like the feel of paper inmy fingers…
    About the cofusion of people about Spanish and Mexican I know in first person; although I think things are slowly changing.
    Could i peak yoyr brain in one subject? What do you think about having a tumblr for an against?????
    Magnificent post, as ever my dear.

    1. Sacramento, I think Tumblr is fine for people who just like sharing images. For blogging, it has way too many limitations for me. I have G&G set up on Tumblr…you can get to it by clicking the dark blue T icon at the top right. Here’s the link as well:

      I don’t do much with it; my posts and tweets automatically feed to it. I set it up so others who like following on Tumblr have that option. Frankly, however, I am not at all impressed with Tumblr and find it the least user-friendly of all the platforms I have tried.

  4. While I don’t share your obsession with Tom Ford I do understand it. I have plenty of female friends that swoon at the very mention of his name. I remember being at work and the excitement that followed when some of my female co workers found out he’d be at Selfridges promoting his new fragrance. But none of them actually knew whether he was straight or gay ?

    I think it is great idea, it helps keep an air of exclusivity about the brand. I’d imagine it would also go some way in preventing high street retailers copying his designs. It is so easy nowadays to get almost identical pieces on the high street. One can only assume the fact entire collections are online hours after the catwalk show help speed up the process of copying designs. However will Tom Ford’s decision to kind neglect technology in a way harm his brand ? I guess we will all have to wait and see.

    Being a guy and loving baking I guess is a bit of a rarity. I’m not the most amazing baker but I love putting all the effort in to creating something that tastes delicious at the end. It can cause tears though if you spend hours baking and the result turns out rubbish. I made a cheesecake once from a Jamie Oliver book it actually turned out really tastey. But it cost me a fortune for the ingredients. In the end I paid £15 for everything, I think I could have bought 3 cheesecakes from the supermarket for that. I suppose I wanted to test myself to see if I could really make it and you can never have too much cheesecake. The thing was huge! If you ever find an amazing brownie recipe please do post it up, I’m always on the look out for one.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Arash.

      I agree…sometimes it’s just easier (and cheaper) to buy something ready-made. I know with a lot of Greek dishes, they can be quite expensive and labor-intensive.

      You are a rarity in the baking world! I will keep my eyes peeled for a brownie recipe…if I see one, I will certainly be happy to share.

  5. Ha ha! Love the side by side collage of the woolly vests sister! Great minds think alike! Thanks for the feature on your Sunday coffee, I’m so honoured! – have to say I did a double take when I saw that pic!

    Love the Tom Ford collection and its VERY interesting how he has chosen to go down this route of keeping things under wraps until the collection is in the stores. Obviously it is a lot about protecting his brand and the copyright of his designs from the fast fashion industry and it will be interesting to see if other high end designers follow suit.

  6. I can hardly wait to read about the Mariachis in Monglolia.
    And the practicality of the tips on taking your own family portrait deserves a serious prize. Like Nobel-meets-Pulitzer meets Visa-gift-card or something.

  7. That “how to take a family photo” post is right on time for me! We’re taking them tomorrow! I hope you had a lovely holiday my fabulous friend!

  8. I just love Mr. Ford’s motivation as a designer, creating for his customers and not for the glitz or the runway, etc. It’s such an inspired and refreshing concept, really. (Though I’ll admit I’m one of those people who goes scrambling online for runway pics the next day during Fashion Week. Shameless.)

    Love the woolly vests, and I’m a little envious because I simply cannot pull off that look. It’s tragic. You both rock it like a couple of bosses – and LOVING the shoes on each, I need to add.

    Okay, pumpkin cheesecake. I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that. And that I don’t have a wicked craving right now. Sigh.

  9. i adore tom ford. i love that how much more logical he is in his approach. he’s tom ford, he doesn’t need to cater to celerities or the current fashion system and i’m glad that he doesn’t. makes the whole idea of buying tom ford so much more special in my opinion.

  10. A friend, who is a specialist in the history of Spain, got married a few years ago and his mother threw a Mexican-themed rehearsal dinner…. Another friend of mine’s mother is Venezuelan, and he grew up being asked if he ate tacos for dinner every night….

    I loved the Mr. Ford Returns article in my December Vogue! And the pumpkin cheesecake picture, as well as memories of the one my sister made while I was visiting her in San Antonio, is making me think I need to put a springform pan on my Christmas wishlist!

  11. Oh V,
    Thanks you so much for featuring me and leading people to my picture post! It was fun to do…
    I’m not much of a baker either…but I finally am starting to make pretty yummy pie…thanks to practice practice practice.
    I also want a vest like that…someday…


  12. When I heard that Tom Ford will be doing a women’s collection I was over the moon..
    I love his creation for guys.. and I know he sill bring a little toughness look to the ladies collection.
    it’s funny that he likes to be called MR. Ford after he turned 50

  13. Tom Ford can dress my curves anytime! LOL I love his fashion, and the pic you showed, had to linger for a while there, taking it all in. You and your sister are fab, who ever the mister 😀

    hope your week is going well 🙂 xx Anika

  14. Thank you for the info. I wont bother with it, then
    Mil millones de abrazosssssssssssssssssssss.

  15. I grabbed Vogue at the airport on my way home for the holidays. It was such a nice surprise to see Tom’s new and super secret designs. I’ve always been a fan of his whole aesthetic (now including movies), and it’s good to see him making a comeback.

  16. I think I need to send the link of Annie’s post on the perfect family picture to every member of my own family. With Christmas holidays around the corner and the whole family colliding at Mama and Papa’s homestead, a family picture is sure to ensue. And we could use more than a little help! We’re lucky if we even get one shot where my Grandma isn’t giving the middle finger or sticking out her tongue. Never a dull moment! xx

  17. Thank you for including my post in the round-up, V!

    I think I might have OD’ed on Tom Ford in the past week. I may need some rehab. Seriously.

    I love that post by Veshoevius. I can understand why that paragraph left such an impression on you… it was so well-written, you could just see the whole thing unravel in front of you! And you two are definitely sisters from another mister!

    Finally, that Pumpkin Cheesecake… I have to try that recipe pronto!

    1. No worries, hon. You keep me posted on TF…it’s the least I can do! Yeah, the Veshoevius post killed me. So damn good.

  18. Love you blog very much!!!!. You have many fashion trends and great ideas that I follow you. Thanks for sharing many awesome idea.

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