Friend Friday: Why I’m Thankful to Blogging

I hope all my U.S. readers had a spectacular Thanksgiving!

This week several Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (#FBFF) bloggers decided to switch things up a bit and feature a guest post. My guest is none other than the FBFF founder herself, Ms. Katy Rose. Since Katy is here, I’m over on Modly Chic today—hope you’ll stop by and watch my vlog on what I’m thankful to blogging for.

Why I’m Thankful to Blogging

By Katy Rose of Modly Chic
Note: All images are courtesy of Katy/Modly Chic; final photo editing by moi.

As I started to write this, a friend came by and read the headline over my shoulder. She laughed and asked what I could possibly be thankful to blogging for. Momentarily I was stumped and I stuttered out some make-shift response that really said a whole lot of nothing. The funny thing is now that she is gone I can think of a number of things.

I’m thankful for the opportunity blogging gives me to write daily. I love writing, have loved it since junior high, and the fact that this blog allows me to at least jot some words down daily to feed that love is something very special.

I’m thankful for all the amazing people I have met as a result of ModlyChic. Strong, fierce women who have helped me through the struggles of freelancing and blogging like V here or Laura Carson Miller. Great bloggers like Kendi from Kendi Everyday and Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given as a result of blogging. Things like the chance to review new products, style new clothes, attend the Boston Fashion Week Swap as a blogger, walk as a model in the first Pretty Eventful fashion show and a million other things.

I’m thankful for the nearly 200 amazing people who are now members of the Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday group. With each week we prove that bloggers in the fashion and beauty industries are more than just a pretty face. We have intellect, drive, passion and a work ethic that puts others to shame.

I’m thankful for the friends I made almost instantly in Boston thanks to the blogging networking and going out on a limb at that first blogger meet-up a couple months ago. A couple events and a few drinks later I now feel very Bostonian and very very welcome here.

I’m thankful blogging about fashion has forced me to experiment with things I might never have considered. New haircuts, different styles, colors, combinations. Readers don’t want to read a boring blog and I don’t want to write one either.

I’m thankful for my readers and the fact that those numbers have been steadily growing over the last couple months.


*The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for fashion bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Join the conversation by joining the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Google Group.


  1. absolutely wonderful. I have to rejoin the friend fridays. 🙂

    I am grateful for meeting you and other amazing bloggers online, and for daring to let blogging impact me and my growth as a person. And I am grateful for all the fun blogging brings! xx

  2. Love Katy’s blog and the Friend Friday series!

    I’m also grateful for blogging and the community, love the inspiration, new ideas, a fresh take on outfit styling… beautiful imagery, everything really!

  3. It’s incredible the way we connect with other people that we have never met before.
    Blogging has taken me to another level of friendship and respect for people’s opinion.
    Kate’s blog is divine just like her..
    God.. I love a FF..
    Have a fab week Vahni

  4. i just watched your vlog on modely chic! first of all, can i just say HOLY WOW WOMAN! you look like a superhero on her way to a gorgeous dinner. you are so stunning in that dress and that necklace.

    and your vlog, as always, is utter perfection. blogging keeps me sharp as well. i feel as though my skills have improved threefold in the short amount of time i’ve been blogging. and it is definitely something to be thankful for. =)

    1. HA! Thank you Kristy! I appreciate your thoughtful words and you perspective! I imagine so much of your creative process has been sharpened by blogging. It’s the perfect medium because it enables creatives like you and me to explore the written word, photography, and moving imagery…I know you probably love it just like I do!

  5. BOTH of your posts are amazing.

    I loved Modly Chic’s response. I think Friend Friday was an amazing idea.

    I loved your blog V. You always know what to say. 🙂

  6. And all the people commenting above me, I know (via blogging) and admire their blogs, their way of communicating. So yeah, you’ve said it all, and said it well on why I love blogging. The community created by blogging was a side-effect, a benefit I never saw coming when I started, but it is the main thing that keeps me reeled in.

    Katy you really help glue that community with something cohesive with your FF posts. And congrats for creating a wonderful blog. You deserve the success it brings you. xo. -Bella Q

    1. So true, Bella. I’m so glad to see Katy’s idea finally really taking off. It’s been such an amazing thing to see it grow, and to see the depth of all the participants.

  7. I agree with Katy completely in this post. Blogging has changed my world completely and I am Thankful for it … and for having all you wonderful people in my life! Mean it!

  8. I think Katy absolutely nailed it! Blogging has completely changed my world and all for the better. I’m thankful for all the real connections and friendships I’ve made with other bloggers. The concept of community and relationships is something I never imagined would play such a role in blogging when I started and it turned out to be the most wonderul and rewarding surprise of all. I feel like blogging almost filled a gap in my life that I didn’t know existed. In the blogging world the sky is the limit and anything is possible. I’m so glad I stumbled into such a world of opportunity full of intelligent, creative, motivating and inspiring individuals.

    I’m at work right now but we’ll be sure to head over and check out your vlog later. How I love your vlogs! xx

    1. Thank you Brooke! And I so agree…glad to have stumbled into a world of intelligent, creative, motivating and inspiring individuals! Like YOU, darling!

  9. That’s lovely.

    I think we can all be grateful to you and Friend Friday, for putting us all in touch with some truly fabulous and wonderfully talented people. It’s been a joy.

  10. Just getting a chance to read through all of these comments now. Thank you to everyone who is grateful for the FBFF community and to those who like reading my blog. I’m really humbled by your love and support. – Katy

  11. Katy this was wonderful to read. You and V are both such an inspiration, and I am thankful to have women like the two of you to look up to in this blogging community! Friend Friday is one of my favorite parts of the week… even if i can’t participate each week, it’s something I look forward to reading every weekend!

    1. Thank you, B! I’m glad to know (as I’m sure Katy is), that Friend Friday is compelling and something readers look forward to weekly.

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