WVW: Fair Isle*

Sorry, lovelies, no Sunday Coffee. It has been a manic week. I usually begin building my Sunday post from mid-week on, however this week included a couple of curveballs. Such is life.


There has been more glorious weather…barely 70 and sunny. Perfect for mixing wintry woollies with bare skin, which I did yesterday. This is one of my favorite little frocksβ€”I like to think of it as Fair Isle, V style. I love the little plaid flannel ruffle at the bottom. It’s a fun mix of materials. Quirky.

On a side note, my hair is really growing (can I get an amen for Appearex?!). Think I’m gonna let it. I had cut it significantly in 2008, and I kept it shorter for a while, but it’s finally back to my pre-cut length. May try to break my previous length record. Rules be damned.

*WVW = What V Wore
Country Road cardigan, Free People dress, Target socks, Pelle Moda booties.


  1. Rules were meant to be broken. You look fabulous with long hair – there is always that ridiculous age thing about whether you should keep long hair isn’t there – I always have to argue with hairdressers about the length I want to keep mine. (What is Appearex? A shampoo? A growth enhancer?)
    Love your outift – the dress is so cute – wish I could dress as lightly in the cold! And show some skin. It’s bitter over here. Wrapped up in a million layers as I write.

    1. Thank you V! I do think that rule about chopping your hair off is ridiculous. It all depends on the woman and the hair. If you have good hair, you can do it.

      Appearex is a super-strength Biotin supplement that’s worth every penny. It stimulates growth of your hair and fingernails. I have noticed a dramatic difference in both since I started taking it. You can get it online at drugstore.com.

  2. You look soooooooooooooo pretty in that dress. I had never seen you in a short dress before, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Un abrazo fuerte my friend, and enjoy you Sunday!!!

    1. Aw, thanks babe! It’s definitely a fun piece. And Hubby approved the booties with the socks. I was thinking of doing taller boots, but he liked the little girl quality of this look. Figures.

    1. Hello Jemina, thank you sweetie! Definitely not cutting it off. I’m having another love affair with it at the moment. Maybe cause it’s really long again!

  3. i love this outfit so much. you look wonderful, very young and fresh! from what i’ve been gathering, this past week has been maniac for A LOT of people, which i find really cool and interesting.

    your hair length is pretty fantastic, what’s your previous record? mine is the small of my back.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  4. Very folky, I like!! The little plaid ruffle on the bottom completes the dress I think! And look at your amazing legs!!!
    It has been a manic week for everyone I think! There must be something in the air, because everyone I know has been rushing around like headless chickens. I think we are all in need of a holiday haha.
    My hair has also grown a HUGE amount in the last couple of months! It can now fall comfortably behind my shoulders…yay ^_^
    Also on your last post – Thank you for all the links, I’ve been meaning to find something for comments and sharing buttons so that really helps!!

    1. Hello, lovely! Thank you for your super sweet comment. I have noticed that your hair has grown a lot as well! And yes, we do all need a holiday. I’m ready.

  5. You look gorgeous, that dress is very flattering on you. And you’re one of the few people I’ve seen that can rock really long hair and still look amazingly polished. It looks so nice!

  6. Ugh. What a fantastic frock this is. This is seriously cute, I love this! I adore the outfits people come up with for mixed season weather. It has like a casual hint of fall/winter-wannabe, with yet a hint of spring casual essence to it. And YES keep growing those tresses!!! πŸ˜‰


  7. Hi Vahni, another great look on you! I love that you wear such different looks, and always pull them off. Now that is a fashionista! πŸ˜‰ Your hair is amazing, let it blow in the wind hon!

    Thank you for all of your good advice on blogging, I have now both changed the commenting system and added tweet-buttons etc to my blog πŸ™‚

    I hope everything is good with you sweetheart. xx Anika

      1. Hey beautiful, no I haven`t been getting your comments, have searched for them on my blog and email inbox but sadly can`t find them. Thank you for commenting anyway! I don`t know what is going on with my blog lately, some of my wigdets aren`t working properly either. Am roaylly fed up with blogger now, and seriously contemplating buying my own domain (that is what I have to do to get a wordpress.org-blog, right? Is it very expensive?)

        Am thinking of you πŸ™‚ xx Anika

    1. Thank you Ms. March! The secret behind the legs is good old fashioned sweat. Weight training. Copious lunges, squats, pliΓ© squats, extensions, dead lifts, step-ups, single-leg exercises. Weekly. Religiously.

    1. Thank you honey! I definitely will. Was flirting with the idea of a long bob with blunt bangs, but I think I’ll wait 20 years or so for that!

    1. Thank you honey! Try Appearex. As I wrote in a comment above, it’s a super-strength Biotin supplement that’s worth every penny. It stimulates growth of your hair and fingernails.

    1. Thank you Santina…and you look GREAT with short hair. My hair hasn’t been above my collar for 23 years. I think I’m a long hair girl!

  8. Love your outfit here and keep growing your hair it looks amazing long! I’ve had long hair ever since i was a child at one point it was so long that i used to sit on it by accident which meant i would yank my head back when i tried to get up! funny to see but very inconvenient so now its shorter πŸ˜›
    Love your blog by the way! ive been reading all your older posts about how to improve your blog, theyre so useful and informative!

    1. Thank Josceline…and welcome! I can’t imagine having hair as long as you once did. What a blessing!

      Really glad you like my blog…I like yours too. Plus anyone who loves ‘Buckys like me is a friend of mine!

  9. Wow you could lead the Sexy Army my dear πŸ˜‰

    I love the military detail on the neck/collar ( I am a sucker for it EVERY bloody year!) and it is nice to see you enjoying some sun πŸ˜‰

    I was in Athens this weekend and i thought about you πŸ™‚


    1. Sexy army…haaaa…you are funny! Thank you for that, though!

      Mmm, Athens. Well missy, you sure don’t stay put for long. I’m beginning to think you are a spy. Will pop over to read your take on Athens shortly!

  10. This is such a fun outfit. Quirky is the perfect word to describe it. I love pieces that have an element of surprise and the ruffled plaid trim achieves that entirely. I’m in total support of you growing your hair. It’s so beautiful and healthy that there is no good reason to cut it. Mine is in dire need of a trim and I still can’t bare the thought. I’ve had too many hair traumas in the past and the chair makes me anxious! xx

    1. Hey doll, thank you! I get you on hair traumas. I’ve really only had one…the one time someone else colored my hair besides my mom. I freak out thinking about not having Mom to handle the hair. Mine actually needs a trim too. It will be barely noticeable when it happens! You have a gorgeous head of hair yourself…adore the color.

    1. Hi Pink, thank you my dear! Funny. I loved them when I first got them. Then I didn’t, then suddenly, I was soooo glad to have them in my closet to wear with socks and tights.

  11. Your hair is pretty and if you want to wear it long wear it long. Some rules are meant to be broken. The pattern of the dress is so different and not a pattern that you normally see. Very pretty.

    1. Thank you Sophi. You know, at my age, I have to make sure I don’t look like I’m trying too hard. So I truly appreciate your comment!

  12. I am so loving this weather. Love your style… so chic not to mention that your gorgeous. Letting my hair grow to… my hair will not grow long but it is really big. I just know that I have to sit in the back of the movie theather, people get upset when they have to peak through my hair to see their $10 movie. Ha!


    1. Thank you Lee! The dress is indeed warm. I’m glad you’re a fan of my black, though. Most people are trying to convince me otherwise. Mwah!

  13. No apologies for slacking miss V!! It’s that time of year again! And we all most certainly have tons of things going on!!! Still love you girl!! And I seriously love this free people knitted number!! Cozy and sexy!! and you just reminded me I need to order Appearex ASAP! xoxox

  14. So I really should look into this whole outfit post ordeal, I wish I shared more, I just get so upset that I leave the office and it’s so dark outside! Love the cuteness of the dress, I’ve been on a knitting spree lately, I suppose it’s been relaxing me quite a bit πŸ˜€

    Thanks for entering, this is pretty exciting πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks Miss ED. If you can’t shoot photos during the week, do some on the weekend when you can catch the light, and just schedule them for whenever!

      PS: The Tumblr button in the left rail of your blog is not working.

  15. This is just darling, but of course you added your signature edge with the black socks and boots…

    You know I love your hair, so my vote is let it grow! It’s so healthy and thick! I think super long hair starts to look bad when it get’s straggly but yours is far from that so have fun with it! just my two cents…

  16. What a cute dress! Free People always has the best stuff, but it’s expensive for me.

    Re: your hair. It IS gorgeous. But if you ever decide to cut it, have you heard of Locks of Love? They make wigs for people with cancer using donated hair. Lots of my friends have grown their hair out intentionally to donate. It’s just the sweetest thing.

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