WVW: Shorts + Furry Boots*

What happens when you combine riding in a big ol’ pickup truck, drinking beer around a fire pit, shooting guns, lake walking, furry boots, gorgeous autumn weather, and second row at The Cult? You get happy V, because that is a perfect weekend.

This was my view Saturday night. Only I was one person back from front row, in front of Cult guitarist Duffy on the right.  I have loved The Cult for years, and without going into detail, it was The Cult that brought Hubby and I together from 10,000 miles away. We never expected we’d actually get to see them together, and that Ian Astbury would sing both our favorite songs from years ago. But we did, and they rocked. Just like they did when I saw Electric at age 15.


Oh yeah…and what I wore for, the lake excursion…

*WVW = What V Wore
Witchery vest, BCBG long-sleeve tee, Old Navy cutoffs, Sportsgirl socks, Ulu boots.


  1. Love your furry boots. Always glamourous!!!I am so glad to know a little more about you and hubby he, he, he.
    Glad for your superb weekend. Miss you in my blog, although I know you are always with me.
    Un abrazo fuerte…

  2. Sounds like an amazingg weekend!!!
    haha definitely see the influence from kristy, furry boots must be a must-have in fall by the sea!
    Looking fabulous as always!

  3. Shooting guns in furry boots! Love it 😉

    And…. THE CULT!!!! Lucky you! Sounds like you had a fab time!

    I am having a furry phase too (not in a dodgy wierd way) and i got a furry bag today…The bag is awesome, it is just likea functional fashionable cuddly toy. …OK- now I do sound wierd… 😉


  4. That definitely sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad you and hubby were able to see The Cult together… concerts can bring some of the best memories.

    Love the outfit, and I can definitely see Kristy’s influence shining through!

  5. No way, No way.! Saturday night my husband and I were talking about the Cult and sharing concert stories (PG version) with our kids. I kid you NOT. How’s that for a connection.

    1. Uh, that’s crazy! Of course you like The Cult. Of course.

      I forgot to mention this above, but we also both scored guitar picks from Duffy that night…and Duffy is Hubby’s fave guitarist, so he was thrilled. And you and I know that without Duff’s riffs to complement Ian’s vocals, there is no Cult.

  6. I AM SO HONORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE it. you look absolutely amazing.

    and can we just discuss how confused i was when i saw the small photo preview on bloglovin. i definitely thought that was me, and the location looks very grecian, but i definitely know i don’t have black furry boots, only white ones. =P

    also, how awesome are you going to so many concerts!

    hugs!!! and thank you for linking me. =)

    1. Thanks Kristy! I laughed at your comment. Funny. I’m still so in love with the look of yours that inspired mine.

      As for the concerts, since I am childless by choice, I consider it an obligation to go to concerts and get crazy at least a couple times a month! Otherwise, what’s the point of it all?!

  7. You look fabulous in your Kristy inspired look. I need those boots, damn it! and I’ve been putting off buying a faux fur vest but now I know that I can fight it no more. Target has a beautiful brown faux fur vest for $45 that’s coming home to mama!

    Don’t you just love sharing special moments with your special someone. Reading this just made me smile!

  8. And yet again I want to steal that grey furry goodness from you! How awesome that you got to see that show…especially since it’s special for you and the hubs!

  9. When I saw the small pic on bloglovin’ I also thought it was Kristy ha! What a gorgeous getaway. I love the furry vest and of course the cutoffs. I could live in cutoffs! The boots make the look so sexy. The concert must have been amazing. Going to concerts is one of things I enjoy doing the most but get to do the least. If only I were a tad closer to an urban center. We do get Girlicious at least three times a year so I shouldn’t complain….ummmm yeah! xx

    1. Funny! We all have to make the most of where we are, right?! I didn’t go to many for several years, but now that I have a partner with similar musical tastes, it’s on!

      Thanks for your comment, sugar.

  10. I love the heavy dose of fur! Definitely brings some glamor 🙂

    Sounds like you and your husband had an awesome time together! That’s so cool you got to see the band that brought you together–awwww!


  11. Congratulations on a perfect, rugged, yet stylish weekend! And if you ever do want to go into detail on how you and the Hubby were brought together by The Cult, I’m listening. I love stories like that.

    My hub and I were brought together by “Marian” by the Sisters of Mercy, of all the melancholic tunes. I’d been eyeing him for weeks (discreetly), and for some random reason he introduced himself to me in the middle of the club floor after we’d both been dancing around to “Marian.” It’s Our Song now, of course.

    1. Sarah, the story:

      In an early conversation when Hubby and I were just getting to know each other, he called me “firewoman,” and I said something about it being a Cult song, and it that it does apply to me. When I said that and he realized I knew The Cult, he said it was one of his favorite bands—and I responded that they are one of my faves too, that I had seen them front-row when I was 15. We just clicked after that, because while The Cult is popular, the band has sort of a low-level cult following (no pun intended), and no woman he’s ever know was into them but me. So it was really at that moment that we knew we were kindred spirits.

      I love your story too…thanks for sharing! That’s cool.

      1. Awh. Thank you for sharing the details, V.! What a great story, and I’m so glad you got to see the band together at long last. Goose-bumplingly perfect! I’ll have to look up the “firewoman” lyrics.

  12. You have just the right about of faux fur!
    I have bands I have loved for years as well.

    Do you mind checking out my blog and giving me your opinion on it? If you have one that is. It is about Drug Injection Rooms.

  13. you look amazing as always! and i do wonder have you ever posted in detail on how you got together with your husband? i’m such a romantic & it is my favourite thing in the world to find how couples meet.

    1. Hello love…thanks for your comment!

      No, I’ve never shared details about how we met. I’d love to share but I decided a while ago to try to keep the most personal details of my life to myself. And Hubby is actually quite private, so as much as I am fine with being online, I try to respect his privacy and not “out” him, so-to-speak. But I agree…I love hearing those types of stories as well.

    1. Thank you doll! As I said above, the weather where I am is…for the moment…perfect for a summer/winter combo. I kind of like the nonsense of it all, too, I must admit!

  14. Hi Kristy,
    firstly that picture of you on your home page is gorgeous. Secondly Im new to the IFB and that is how I found you and thirdly (thirdly? thats not a word is it?) I just wanted to say Ive read through your last few posts and I really like your blog, I find it encouraging for a beginning blogger like myself. It has loads of good tips and feedback so thanks!!

    1. Hi Jessica…no, I’m not Kristy (though I adore her!)…but no worries! Welcome to G&G and thanks for your comment.

      So nice to know that some of my posts are helpful for you. Hope you’ll come back. I’m going to visit you now!

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