Sunday Coffee: Reader Appreciation, Canadian Graffiti, and Doing Fashion, Not Drugs

The Cream

Reader Appreciation Monday by Christina of Profresh Style. I’ve written about how to improve your blog and talked about how important it is to interact with your readers. Christina’s weekly post is a superb example of how to acknowledge readers when you don’t have time to respond to each and every one.

And why else is this smart? It keeps readers engaged and clicking back for more—or to see if they made the list. I’m not just a fan because Christina has acknowledged my comments; it’s because her posts are a creative way to foster blog dialogue, which is why we all do this, isn’t it? And she doesn’t just comment back to her commenters, she includes a link to their blogs. That, my lovelies, is what it’s all about. There is plenty of room in the blogosphere for all of us.

Hats off, Christina! I’m thinking we can expect to see lots of reader appreciation copycat posts, and that is actually a good thing. But you did it first, and now everyone knows. Great concept, doll.

True blog love: Christina's weekly Reader Appreciation post.


On the same subject, this popped into my inbox this week, and it’s a fast, easy, and worthwhile read:  How to Get More Blog Comments Quickly, from the Thesis Theme Blog. Here’s a little snippet to entice you:

Most bloggers find the task of getting quality reader comments devilishly difficult. Even on blogs with gobs of visitors, it’s common to see only a few comments per post.

Did you know that this is typical, too?

It’s called the 90:9:1 Principal:

  • 90% of readers lurk on your blog quietly while consuming your content
  • 9% of readers are editors and comment regularly
  • 1% of readers are the fanatical people who leave page-long comments after each post.

The question is, how can you find and encourage the final 10% to comment on your blog?

The Sugar

This is Brooke’s best shoot, I swear. Her work shoot may have been a wash, but Graffiti Squalls sure wasn’t! Jump on over to Brooklyn’s Britches to see more Canadian graffiti!

Brooke of Brooklyn's Britches. Image via


The Fashionista Next Door, aka Eboni Ifé, not only rocked a fab look this week, but she did it for a worthwhile cause. Here’s the deal, according to her:

On October 21, H&M announced its latest partnership with the Mentor Foundation and unveiled a collection of wild and crazy tanks for women and tees for men, retailing at $12.95 to $17.95.  The print on these things is awesome! They have a funky collage sorta vibe that is pretty cool.  The t-shirt collection is currently available at 45 stores across the US and 25% of the proceeds is being donated to the Mentor Foundation!

And here’s the shirt…don’t you just love it? See more shots in H&M + Mentor Foundation: “We Do Fashion, Not Drugs”.

Eboni Ifé in her H&M/Mentor Foundation tee. Image via


  1. Aaaarghhh, looks like my comment just suddenly disappeared… 🙁
    anyways, just would like to say that I love all of your posts, I’m a fan, and if you happen to be at Paul’s Daughter (your cousin, right?) in Coney Island, please eat and drink for me. Since i can’t be there in person, but I can be with all of you in spirit 🙂

    Happy Weekend babe


  2. Good morning Vahni, hope you are having a good weekend! Thanks for another list of interesting reads. I literally get up Sunday morning and sit down to read your blog, coffee in hand and operamusic blasting . How`s that for impact 🙂

    These links are wonderful, I love the one about dialog with readers, I have been considering using Disqus to improve interaction with my commentators, but am also looking into bying my own site, thanks to you.

    The fashionpics are wonderful too, the grafitti is amazing! Take care sweetheart.

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface

    1. Thank you Anika! I’m glad a couple people appreciate my Sunday posts!

      Be sure to read the Beautifully Invisible links on moving to if you go that route…their on my Build a Better Blog page, and they rock!

  3. i already did a sort of reader appreciation ages ago where when my blog was new i posted what people had said about it in different reviews on their pages on my page, but then i got big and stopped doing it, so when i read her reader appreciation posts i was reminded that i should prob start doing them again 🙂 love both of you!

  4. Your Sunday coffee post is better than any Newspaper. I look forward to it so much every Sunday morning.
    You always bring some fresh, interesting and worth knowing info.
    For all of that and for caring and always being there, I do thank you.
    Mil besos and have a super Sunday!!!!

  5. omg! I always look forward to my Sunday Coffee with Vahni & boy oh boy was I shocked to scroll down and see a picture of little ol’ me included with the sugar! Thank you!!! 🙂

    Also, thanks for the article about hot to get more blog comments. One of my readers commented on my last Friend Friday post noting that she was very frustrated at the lack of comments on her blog. I am definitely going to share the article with her. Not only does it have helpful information, but the stats are also encouraging… the fact of the matter is most readers just don’t comment! It’s just good perspective.

  6. Awh thanks so much Vahni! I’m glad you liked the shoot. I wasn’t sure if I’d have any shots since I spent more time spitting hair out of my mouth than focusing on the camera! I have a love/hate relationship with wind.
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can incorporate reader appreciation into an actual one time a week post. These Sunday Coffee posts along with Christina’s post have provided me with lots of inspiration. Time to get my thinking cap on! xx

  7. I mentioned this in a comment on Cristina’s blog earlier today, but I have to thank you personally for “redirecting’ me back to her site. Her blog is one of those that I come across every once in a while, but for whatever reason, I kept forgetting to subscribe to, so it slipped through the cracks. This post reminded me to check it out again and now I am officially following, as i should have been ages ago.

    For as much as you praise Christina (and the praise is well-deserved) for acknowledging her readers in such a unique way, I think you deserve the same praise. These Sunday Coffee posts are an unbelievably thoughtful and effective way to showcase other bloggers, and you deserve serious kudos for that! I look forward to them each week, and look forward to many more!

    Thanks for the great links, yet again – and I too am likely in that 1% fanatical group where your blog is concerned! LOL

    1. I totally agree. Vahni is amazing with recognizing all these amazing bloggers, some of which I would of never known if it wasn’t for her. This blogging community is great and so blessed to be a part of it. And love, you give me smiles!!

  8. I love the idea of Reader Appreciation! Comments always leave me doing a little happy dance, and since there aren’t gobs of them I usually can reciprocate but it’s not always the best way to get a dialogue going, which would be awesome. I’m not really sure how to do that without randomly e-mailing people though.

    1. Hi Liv, thank you! We ALL love nice comments, don’t we?! Since you’re on Blogger, the only way to reply to comments is to simply leave a comment yourself…a lot of people list the names of commenters and leave a little response back, kind of like this:

      @Liv—thank you for your comment!

      @commenter 2—how nice of you to drop by!

      I’m not sure if you can use DISQUS to manage comments in Blogger…I think you can. It’s probably a matter of finding a widget for code or something. Of all the commenting systems I’ve seen on other blogs, I like that one the best. It has WAY more functionality than Blogger’s comment system.

      Thanks and good luck!

  9. I try to show our readers appreciation whenever possible through specific references, links, returning comments, etc. Some bloggers never do any of that, and I pretty much stop reading their blogs or I switch from being in that 10% to into the 90%.

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