WVW: Ode to VB*

I’ve admitted it before and I’ll do it again: I adore Victoria Beckham’s style.

Last week I scored the most killer heels in amazing 25% off-free-overnight-shipping-and-no-sales-tax deal on Endless.com. The Kelsi Dagger Linzy pumps are dead-ringers for Brian Atwood’s Maniac hidden platform pump, a VB fave. I’ve been stalking the other V’s style for a while now, and when I finally found the perfect pumps, I couldn’t wait to break out my skinniest pants, biggest sunnies, and grey tank in honor of Victoria.

*WVW = What V Wore
Frenchi cardigan, Arthur Galan tunic tank, Mossimo leggings, Kelsi Dagger pumps.


  1. VB eat yer heart out!!! Love the new pumps and you always look great in the (p)leather skinnies.

  2. i adore me some victoria beckham as well. she has flawless style. these pumps are smokin’ hot and the entire outfit is amazing and definitely makes me think victoria beckham.

  3. Vic Bec would definitely be proud. I really need to find myself a pair of leather or leather like pants. I’ve been coveting them for years and have yet to take the plunge. One of these days…

  4. nothin’ wrong with Mrs. Beckham….nice to see someone who’s not so concerned with always looking ‘nice’.

    those shuz r 2 much. i don’t think i could wear them even lying down ; ) so even more fun to see them on you!

    but i CAN stand on a brick. steph

  5. I love VB’s style too – love how she pulls off the tuxedos and elegant dresses. Chic does not equal flashing ones anatomy!

    But I am sorry, she has not got nothing on you 😉 Your legs are ace!! xxx

    1. You are too kind, Lady Noix. I am duly honored.

      And you’re right about “chic does not equal flashing one’s anatomy”…so true!

  6. Mmh I think that your new “Fetish Fineries” TRULY deserve such an electrifying Ode Dear V !!!
    ps: AND I HAVE TO say an astounding YES to the way your shiny / dark leggings (as strongly as nonchalantly) “SM CHIC-icize” your (striking) silhouette . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine
    (present on http://sinfonicaestetica.blogspot.com/ too)

  7. Such a great look on you this! very sexy, very classy, very wow! I am sure Victoria would agree 🙂 I love her, she is so sweet, and really funny! have you seen the interviu with her and David and the fab Ali G? so funny it has me crying 🙂


    Got to love such a wonderful woman who is a devoted mum, funny as hell and such a fierce dresser. Not that unlike us hahahhaha

    <3 Anika

  8. Totally off topic, I saw someone who looked eerily like you (both physically and style-wise) in the Memphis airport bathroom this morning. You have a mystery twin in the world.

  9. Victoria Beckham is some one I look up to stylistically and I have to say you really took her as inspiration and made it you!!! On another note,Shoes stalking is really such a fun pastime. I indulge quite often and I have found that Endless is amazing. They have some awesome sales!!! I can’t wait to see how you wear those shoes again they look so good on you. Definitely a basic with attitude and personality. =)

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