WVW: All Hallows Eve*

I’ve been called Morticia all my life. This year I finally channeled her.  And I absolutely loved it.

*WVW = What V Wore
Halloween edition: Lillie Rubin shirt and skirt. Rings, miscellaneous.  Flea Market fan.

PS: You can see the back of this skirt in a previous (and equally cheeky) post:  WVW: Fantasy in the Foliage


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      Thanks Angela…interestingly I felt very comfortable in this look. No wonder why people have been calling me that (it’s the dark straight hair and pale skin, I guess).

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      Thank you Terri! As I said to LHdM above, I’m a fan of fans in everyday life anyway…I have several that I keep in my purse through summer. I hate to be hot. Hate it!

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    Love your photos! Looks like a lot of fun. I think I’m the only person in the blogosphere who didn’t dress up. The zipper on my ancient witch costume broke and I had to put on my regular clothes. Sigh.

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      Ha! Your comment cracked me up, Heather. I would have been a pirate but this killer pirate costume I bought a couple years ago literally fell apart at the end of the night. I know how you feel! But I always have a stash of witchy black clothes.

      Thanks for your comment!

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    Oh, I love. And I’m slightly jealous of your fan. I had the sudden desire to get one this past spring, but amazingly enough I just couldn’t find one. I was even looking on Etsy, but nothing seemed quite right. (It’s one of those situations, if you aren’t looking for it it’ll be everywhere. Never fails.)

    Hope you had a happy Halloween!
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      Casee Marie, thank you for your comment! I am a huge fan on fans. I love the Spanish wooden ones used in Flamenco. They’re a little more expensive, but I found a couple at this market in Ft. Lauderdale once and have been carrying them for years. They also make this fabulous sound when you whip them open!

      Hope you had a great Halloween too!

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      HAAAA!!! I adore her as well. Not so crazy about Lily Munster, but Morticia Addams (played by Carolyn Jones) was a class act!

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      Marissa, that IS the hubs in a mask. Of course, he makes his G&G debut with a mask on…

      Thanks for your sweet compliment!

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      Thanks, B! Funny thing, even though I still look like me, it was so easy to get “in character” and play it up. That’s so not me in real life. I’m such a chicken.

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    Oh, what fun; I’ve long been fond of Morticia. Your enviable hair is the perfect, amazingly natural key to her look! Yet it’s perfectly suited for your year-round style, as well. Glad you and your fella had fun last night. Did he love the Morticia look, too?
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      Thanks Lyddiegal! We managed to keep our drinks in our glasses despite the appearance otherwise…can’t slosh about a good martini!

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    Hey Sweetie

    You look MAGNIFICENT :D
    Morticia with Flair, LOVE it!!!!!!!
    Btw, I just read all of your previous posts, and would like to comment that it is indeed BRILLIANT of you to “stirr the pot”, all bloggers SHOULD read all of your AMAZING posts, keep on being fabulous babe!!!, you’re amazing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture on the previous post, you are just so creative and talented, a true DIVA!!!!

    <3 <3 <3
    PS: Sorry for my late response, I wasn't feeling well most of last week :)

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      Thank you so much, Jemina. You are too kind. I suppose, however, that you might have some people to support you in your theory that I’m a diva. On occasion…not in a good way! But I’m only human!

      Hope you are feeling better, sweetie.

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    Spoooook – TAK – cular!! i love it when people ‘costume to type’. it makes everything – your face, figure, hair, etc. – part of the costume and the whole thing ‘pops’ just that much more. VERY well done! love it!! steph
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    Now THAT`s how to do halloween!!!! hallo-freakin-georgeous-ween! you look amazing, you do know how beautiful you are? I think you should work this look more often ;) Would it be to late for my to do a version of Morticias chubby cousin do you suppose? LOL and big kiss <3

    xx Anika
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      Oh my goodness….you have got to be kidding me! I thought the original Morticia was divine…but I accept your compliment nonetheless! Thank you very much, Kristin. Congrats again on your Glamour feature!

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      Shan Renee, thank you and welcome. That means quite a lot to me considering that you’re a professional photographer with a spectacular eye and portfolio!

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    Oh I absolutely love the articles and the different ideas they brought to light about the particular style forums. I was feeling really confused about them all but was scared to just give up on it wondering if I had missed something! But now I know, I didn’t so I can move right along with my blog!!
    Thanks so much for everything!!!

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      Angela, thank you honey. I am glad you found them thought-provoking and that they validated what you had already realized yourself.

      Thank you also for sharing your thoughts here…I appreciate it!

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      Ha! I’m not surprised with your lovely fair skin and that EXQUISITE raven mane of yours.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m still in LOVE with the shots in your last post. Stunning.

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      Hi Evie, thank you! It’s a shame Halloween isn’t more popular in NZ and Oz. It is so much fun. Maybe YOU need to start it up in your circle next year!

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      Hi Ashely, thank you sweetie. Hubby did have fun in his mask. Oh, and would believe that skirt is one of THE most comfy skirts I own?! It’s many years old…I’m always looking for an occasion to bring it out.

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      Hi Arash, thank you very much! That might actually be a good description for me in everyday life: spooky but stylish. I’ve heard versions of that one before!

  8. Lac says

    Wonderful costume!!! And the photos are so neat….great job! This year I went as Spider Queen and had a blast at 4 costume parties we attended throughout Halloween weekend; my scepter was a spider-webbed black battle axe and that got a lotta’ comments, haha.

    Oh, and I actually purchased my very first pair of leather pants the other day- wonders never cease eh??? They’re a buttery dark chocolate brown leather and fit to a “t”…I may put up a pic of them on my blog under a post about Preppies shaking things up a bit…but won’t do this until I totally surprise James with these. Planning to wear them without a comment and see when he notices. He loved my old long brown leather skirt I had back in our college days but eventually this got to be quite worn out looking so leather pants will be a big surprise no doubt!

    All the best to you from here!

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      Hey Lac! Sounds like you had a great Halloween too. Thank you for your kind comment!

      DO let me know James’ reaction to your leathers…I can only imagine how pleased he’ll be! Leather always goes over…skirts, pants, shorts…it just begs to be touched and only the brave tend to wear it.

      Big hug to you!

  9. Lac says

    Thanks V and I will…heh, heh, I really think he’ll be bowled-over with the leather pants wearin’!

    I have two great leather skirts I love wearing but they’re a bit more “conservative” in styling: a camel one that’s straight & to the knee and then a black one that’s a little longer and flares out in ruffled-styling at the hemline. Once it gets colder I’ll be absolutely loving wearing these a lot especially with alla’ the tall leather boots I keep collecting somehow. Am thinking of writing-up that blog post under something like, “Beyond the Belt, Purse and Shoes- Preppies Wear Leather Too” and feature the pants in it plus one of the skirts and then some examples from Ralph Lauren, etc- FUN!

    Big hug to you too!

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      Hey, Arash, thank you! I’m not much of an actress, but we had a lot of fun shooting these photos. And you know I love the opportunity to let my glam, goth girl out!

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    I love this! You look so great as Morticia! I absolutely love that movie. It’s definitely a childhood classic. You look like you had fun in these pics. I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

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      Thanks, Stephanie! We definitely had a great time last Halloween. And Barcelona was amazing…so glad to know you are enjoying the posts.


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