Worker V: 1.3

A recent work outfit composed of old favesโ€”pieces in my wardrobe I wouldn’t trade for anything! I’ve worn them dozens of times, and I love them every time I do. As I’ve said before, I always like to throw in a little something unexpected. In this case, it’s the spiked braceletโ€”and yes, I really did wear it to work.

Apparently this look is excellent for my psyche…I rocked a big, nasty, ugly, multi-tab Excel spreadsheet into a sleek, sexy, sortable SharePoint list in like no time flat. It’s the little things, people.

The skirt is the brick red version of the same black BCBG skirt I have waxed philosophic about, and wore in Worker V: 1.0. It’s also 13 years old. Thank God my propensity for buying in doubles was alive and well back then. If the black skirt ever falls apart, I have a backup.

Top with side ties from Anthropologie, Ann Taylor belt, BCBG skirt, Miss Sixty Boots,
Sportsgirl socks, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne gold spike bracelet.


  1. Maybe the spiked bracelet helped you with the Excel spreahsheet. It’s lucky, you have to keep wearing it to work now ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, I love it and there’s no reason not to rock it at work ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s funny the way we find thing in our wardrobe and get different inspirations.
    This outfit looks really good.. (i must confess that I love vintage pieces).. and you have this BCBG! oh heaven..
    Loving the way you wear long boots with skirts..
    The burgundy colour really suits you V.

  3. Fab outfit! Love the blouse. I thought people who bought backups of clothes they loved were a fashion myth but now I’ve met one! I actually think it makes complete sense if you have the budget especially for clothing you get a lot of wear out of. Hmm PVC Black Rats are on sale here….
    I’m probably responsible for creating many a big, nasty, ugly, multi-tab Excel spreadsheet but for my sins I then have to spend far too much time staring at them without the joy of being able to make them into anything sleeker. Maybe I need to a spiked bracelet to wear to work!

  4. Love your boots and skirt combo! You look classy and stylish as always.

    However today I’m here for another reason, I’ve just noticed a comment you left on LovevBrownSugar, with which I can only agree. So if you need any kind of help and/or opinion for the upcoming article on the lookbook/chictopia/etc matter, do let me know, I would love to participate. Did you know about the karma situation on lookbook (it’s an open community now aka we needed more people to join, but they have a new karma filter aka you can’t see the new users who have a low karma rating) Since when is lookbook, of all things, establishing my ‘karma’?? And have you seen the children?! I’ve started a forum thred on this metter with no replies. Also no official lookbook feedback on the definition of a minor. Oh I could go on and on . .

    Really looking forward to the article!


    1. Just clicked back from LoveBrownSugar’s post. Thought provoking post. I also read what everyone had to say in the comment section. V, I’m looking forward to the post you’re writing. I’m not a fan of any of those websites. It’s not my audience or interest. As for the photos of the minors, that SCARES me. ILG, have you contacted lookbook? I’m very interested in the outcome of all this.

  5. Love the color of your skirt … and those boots are delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And may I add that your waist looks super tiny in this outfit [not that it isn’t! :)] I always wanna know when my waist looks tiny, so thought you might too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. That skirt is wonderful. I know of your love for black, but burgundy just gives an extra touch to the whole outfit. Your beauty needs little dressing. You are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mil besos.

  7. Mmh Actually at a first glance the skirt’s size can sound uber conservative . . . BUT its subtly sulfurous color combined with these dark boots (AND this discreet knee’s unveiling) achieves to adorn it on a “day to day GLAMazon” aura !!!

    ร  Bientรดt, Antoine
    ( is now disguised with a “Warning Content” -BUT always dedicated to be updated nevertheless- , so I’ve created a new blog -in direct link below my comment- , dedicated to be regularly updated in parallel too)

  8. That red skirt is a stunner! Here’s to it being a wardrobe favorite for another 13 years! I have been hesitant to wear the visible sock look to campus to teach in, but it looks so great and profesh here that I’m going to go with the visible sock outfit that I’ve had planned in my head for awhile but haven’t yet worn.

  9. that is an amazing skirt. i can definitely see why you bought it in two colors. you look amazing in this, i bet you get compliments at work for your style all the time. and i LOVE that you wear your spiked bracelet to work.

  10. Yay, outfit post! Oh, there are so many good things here. The red skirt is beautiful. Congrats on choosing a skirt that stood the test of time and trends. Well done! Is that socks I see peeking out from your beautiful boots? Nice. Look great V, as usually.

  11. I love your work outfit posts. They always fit the “classic with an edge” mold, and I adore them. I think I need a brick red skirt now!

    Actually – I am starting to think I need to wear more skirts, period. You have inspired me!

  12. Oh, I’m with ya. I’m all about buying in doubles, and even more so when it comes to things for the office. I love the pencil skirt. I always have my eyes peeled for pencil skirts in interesting colors, they’re much harder to come by than one might think! I’d be giddy to find some great jewel toned pencil skirts, they’d be perfect to wear with my endless supply of black tops.

  13. I love that top! The detailing is gorgeous. I’m also a fan of buying in doubles. It’s funny because I always find that the double I question buying is the one I end up getting the most use out of. If that’s not a reason to always buy in doubles then I don’t know what is! xx

  14. I’m quite jealous of your co-workers. It’s like having a live fashion blog gracing your presence everyday! Love your look + the spike bracelet sets this office wear off just right.

    Oh, and gotta love the little things ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. I love the skirt in black, but I almost think I like it even more in red. Also, I see absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a spiked bracelet to work. You have to be true to yourself some how. I don’t think I could ever get anything done at work if I was always worrying about what would happen if I was wearing something that may offend.

  16. That colour is so exquisite on you V! Wine Red is one of my favs!!
    I love it when you look great, feel great and can bang out work just like that!
    Today I created a cupcake menu for our cafe in just under an hour to send round to all the offices in town – my brother (who was emailing them round) was so impressed ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. My lovelies, thank you all for your delicious and generous comments! I am flattered…and swamped for time. So please forgive my tacky mass thank you.



  18. Love that skirt. The color is divine. and I love the side split. I was just telling Fabrice that I want to buy two new pencil skirts. One just below the knee and one ankle length w/ an up to there side split! God, I’m dying to get back into the office. You’d think I’d be enjoying working from home, but I’d give anything to dress up for work one day! Lol. I know, I know. I’ll stop whining now!

    1. Thank you Eboni! I used to work from home full-time too…you DO miss having somewhere to go, something to dress up for. Now I’m home two days a week, and it is a very happy medium.

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