Sunday Coffee: Mis P’s DIY, Amber’s Autumn, and Extreme Makeovers

The Cream

How about this stunning shot from Amber’s post, Friday Photo(s): Seasons of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness. And Boots. Amber, honey, you had me at boots. True Brit wit and flame red hair make Forever Amber one of my favorite new destinations.

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Sacramento of Mis Papelicos pulled off an awesome DIY that involves no sewing, no cutting, no gluing, and no thumbtacks. That’s my kind of DIY. DIY for dummies. Or lazies.

This DIY works especially well if you’re Greek or Italian and have a boatload of baptismal pins lying around. See, Christians in America mostly wear a cross on a necklace and call it a day. Greeks, on the other hand, wear a cross and pin all number of anti-evil, religious charms on themselves and their children—evil eyes, the Virgin Mary, crosses, you name it. They’re usually pinned to the back of a child’s blouse—and on occasion—in the lining of a dress when one’s mother thinks one looks so incredible that it might invite spite and malicious intent. The latter happened to me not so many years ago. Mom pinned an evil eye from my baptism as a baby into a dress one night, just to keep me safe from the haters. Um, maybe I need to wear one more often. Anyway.

Check out her DIY of a D&G bag in her post, D&G meets Antigua. I’m loving the crosses pinned on with chains dangling, and Sacramento’s laceless ankle boots. It’s a good thing Sacramento has her little anti-evil talismans on her…I’m sure many a lady in her parts would be seething with jealousy over how cool a dame she is.

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The Cream

We’ve been on the subject of blog improvement for a few weeks now. I’m not going to bore you with any more stats, sermons, or standards. Just want to give props to these bloggers, who in the last several weeks have given their blogs major makeovers, and for the better. I am duly impressed.

  • Beautifully Invisible—As I wrote last week, BI has moved to and re-templated. Outstanding!
  • Brooklyn’s Britches—Another bloggerista I’ve referenced who renamed, rebranded, and moved to She’s added a new header and refined her widgets. Lovely, Brooke!
  • Fashionable Academics—New header, clean layout, and a huge dose of cheekiness over there. Adore it. Blogger at its best.
  • Fashion Coconuts—Spankin’ hot new header, a new white-background layout, and the same heaping dose of snark, albeit in a sexier wrapper.
  • Lee Oliveira—Moved to a self-hosted blog on, and did a beautiful job customizing the Thesis template. A very sexy site. Still can’t wait for LEE TV, Lee!
  • Porcelain Complexion—A new header, right-rail to left-rail swap, and photos now being shot outside…right on, Julia!
  • Those Graces—Formerly Beauty and the Recession, which Courtney not only renamed and domained, but moved to WordPress in a crisp new template. Lookin’ good!


  1. I got up early this morning looking forward to enjoy my tea with your Sunday coffee, when I saw myself in it. I went in shock… Now, I am still speechless and so honored that you have chosen me to have coffee with.
    You are so good , helpful, magical and wonderful to your fellow bloggers that I have nothing more to add.
    You are beyond word, and people like make the word a better place.
    Much love from the heart.

  2. OMG, I was so surprised to see this photo when I clicked on your blog this morning! Thanks so much for the link and your lovely comments – it means a lot, espeically coming from one of my own new favourite bloggers 🙂

  3. Great picks especially Sacramento – cool dame is exactly what she is! I loved that post and your account here of the use of Christian talismans by your Greek family reminded very much of some of the rituals around medallions I remember in my Christian family growing up.

  4. Hi V, I’ve missed you
    There are so many brilliant things going on here:
    * I will check Forever Amber soon, she looks so fine 🙂
    * and I LOVE Sacramento, she is original and cool as cucumber
    * Lee TV? WOW, I sure can’t wait, I’m sure it’s gonna be sexy 🙂

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday doll


  5. Hey, did my comment just disappear?
    OK, just in case it did, I just would like to say that I’ve missed you V
    And thanks for this post, so many yummy goodies to check out here 🙂

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday


  6. so much deliciousness! As I sip my morning cuppa (my latest obsession: raw cocoa nibs ground up with my fair trade Cafe M’am tango roast, a whisper of sugar and a scream of cream) I am enjoying your cream: ah, my love of gingers just got redder on this sight of Amber; must check out. And yay! Sacramento the woman, not the city gets a shout out- i loved her d.i.y. and am so inspired by it too.

    And kudos for your list of cleaned up, real time bloggers. I’m a huge fan of Lee, so need to scurry over and check out his WordPress space. And wow, are you single handedly getting me to think about another switch back? Am so unsure! xo.

  7. Yay, I love when my favorite bloggers connect. I think I first discovered Amber’s blog a few months ago and had her sitting in my feedreader ever since. She’s such a cutie and so hilarious (love her everyday stories) 😉

  8. i can’t wait to check out these links…but first a comment! amber’s background and striking red hair are eye-catching! and that outfit…could be from a bygone era. love it.
    sacramento looks familiar…i’ve seen her blog before. i’ll have to see what she’s up to with all those gorgeous crosses.
    enjoy your sunday! xo

    1. Hey Stephanie, thanks for your comment!

      I agree, this set of photos from Amber was like stills from a period drama. I couldn’t help myself…had to share.

  9. You are spoiling me with the shout-outs! Thanks again!! I appreciate the nice comment on my blog about the new header. I think I found one that might actually stick for awhile.
    I must check out Amber’s blog. That picture is gorgeous and I could use a dose of Brit wit. I miss it!
    Sacramento is fabulous. I bow down to her and while I’m down there I plan on removing the laces from my ankle boots. That is genius! xx

  10. Hey V…
    Very flattered about your comment on my blog. Thank you, I love my new layout too.. Lee TV is coming.. (it’s so hard to get that thing up running.. “normally”.. dramas after dramas) 😀
    I love Sacramento’s blog.. she is a such a cutie lady!

  11. Thank you so much for including me in that list! I am honored, and again, couldn’t have done it without your input 🙂

    I have checked out Amber’s blog before but it seems to have fallen off my reader list. Time to put her back!

    And thanks for that DIY link on Sacramento’s blog. Unfortunately Serbs aren’t THAT heavily pinned, but I may have a few lying around… hmmm…

    Also, off topic, but I saw your post on LoveBrownSugar. I can’t wait to see what stats you came up with! Her post actually inspired me to address something that has been bothering me as well (labels. Yuck. I hate labels!), I love it when bloggers feed off of one another this way. Wonderful conversations!

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