Sunday Coffee: Connections

OK, this is Sunday Coffee, but not quite. Black coffee, no frills. I’m on vacay, lovelies. Not here…but I was there last week…

I’ve disconnected. Have you disconnected and reconnected with the world and people around you lately?

Tell me about the best thing that happened to you this weekend…


  1. What a fantastic picture setting-you look gorgeous! Fab everything! I suppose you need a break after getting those amazing posts you’ve done lately! I’ve been re-connecting with just about everyone I love and have missed since being over in Greece but have been disconnected from blogging world a little!

    Have a fantastic time away beautiful.

  2. Hi Vahni, disconnecting can be such a good thing! I hope you are having a lovely time on your vacation, so that you feel in balance and re-energized when you come back to your every day life. I am trying to reconnect with my self lately, checking that I am not treading water in a sort of comfortable life, but that I really am being true to my self and daring to go where I need to, in every way.

    I have to say, I find my self thinking about you in my life outside blogging, I really care about you. And I have been thinking about that comment that you highlighted in your survey-post, “I trust V.” How beautiful is that! I am so happy that all this love is coming your way.

    Have fun sweetheart, mwuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! 😀

    1. Oh my goodness…you’re so sweet, Anika. Aptly named, obviously. I care about you too. I can feel the power of your kindness and smile way over here in North America! Hugs and kisses right back to you!

  3. Dearest V,

    Thank you for your amazing posts. Your friend friday post is fabulous. As I am typing this, I am on my bed, not allowed to move (by doc’s order) and been disconnected with the world (our human world) and the blog world.

    Been feeling so much sadness coming out of me lately, my heart often feels like it’s being slowly sliced and minced…
    Sorry for the rant and please know that I wish you the loveliest weekend


    1. Deep and shallow…it is lovely to be that…I am so much like that. Will click these links open very soon! Thanks!

  4. best thing that happened to me: i traveled to greece! yay! i also added intense debate to my blog comments. still deciding if that was a good move. =P

    loving this photograph, holy wow it’s gorgeous. and i agree that disconnecting from time to time is a glorious thing. that’s how i felt during the majority of august. =)

  5. Glad to hear you are on a vacation! Hope you are having an amazing time. 🙂

    The best thing to happen this weekend was that I finally got around to re-doing my room! I’ve been in this room for 11 years now and I finally did some major spring cleaning, rearranging, buying new stuff, redecorating, etc. It looks SO much better now! 🙂

  6. Love the photo! Enjoy your vacation! I really didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend. I just need to rest today because I have job interview tomorrow.

    1. I LOVE THIS! The Internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it? So cool that you now have two new friends as a result. So inspiring!

  7. Hmm, I think the best thing that happened to me was I went out to dinner with my husband and my children. We had to wait a while for the food, but the kids were really well behaved, which makes me feel like I’ve actually been doing my job as a mother!
    Have a wonderful vacation! I hope your’e taking lots of photos to share with us.

  8. I’ve been feeling like I need to take a few days off to disconect from the internet and take some time for myself! I may have to follow suit.

  9. I hope you are having a fantastic time on holiday! We all need it sometimes.

    My boy and I have just spent an extended long weekend at a b&b in Byron bay celebrating our anniversary. We had the best time and I know what you mean about reconnecting. There is just something about spending time together, watching the sunrise and walking on the beach, that just means you don’t have a care in the world!

    1. Jasmine, thank you for sharing and thanks for your comment! Sounds like you had an amazing time. Hubby and I hit the beach ourselves and had an amazing dinner date at one of my favorite restaurants. The weather was perfect and I hardly looked at my watch. It is indeed so nice to walk on the beach without a care in the world!

  10. Awesome photo! The best thing that happend to me this weekend was not having any place in particular to go! I almost always spend my weekends running around like a mad women but this weekend, I was on chill mode! 🙂

  11. I don’t know when I was last on proper holiday, but my weekend has been something akin – with books, sweaters and harvest-scented candles. And frustrations with Blogger, and realizing my hosting company is going to charge me seventy bucks for another year of web space that’s too riddled with downtime to actually use… At least it started nicely!

    Have a marvelous time! xo

  12. best thing that happened to me this weekend: getting more sales and exposure!

    worst thing that happened to me this weekend: sudden drastic drop in temperature and the central heating has been switched off (3 degrees without a heater I tell you) and since its the weekend, no maintenance guy is going to come to turn on the heating system 🙁

    1. Yay for sales! Boo for bad weather! And no heating system! I’ve felt that before. No fun. Maybe find a nice friend with a warm place?

  13. That image belongs in a magazine! The dude an I joined my mama for some shopping this weekend. It was some lovely toddler/mama/grandmama bonding!

    1. Thank you Kristin! It’s always nice to have quality kid/grandmama/mama bonding. Really, THAT is what life is about. Thanks for sharing!

  14. You look beautiful here! I need a vacation terribly! Have a fabulous time!. I hope for one maybe after the holidays. As for disconnecting and re-connecting. I need to do so soon. Take an extended break from blogging and such. Get back in touch with the people around me, family friends, doggy.

    1. Thank you Monique! It was a little mini vacay, but so lovely. Try to squeeze one in for yourself, even if it’s just the weekend.

  15. You’re so gorgeous! Disconnecting from time to time is so necessary!

    The best thing that happened to me? Well, as you know I recently moved to ATL from CA where my ENTIRE family lives…well except an aunt and a cousin, that is. Today, I went to hang out with my aunt and my cousin (who I didn’t even know lived here!) for the first time since I got here. It was a GREAT TIME! I didn’t realize how much I missed the familiarity and love of family until I got there. It made ATL feel a little bit more like home.

    THANKS FOR ASKING! As I was typing this, I started smiling. 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you honey! I hadn’t realized you moved from CA…but how awesome to reconnect with family in ATL! It does make it a little easier. I know how it feels to be a looooooong way from home. It does get better, though.

      And thank YOU for answering. I so love your energy and positivity!

    1. Now THAT’S something I’ve never done…and how cool that they made it home before you did! How do they find their way home? Fascinating. Thank you for sharing, Terri!

  16. I was so connected re designing a new face for my website this weekend.. didn’t go anywhere.. and I loved it..
    this photo is very dramatic.. my camera would die to photograph that moment

    1. Thank you Lee! Yeah, I stepped into that space and couldn’t believe how incredible it was. And deserted too…lucky me!

      And let me just say that your work this weekend paid off. Your blog looks INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe you’re a blog newbie! You have come so far in such a short time.

  17. Was out in the West Country – kind of disconnecting in itself! Soon also off to Oz to disconnect for a couple of weeks too. I didn’t realise you’d married an Aussie BTW!
    Fab hat – location looks amazing where ever that is.

    1. Thank you V…ha…you’re the other V! Yes, I actually got married in Sydney and lived there for a bit. Love my Aussie hubby!

      Enjoy your time off too!

  18. Disconnecting and reconnecting are equally important. I have done a lot of both lately and it feels fantastic. The key is being in the moment and listening to your inner guidance. Sometimes you just need a break and that is ok.
    Those are the moments where inspiration occurs and the fine aha moments.
    What a fabulous photo of you. I hope you are enjoying your holiday.
    Xoxo Mish

    1. Mish, thanks for your comment! You’re right, you DO have to be in the moment. I’m learning to not compulsively check my iPhone every 10 minutes.

    1. Hi Piper, thanks for your comment. You are so right…it is easy to forget about the world out there. But Hubby’s pretty good at reminding me!

  19. It is important to renew our connection with our physical world, that’s how we stay ground. Hope you are enjoying your time recharging….

    This weekend I was given a ticket to a really big soiree at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. IT was a BLAST! So many great people to watch and so much fun hanging with friends. Lovely memories to savor.

    1. Hi love, thank you! I DID have a great little vacay. Thanks about the photo. Mom actually shot that one.

      Oooooh, your weekend sounds fun! Hope your new friend is keeper! It’s all about having fun…like you said, just see how it goes.

  20. This photo is gorgeous – it takes me back to my time in Asia….I so want to go back…!

    Yes, disconnecting is important and that is why I love traveling so much…Not only does it broaden the mind but you get to be yourself in a totally different environment (and you get to see me wearing flip flops and shorts ;))

    Where did you go missy?


    1. Thank you Lady Noix! I agree about the travel…just wish I had more time (and other people’s money) with which to do it!

  21. Late here. It’s because I’ve got the art of disconnect + reconnect on repeat (har har)

    BUT V!!! You look like you had a fabulous vacay!! This picture says it all…..are you sure you didn’t steal this from a magazine!?!?! The vantage point + scene…it’s gorgeous!!