Worker V: 1.2

This is how I take an almost sheer LBD to work. Opaque tights are a must, and instead of classic pumps, I threw on ankle boots. It was my first time doing an ankle boot with a dress in the office, but since I had no meetings, it went over.

You may have noticed that I wear a lot of black…in fact, to date, all black…in my Worker V posts. That’s because my base color is black, inside the office and out. I’ve found that black is a safe way to push office style boundaries a little. Can you imagine the dress below in red? It wouldn’t work. It’s almost too short for the office, but the black-on-black disguises it. Red—or any other color—would highlight the shorter length, and even with black tights, it would probably be too short.

The faux fur vest was perfect for a rainy, 65-degree day…and even with the rain, I am rejoicing about the fact that there won’t be any more 90+ degree days this year. After hours, I’ve worn this dress with black over-the-knee (OTK) boots, bare legs, and wild hair. I’m thinking it will also look sensational with my purple OTK boots (from WVW: Purple Reign). Stay tuned.

Country Road vest, Banana Republic dress, Ann Taylor belt, Target tights, Pelle Moda booties.


  1. You should wear heels every day to work.. You will over power your office..
    And I love you in black… lots a girls makes black look soft and you r one of them

  2. you look amazing Vahni! Such a classy and soultry look, I love it with all the different textures. Those shoes are amazing!! How strict is the dresscode at your workplace?

    love, Anika

  3. Whooaa those shoes are amazing! I wish I could walk around in such high heels all day long! And that’s so interesting about being able to get away with shorter hemlines wearing black on black – will definitely remember that for when I start working 🙂 Also I think the dress would look *awesome* with your OTK purple boots!

  4. You look wonderful in black. And your long slim legs allow you any length dress or skirt. I do agree with opaque tight to elongate the whole figure, no that you need it. Love the boots. It would be interesting to see you in red or me in black, he, he…
    I am also very glad that the heat is gone and we can get on with life.
    Un abrazo y mil besos guapísima V.

  5. Love this look!!! Thank you for your comment too, those totes are super awesome! : )
    Hope you had a lovely wknd hun and thank you as always for your super sweet tweets : ) xxxx

  6. These are great tips on pushing fashion boundaries at the office (again I think you could write a book!), you are so right about black on black here. Oh and I am experiencing MAJOR shoe envy!

  7. You’re so feeding my faux fur vest high that I’ve been having lately! LOL. You’re right about black and the office. Most of my work wardrobe is black because its the “office”” color and you’re right, you can push the fashion boundaries a bit with cute shoes (like the boots you have on!) or a trendy colored blazer.

  8. You are so right about the black. It makes things serious. This is a great office ensemble; it looks professional and yet there are so many great personal touches. I LOVE those booties. And your legs in them.

  9. Mmh AND I MUST add that between a certain “day to day SM CHIC” ‘vibrancy and their classical Timelessness’ aura these dark tones (ideally) are made to emphasize your porcelain skin’s sensuality AND to be a symbiosis with your jet black mane Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. That is certainly a most perfect LBD. I can never get enough of them myself. And those booties are YUM! I just got a foldover pair that I wear sans tights, but I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can rock those bad boys with legwear!

  11. You can’t go wrong with all black for work. Or all black for play. And it’s so simple to spice it up – all that is ever needed is one statement piece, like your vest here, or those purple over-the-knee boots you mentioned. Someone else mentioned that this look is sultry while still being professional. I agree, and it’s especially sultry in that shot where your back is turned toward us and you are looking over your shoulder. That shot should be on your next round of Moo Cards!

  12. i love your work style. and your points are so true. this dress in red would be a definite no no for the office. red in general isn’t so much a work environment color unless it’s in small doses.

  13. This is why I love your blog, V! Usable advice. I’m always trying to figure out what kind of outfits “work” professionally–and it’s hard during the change of season! You’re right about the color changing everything. It would sure be a different look in red!

  14. I’m so loving these cropped fur vests right now. I found a perfect one at a local vintage store but at over $300 I just couldn’t splurge on it. Did you wear the vest to the office too?

    1. Hi Heather, I absolutely did wear the vest to the office. I wear all my little furries to the office.

      There are sooooo many fur vests out there now, both real and faux, that are well below the $300 mark. Keep looking. I even saw a cute black one at Old Navy yesterday!

  15. The different textures of the fur, your hair and the booties all make for a very (hot) and interesting look!

  16. Wow, as always, you make work almost worth dressing up for, except my office is so small and I move around so much that a skirt could never work!

    1. Hey Miss ED, thank you. We all have to dress for our environments, you know?

      I’m sure if I lived in NYC and had to walk to the train and from there to work, I’d probably wear 5-inch heels a whole lot less! I’m lucky (and it’s by design) that I park in a nice little deck right beside my building, so I’m never in the elements, and never walk far. I love that I can wear any shoes I want to work!

  17. Love this look. I am on the hunt for an affordable faux fur vest! Great call on the boots. What I love about this look is that it can EASILY go from day to night! fabulous!

  18. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is the belt – a chunky thick belt that complements the heavier shoe. This wouldn’t work it was a skinny or even a standard.