Sunday Coffee: Etro, Art, and Appearex

The Cream

Heather, of Heather’s Design Blog, recently published a post entitled Lindsay Lohan in handcuffs and Louboutins. Before you start thinking it’s a rant on the misguided youth/celebrities/Millenials/Gen Y/whatever of today, let me assure you it is not.  Like Heather, I  couldn’t give a flying fig about the trials and tribulations of La Lohan.

No, this is a post about the amazing courtroom sketches of Linds—that are more fashion than doco—by artist Mona Shafer Edwards. Behold:

AP Photo/Mona Shafer Edwards. Images via

And Heather’s no slouch herself. Another lady with skillz…check her latest sketch Inspired by Jason Wu:

Drawing by Heather. Image via


You know how there’s a blog called Because I’m Addicted? Well, because I’m addicted to Meg’s art, here’s another amazing illustration from The Jersey Gem herself—of none other than dynamite bloggerista Giselle of Style of a Fashionista. Two faves in one hit. Love it.

Jump on over to Giselle’s blog and check out Quick Change to see the photo that inspired the illustration.

Drawing by Meg. Image via

Ladies, I remain awestruck by your talent!


The Sugar

Etro FW 2010 recap by Prêt à Porter P. If I were a collection, this would be me. Swooning. Dying. Thanks, PPP, for reminding us that it’s autumn—not spring—and that Etro kicks a**. Talk about sweet.

Image via


Nails Appearex Right Before Your Eyes
Y’all know I’m all about the nails. I’ve been honing my tried-and-true formula for long-lasting natural nail manis for years. If you missed my tips on growing (and maintaining) your tips, watch my Friend Friday: Nail(ed) vlog pronto.

I have mentioned that I take Biotin supplements for strong, healthy hair and nails—both are extremely important to me, as they are my greatest (and most obvious) accessories. Thanks to my mother, I recently stumbled upon the mother of all hair and nail supplements: Appearex, which is a special, super dose of Biotin. I’ve been taking Biotin for years, but since I started taking Appearex almost two months ago, I’m noticing some serious improvements. My hair is feeling thicker and looks shinier, and my nails…they are crazy long and strong!

My natural nails photographed last Wednesday. Polish: You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI. Ring on right by Mars & Valentine.

Before I started taking Biotin and keeping my nails polished, I experienced a lot of breaks, especially in winter. This stuff seriously works…it was recommended to a friend of my mother’s by her derm. After reading lots of positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to give it a try, and I am totally hooked. Biotin by any other name is absolutely NOT the same.

I ordered my stash of Appearex (more cheaply than buying locally) through, which also delivers internationally. I paid $23.99 USD for a 12-week supply. If you’re interested, Google for the best bargain and/or for promo codes. You can also pick it up at Walgreens and CVS in the U.S.


  1. As someone who’s Lindsay’s age, we are not TECHNICALLY millennials! Those are people who are 18-20 right now. I’ve only been using the internet since I was 12, whereas millennials came out of the womb twittering. JK but you get me!

  2. Great, you are the best of every Sunday morning.
    I do love the drawings of these talented ladies. I new them already, but it is never too much of a good thing.
    About Etro, what to say???? wonderful, smart and stylish, and very you.
    About the nails.
    I was always very surprised by the important that nails are for more American women, well at least the ones I have met.
    Perphaps you could explain…
    Have a super Sunday my beauty.
    Te abrazo siempre.

  3. wow, i’m really loving those lindsay in the courtroom sketches. there’s definitely something about them that’s both beautiful yet oddly unnerving.

    and i always love meg’s drawing from jersey gem, she’s great. i just started getting back into drawing myself now that summer is officially over and i need to start boning up for school. =P

    hmmm, biotin… i’m intrigued.

  4. Love the fashion illustrations! I’m all about nails, too! I haven’t put on nail polish on my hands in a while. I guess the summer made me pay attention more to my feet than my hands in my world. Anyway, I really need to get back into wearing nail polish 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh I am speechless! Thank you so much. What a happy Sunday morning surprise. And thanks for the nail suggestions too. The polish on my toes lasts weeks, but on my hands I’ll be lucky if it stays more than a few days.

  6. Oh V you do spoil me!!!
    I love heather’s drawing too, it’s so delicate! 🙂
    & what a great tip for the nails, I’m not sure I’ve heard of that before but will have to look out for it as mine probably could do with strengthening! Also..really love the way you edited the photos of your nails – very swish! haha
    Thanks again V! You’re amazing!

    1. And you spoil us with all your beautiful surprise illustrations!

      The nails…”swish”…love that. I need to incorporate that into my vocab.

  7. “Flying fig!” ha ha I love it. I’m going to use that. Heather’s blog is a great source of inspiration to me. She’s one talented lady with a keen eye! Maybe I’ll sign up for those drawing classes tonight.

    Thanks for the Appearix tip. I’m definitely going to try that. My dishwasher has been out of service for weeks and I know I’m being a princess but my nails are seriously suffering from it. They could use a little maintenance! Your nails are gorgeous by the way. Swoon worthy! xx

    1. Ms. Brooke, don’t tell me you’ve never heard “flying fig” before! Ah, one of the blessings of the great South. The colloquialisms are priceless.

  8. Heather has been on a roll lately. Great illustrations always, but I love her recent blog about Moo cards, in which you are mentioned. So lottsa cream in my coffee.

    That purse by Etro, wowzahs. I want.

  9. Oh those drawings are fabulous! Makes me wish I could draw sometimes! But they are awesome and thanks for a putting a girl on!

    That Etro dress is stunning and I’m really going to look into the Biotin. Though my hair is getting better because I’m not processing nearly as much as I did, my nails have always been a problem. You would think I was a nail biter because they just refuse to grow! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  10. Biotin is awesome! After I started taking it, my hairdresser was amazed at how long my roots grew between appointments. I guess that’s the one down side – I can’t stretch out getting my hair dyed as long as I used to!

  11. Thank you all for your comments…glad you enjoyed this post and for those of you who indicated that you may try Appearex, I hope you find it as miraculous as I have!

  12. I was just looking at my nails wondering why in the world they are so horrible 80% of the time. Now I need to go out and buy this supplement and see if it helps. Thanks for the tip – Katy

    1. Wow! Hi Mona, welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a little note. You are enormously talented and I love that your talents are being utilized in more than one area. Good for you!

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