My Moo Mini (Business) Cards

UPDATE: Get 15% off your entire order at Moo when you enter this promo code: ZQW3QW.

In my last Sunday Coffee post, I mentioned these fab little business cards from Moo that Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly had ordered, that prompted me to order some of my own. Some of you asked to see them. Well, they’re in, and I absolutely love them…don’t you?

Not only are Moo MiniCards easy to make and order online, the quality and overall presentation are superior. Two thumbs up from me. All my future business cards, even those of the more traditional ilk, will be coming from Moo.


    1. Thanks Terri. The number of photos varies…you can have less images with multiples of each card, or more images, with only one or two of each card. I ordered 400 cards—25 different images, 5 cards of each.

  1. WOW! How long ago did you order them? I would really like to get some myself, but I just bought some business cards for my blog, so I’m not ready to reorder yet.

    I love them.

  2. These are so cute! Actually I remember someone giving me a mini business card like this a while back. It’s a great idea as the smaller size stands out — it made me remember the one I was given! Do they take long to get in the mail after you order them?

  3. Thank you all for your comments! They are kind of like trading cards, aren’t they! If only we could send them to each other online and save on postage.

    For those of you who are interested, I’ve added a promo code at the top of the post for 15% your order.

  4. Ahh!!! I got mine last week too!!! I’m pending a post about them, but I have to say I just LOVE them. Such a great little way to spread the word. – Katy

  5. These are so great! I want one! By that I mean that I eventually want to make my own, but right now in this moment I want one of yours. I think I’ll start collecting bloggers Moo cards! You look gorgeous and the quality is amazing. Everyone should get these. This is the type of business card that people really take notice of. Plus, I love that they throw in the key chain! xx

  6. I’ve heard of moo cards before but have never seen any in real-life yet – love the concept, and i love how yours look. The professional packaging doesn’t hurt either. And I agree with what other have said – they are like blogger trading cards! LOL

    I think these are great for personal style bloggers. I don’t know if I could really use them for my blog, unless I just put my logo on the back. Something to consider….


  7. I too love Moo! I ordered cards from them a few months ago and I get compliments all the time. I have been working on a blog post involving business cards. It’ll be out on Friday. I put a link to your post in my post. I hope that’s OK with you.

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