Sunday Coffee: Business Cards, Bracelets, and Blog Love

The Cream

Getting Down to Business (Cards)
This week I read two great posts on business cards, from two totally on-top-of-it bloggeristas. I have some super-simple cards myself, but Kristina’s post, My Tiny Business Cards, on Pretty Shiny Sparkly prompted me to order a set that is a little more memorable. Do check out her post to see her adorable (and professional) cards.

Moo Mini Cards. Image from

Of course, immediately after I submitted my order, I stumbled across Tamia’s post, How to: Design a Simple Business Card, on The Style Sample and I thought this is a theme this week I need to share.

Why do you need business cards? Tamia answered this question in her post quite nicely:

1. It’s a tangible representation of a person and their brand.
2. It serves as a reminder for forgetful people. *coughmecough*
3. It’s like a little piece of art in your purse or pocket.
4. It makes you look professional.

Be sure you check out Tamia’s post (and killer blog) for great graphics and pointers. Here are a few of my own tips as well:

  • Include your blog name, Web address and Twitter user name, if you have one.
  • You don’t necessarily have to put your blog email address on your cards. I don’t since there is an email link on my blog.
  • Don’t include your name on your cards if you plan to use them guerilla-marketing style. If you only include the name of your blog and URL, you can “leave” them at events or relevant locations to help boost traffic to your blog. I prefer separate cards for personal correspondence that include my name, mobile number, and personal email address.
  • Remember that stationary and supplies like business cards are a tax-deductible business expense if you treat your blog as such.


Justina Leigh Stackables
(of My Glamourology) is one talented little lady—and I’m not the only one who thinks so. I had this post queued from Wednesday, but A Brit Greek also posted a fab interview with Monique last Friday. Not only do I completely adore the style and sketches of this budding tween designer, I’m kinda crushin’ on her chunky Justina Leigh Stackables. Leave it to me to love anything with a chain, handcuff, or a spike. What can I say? I’m not a softie.

The bracelets are $70 for the set of three, or $27 each. You can totally expect to see me rockin’ one on the blog very soon… I just received my bracelet today and I love it! Get yours from the Justina Leigh Etsy shop.

Justina Leigh Stackables. Images courtesy of

And while we’re on the subject of Monique’s skillz, had to share her sketches with you. Love!

Sketches by Monique. Images courtesy of
Sketches by Monique. Images courtesy of


The Sugar

Aw, thanks, y’all!
A big thank you to these fantabulous bloggeristas for the Sunshine Award bestowed upon me this week:

I truly appreciate the kind words you wrote about me, as well as the recognition.

A while ago I wrote that I would no longer pass on awards as stipulated because I read too many great blogs to single them out this way. I also wrote that I feel the best way to spread blog love is to mention stellar posts in my Sunday Coffee series, and to re-tweet posts that resonate with me. Doesn’t mean I’m not deeply appreciative! I just choose to take a different approach.

Happy Sunday, lovelies!


  1. Hi lovely,
    A great Sunday round-up as always. I had business cards made for my old blog, but when I started Leia’s Delights a few months ago, I didn’t know whether or not I was going to stick with it so held off on making cards. But now you’re getting me all excited about it! Off to read those posts now! 🙂

  2. Hey love! I love biz cards by moo, especially the mini size- they’re also inexpensive too and very versatile. I’m in a similar place to Leia, my blog’s not at the place where it is yet, so I too am holding off. Great minds clearly think alike! Love Monique stackables too! This is one fab round up post as usual hun!
    Have a relaxing and fun weekend!

  3. I always look forward to Sunday mornings to see what you will be bringing.
    Such a joy to have my Yorkshire tea while I read your post. A real pleasure in my life.
    -I make my own card , very simple I have to sow you one of these days.
    – Lovely yewelry. I adore the sketches, I envy so much people who can draw…
    – I completely agree with you with the not passing on awards: it is great to get ithem, but to choose is also to exclude.
    Have a super Sunday.
    Are you posting less now?????

  4. I really need to make better looking business cards. When I made my first batch of business cards, I was in college. So, I had some heavy duty paper and I made a template in a Word Document. They were okay, but I still want to have ones that look better. Anyway, This post is very helpful and I am going to start to think about a new design of my business cards. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the roundup of helpful thoughts on blogger business cards. I’ve been thinking seriously of investing the twenty-odd bucks to get a handful made at MOO — not because I think of my blog as a business yet, but because I want to seem more professional when I ask to photograph shops, or if I get up the courage to ask stylin’ passers-by for some street fashion shots. They’ll also be helpful when I meet potential friends of similar mind in my area, at the library, my daughter’s art classes, etc. — people I’d really like to get in touch with me socially in the future. Easier than trying to scribble my contact info on a leaf from the little Hello Kitty notepad in my purse. :-b

  6. I just checked out Kristina’s mini business cards and they are the cutest things ever. What a great way to incorporate your outfit posts into your brand. It gives the cards more of a personal flair. Monique is one incredibly talented lady and she’s got great taste to boot. Those bracelets completely fit into my style aesthetic as well and I can’t wait to see you rock them! xx

  7. I have been thinking about getting those business cards …. Saw them one a couple of blogs. Very tempting. Love Monique’s jewelry. She is so great with sketches.

  8. More good reading to do. I do have blogger business cards, but I just KNOW I’ve got lots to learn…so off I go to read some posts.

    Happy late Sunday to you too, dear V! xo.

  9. I’m planning to make a business card soon as well, since I just set up my etsy shop and website and all, thanks for the tip!

    PS:yes, monique is an amazing girl!

  10. I have some really good business card and their are very important into the fashion work.
    You always have some frech ideas for us.
    thank u
    have a fab week ahead gorgeous..

  11. aw hell. Justina Leigh COMPLETELY deserves the accolades for her amazing jewelry……it’s just i worry that her meteoric rise to fame will obscure my small-to-begin-with chances of snappin’ up one of her tasty little pieces…….bad, selfish steph!! ; ) Go J. L.!

  12. Thanks for all the business card info! Going to check out The Style Sample shortly. I have been trying to figure out what to do about blog business cards. I don’t think I need them quite yet, but hopefully one day!

    Also – thank you for the info on Monique’s blog and jewelry line. Between you and A Brit Greek, I think her etsy shop will be swamped with orders (mine included)!

    And congrats on the blog award, much deserved as always!