WVW: Gaga Edition*

So here are the pleather leggings I recently told you about, worn to see Lady Gaga. I think they’re my new favorite wardrobe addition. Totally cannot wait until it gets cooler…I have so many plans for these babies!  

*WVW = What V Wore
Xhiliration tank top, Mossimo leggings, Aldo boots, LOFT clutch

So Gaga was great, of course, but before I get to her, I have to tell you a little story. Please bear with me. It’s worth it.  

See my lovely sparkly eyelashes in the shot below? (I don’t have a better shot because I was already running late when I snapped these photos—but they had little sparkly dots glued on them.) I have never used false eyelashes before. About a month ago while in Sally Beauty Supply, I was seized by some crazy drag queen buying frenzy in which I purchased a wax pot and related supplies (for home waxing), a couple pairs of false eyelashes, adhesive, some contraption for putting them on—and I would have also taken home hair extensions if they hadn’t been sold of of the clip-in kind. Because I need hair extensions, right? Anyway.  


Lashes of Love

In my infinite wisdom, I decide the very first time I would rock my false lashes would be for the Gaga concert. So here I am, lash virgin, with my adhesive and lashes and a lofty vision of some fantastic Pat McGrath-esque outcome. I dip the lashes in adhesive and attempt to apply to my right eye. But I cannot seem to get them lined up. These are false lashes, I think, not rocket science. I pull them up and try again. The truth, I suddenly realize, is that I totally suck at this. I start to get frustrated and begin to sweat, and I’m losing valuable time.  

Hubby hears and sees my frustration and—to my surprise—offers to help me. He takes the lashes and dips them in the adhesive again. “Now stay still,” he says, and I close my eye and he applies the first half. Perfectly. Then he gets the other one set up and applies it as well. But there wasn’t enough  glue in the inner corner, so it’s lifting. He shushes me and again admonishes me to still myself while he applies a dab of glue with a Q-tip and tweezers. I look in the mirror and I can’t believe that my husband—big tough guy, so not even close to Mr. Metrosexual—has just put on my first set of false lashes. I’m a total drag queen failure! And I immediately fall a little more in love with him.  

You’d think the story would end there, wouldn’t you? Well, it didn’t. Remember my Pat McGrath-esque vision? I want more. So I take out my sparkling black MAC eyeshadow and proceed to apply it to the lid of my right eye. Suddenly I see spots. Not in my vision…on my eyelid. God. There are little drops of dried glue on my eyelid that were previously invisible until they acted as a barrier against my shadow. Try as I might, I cannot fix the spots. It’s a total disaster.  

My frustration is now even higher and I peel off my lashes and grab a wipe and proceed to remove all the makeup. Hubby is not happy that I’ve destroyed his work. I finally get my eye cleaned up and go to reapply the lashes. Only they won’t stick—and—my irritated eyelid is now on FIRE from the chemicals in the adhesive. I’m really whingeing now. Time is ticking. I haven’t even done my hair yet. Hubby shoos me away from my own eye. He takes over and reapplies the lashes on my right eye and tells me to leave it alone, once and for all. And I do. Hubby, lash man extraordinaire, saved me—and my lashes stayed put the entire night.  

The Monster Ball

Lashes in place, boots on, hair blown, I head to meet my gal pal for the concert, and what a spectacular array of eccentricities it is. It goes without saying that Lady Gaga puts on a killer show. She rocked it. Totally worth the money, even if only for the people watching.  

I only had my iPhone and could not properly capture the fantastic freak show that is the Monster Ball—the fans—but here is one snap I managed to take with an outrageously fun group. The atmosphere was so open and electric that I almost couldn’t believe where I was. I had such a good time.  

Below is a snippet of video from the concert as well, if you are interested. I didn’t shoot it, but it’s pretty good close-up of Gaga, in all her macabre glory.  


  1. i adore this freakin’ post!!!!!!! your story is so funny. it made me smile and laugh so many times. your hubby is amazing. can i borrow him for my fake eyelash adventures as well? because much like you, i suck at it. truly, truly suck. i keep telling myself “practice makes perfect.” but i haven’t practiced in over a year. i’m scared. =P

    the gaga concert, wow!!!! it sounds like so much fun but the video won’t load for me to watch and i’m sad about it! i will check back later. =)

    happy monday darling!

    1. Ha!!! You’re funny. So I don’t feel quite so lame since I can’t even put false eyelashes on myself.

      Hope the vid loaded…her voice is exactly the same live as it is recorded.

      Happy Monday to you too, doll!

      1. yes! it loaded! i watched it! so awesome!!!! god i want to see lady gaga live so badly. what was up with the stuff on her boobs though? in the vid it looks like she’s gotten implants that are trying to explode out her cleavage. …just saying…

  2. Those leggings are awesome! And I love that your husband had to help you with the false eyelashes. So cute! I don’t think my hubby would ever offer to help!

    1. Thanks Suze! I know…Hubby’s surprising like that. I think it’s because he likes to fix things. Hang blinds, repair a gate, put on wifey’s false eyelashes…all in a day’s work.

  3. I can’t stop laughing about your fake eye lashes.. Don’t trust in crazy drag queens. They are crazy as.
    You need a gay makeup artist friend in your life.

    Glad you liked Gaga’s show coz last year I went to see her and I loved it

    1. HA! Now I’M the one laguhing! I DO need a gay makeup artist friend in my life. There are a couple at the local MAC counter I should befriend. Aren’t you a smart cookie?! Mwah!

      Yeah, you know Gaga rocks. Awesome!

  4. I love your leggings, but then again you have long slim legs that will look good in anything, still a super buy…
    I cannot stop laughing with the eye lashes carry on. Not many husband would do that, I tell you, he, he, he.
    I adore lady Gaga.I like rule breakers a lot…
    Your posts are always a bonus to the day.
    Un abrazo guapa!!!

  5. OMG, what a great story. Your husband sounds like a keeper! (he doesn’t have a cute, single brother, does he?! LOL) It’s funny you posted this because I was just on Sephora’s website looking at false eyelashes last night. I have only worn them once (for a charity fashion show) and someone else put them on. I have a fear of pulling out all my real eyelashes while trying to get them off! Love those leggings – they look great for faux leather!

    I missed the Gaga concert when she was in Cleveland, but heard it was a great show. I think she’d be a lot of fun to see live. I don’t always like some of the things she does (meat dress!), but there is no denying that as an artist she’s got mad skills!

    1. Hi honey…he IS a keeper! He does have a cute single brother…waaaaaay Down Under…

      I had the same fear with the lashes, that I’d destroy mine in the removal process. Thank goodness they were OK.
      After I use the other set I bought, I am DONE with them. What a pain in the you-know-what!

  6. Aaaw AND I Have to say that I widely prefer your personal Lady Gaga’s Tribute than the Dance Diva ‘s usual stylish eccentricity Dear !!!! Especially the way these “perfectly in harmony with your jet black mane” pleather leggings tend to adorn you on such an electrifying aura, between “day to day SM CHIC and Dark GLAMorous’ spontaneous tropism” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Girl those pleather babies rock!!! You look uber hot in them! I can’t believe what a Godsend your hubster is! Brilliant! That’s like a gazillion brownie points he’s scored!
    You’ll have to keep wearing those sparkly lashes! Glad you had a top time at Gaga!

  8. omg what a frustrating story! haha luckily your big strong husband was able to help you out…now that’s true love right there! you look great and im glad you were able to go and have fun, it looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  9. Your husband gets awesome brownie points for the lashes!! That’s awesome and they looked great! The leggings are awesome and perfect for the Gaga concert! I’m so glad you had fun! 🙂

  10. I love your outfit, your photos and your story. Your husband sounds amazing. Mine used to color my hair for me, but he’s never applied false eyelashes – but then I haven’t tried that in years.

  11. Firstly, I love what you wore – fierce but not over the top.
    The first few times I wore false eyelashes I failed miserably too, it really is tricky! I’m shocked that your husband A) offered to help & B) managed to get it right! There’s no way my man would even attempt that!
    Sounds like a fantastic evening! I’m still gutted I missed her show here 🙁

    1. Thank you doll! I was pretty shocked myself…but he really does like to fix things…practically anything! And he’s so good at it.

      Hopefully you’ll catch her next go round. You’d love the show.

  12. You look so fab! The boots + leggings combo is mad lovely. Your traumatic experience aside, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who isn’t a routine false eyelash wearer. I just picked up my first pair a few weeks ago. What’s amazing is that the day after I got them I tried applying them – it took me a few attempts, but it worked! – and I swear I haven’t been able to get them on ever since. Beginner’s luck, I guess? I’ve just stopped trying now. Kudos to your hubs for saving the day! I guess I need to add that to my list of requirements for my future husband…

  13. Best story ever!!! Your husband is a doll!!! You look amazing as usual and I’m lovin’ the falsies and the pleather pants!! So yummy! I’m totally addicted to your blog, there just so much variety!!
    xo M

  14. Ha! I love your story. So funny yet so sweet. Perhaps your husband missed his true calling!! When I used to have bangs I would get my boyfriend to cut them all the time. He’s a big chemistry buff and is always doing experiments that involve a keen eye and steady hand so it came naturally to him. You all look beyond fabulous! xx

    1. Apparently you’re not alone in the hair help department! I love it! It’s those little things that keep us bonded, though, you know?

      Thanks honey!

    1. Ha! Thank you Tamia. You just gave me a wicked little idea!

      I know you are super busy, so I appreciate the time you took to pop by and leave me a comment. I’m such a fan of your site and graphics prowess. You are one smart (and talented and gorgeous) cookie.

  15. Loved your story! There is no way I’d let my boyfriend come near me with a pot of glue – he’d end up glueing my lips together to shut me up lol

    Oh and those boots are fab and totally made for rocking. I have heard that the Gaga shows are amazing indeed, glad you had a gaga time!


  16. First of all… OMG, you look hot! I’ve been watching those leggings at Target waiting for them to go on sale (as everything at Target always does) and I think I have those same boots from Aldo. Hmmmm, if you happen to see me rocking something similar, you’ll know why. I promise to make it my own though.

    On the lashes, boy oh boy, have I been there! I tried a pair of sparkly lashes for halloween one year. Let’s just say that is one beauty treatment I’ll be leaving to the professionals. My old roommate use to wear them all the time, but I could never get them to stay on right. Oh well!

    Oh, and I totally know how you feel about beauty supply trips gone overboard! There is always so much stuff that I “need” when I go to the beauty supply! After all, they are selling beauty, right? Lol 🙂

    Eboni Ife’

    p.s. I can’t wait to hear the hubby’s review of The Vortex!

    1. Thank you Eboni! Don’t you LOVE those boots! They’re like one of my all-time favorite acquisitions. If you rock something similar, I could only be flattered. You have great style!

      Yeah, the lashes. I’m so stunned that they’ve actually been difficult for the MAJORITY and not the reverse. I really never had any idea. They’re fun, but you can’t wear sunglasses with them, either! I think I’m pretty sure that once I use my other two sets. I’m done with them.

      When we finally get to ATL, I’ll definintely let you know what we thought. I want to go to the Georgia Aquarium too.

      Thanks for your awesome comment, honey!

  17. I would love to see Gaga just to see the spectacle and to get my money’s worth which I’m sure her concert would give. Great story about the lashes. More power to hubbies for putting up with all of us!!

  18. Hey! Thanks for stopping by earlier. Your comment was very sweet, and I very much so appreciated it.
    I am sooo jealous you got to go see Lady Gaga. I LOVE her!

  19. hottie!
    I saw Gaga here in Houston in July, her show was amazing, I would go watch her again.

    I love that your husband helped with your eyelashes! I’ve had mine help me too, I think they like to help 😉
    Oh and next time just apply heavy eyeliner where the faux lash line is, that usually helps.

    p.s. oh and I want your leggings!

    1. Thanks Vanessa…she was fantastic! I’d definitely see her again, just for the people-watching alone.

      HA!!! Love that your hubby helped with your lashes as well. Too cool. I agree that they DO like to help. Mine picked out my polish color this week and just told me he prefers that my mani and pedi match…who knew?!

  20. oh at last someone else who cant use bloody false eyelashes the amount of money I have wasted and even the guys at the MAC dept at work have given me lesson after lesson and I still cant get them on. You are soooo lucky that your hubby can do it for you that is amazing and weird at the same time.

    Your outfit is gorgeous my kind of style and I am loving those boots work so well with the pleather leggings you look awesome hun xoxo

    1. Giselle, you’re so sweet. You know I am such a fan of your style…I mentioned you in my last Friend Friday post. I think you have a sick wardrobe and an amazing eye.

  21. OMG, I felt for you putting on those lashes! I have never had luck putting on any false lashes, and know that horrible feeling when you are running late and everything is going wrong! That was sweet of your hubby to help you…he rocks!!!

    1. Oh, honey, you so nailed the description of that feeling. That’s exactly what was happening. And I agree that hubby rocks! He totally saved me.

      Thanks for your comment!

  22. WOW WOW WOW, I LOVE your sparkly lashes and your pleather leggings, most of all I miss reading your blog, time to catch up :), wishing you Love & Happiness always babe, XOXO, j

  23. awwww you must be so frustrated with those false lashes! i do not know how other girls do it! but your hubby was real sweet =) and i envy you for going to a lady gaga concert!

    have a nice weekend x

  24. Those leggings are pretty fierce! I’m really looking forward to seeing what else you do with them. Also, I’m wish ya, fake eyelashes are hard!! I’ve never been able to do it. I always end up running late and totally stressed out and quitting on the eyelashes. I’m impressed with the hubbys ability to get them on. Although that doesn’t do much for my ego!!

    1. Hey Becca, thanks, hon! They do take practice. Fortunately, I have pretty good lashes already, so after I use my last two sets…I’m done!

  25. Baaahahaha! That’s hilarious. I had a mini movie going on in my head as I read this. OF COURSE your husband would know how to properly apply the false lashes… it’s seriously like something out of a movie (or probably, a sitcom).

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