Sunday Coffee: Style Underdog, Pleather, and a Kicka** Manifesto

The Cream

This week, Beverly (our fearless Style Underdog), perfectly illustrated:

  1. The scrunched socks with booties trend.
  2. The 80/20 clothing/skin ratio for work attire.
  3. How to look hot-as over age 40, at work, in a knee-length dress.
  4. How to simultaneously (and seamlessly) give multiple shouts out to our StyleNation.

Rock on, mama. I worship at your sock-and-boot-shod feet.

Photos, Photo editing by yours truly.


As long as we’re rockin’ on, I must share a recent purchase scooped from Girlcrack Central: The Mossimo® Black: Women’s Faux Leather Legging. Yes, they are faux, and yes, they rock. Y’all know I’m not a fan of faux leather, but I have to tell you that this pair looks hot on, and the stretchy inseam panel not only keeps them from looking totally cheap, it keeps you from sweating your a** off. Bonus.

Skinny leather leggings are popping up in ads all over the place for fall, and while I’d rather have a pair of $395 Andrew Marc leather skinnies hanging in my closet, I needed a hit of leather, and fast. For $29.99, this pair served me well when I WORE THEM TO SEE GAGA!!!

Check back this week to see how I styled them and to read more about my lash fiasco and the fabulous Monster Ball that is a Lady Gaga show.


The Sugar

From Ashe Mishchief of Dramatis Personae and Neahle Jones of Style Saveur, who both shared the invigorating Holstee Manifesto on their blogs this week:

Holstee Manifesto. Source:


Fianlly, I removed my Bloglovin’ widget and created a new Blogroll page. I wanted to pare down my right rail and make it easier for everyone to see my ever-growing reading list—which includes some blogs that are not on Bloglovin’. If you’re not currently a follower and you like my content, get on over to BLOGLOVIN’ and add me to your list…it’s the easiest way to keep up with your favorite blogs!

And of course, if I’m on your blogroll or Bloglovin’ list and you’re not on mine, please let me know!  I believe in supporting my fellow bloggers and creating a nurturing, inclusive community.


  1. I was missing you today. I woke up and ther was not V for Sunday coffeee, he, he.
    I love the Manifesto who wouldn´t agree?? : Brilliant.
    -I am so glad that we are all in your blog roll. Much better.
    I will have a good look at everybody´s blog eventually he, he.
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  2. “The 80/20 clothing/skin ratio for work attire.” This is a perfect way to describe how much skin to show at work! I never thought of it like this. I just started my corporate job, so I’m going to remember this rule.

  3. That manifesto was exactly what I needed this morning. I’m definitely saving that and printing it off so that I can keep it handy to read from time to time. Also, your blogroll is such a great idea. When I started my new blog I installed the bloglovin’ widget to save some time in the beginning but I’ve been meaning to do a proper list for awhile now. I think it’s so important to show your love and support of others in the blogging community. We’re all in this together! Happy Sunday. xx

    1. Hi lovely, thank you! My blogroll page has been a long time comin’…but I agree, we should support each other. I know I am so appreciative of your support!

  4. That manifesto is amazing, I’ve been seeing it around a lot recently and it just touches me every time I read it.

    I love Beverley’s dress – it’s got such an awesome mod vibe.

  5. Hahahahahahaha Oh V! Well, good morning to you too. What a surprise…nice photo editing, I look lika a real superhero. There is so much awesomeness in this post. I’m going back to reread. Thanks so much my friend on the other coast. Hope all is well.

  6. I agree with and or love everything in this post. What a great manifesto. Bloglovin’ really is the best way to follow a blog. When doesn’t Beverly look amazing? Your photo editing only enhances her awesomeness!

  7. Sweet, sweet Sunday coffee, V! (Though, to be honest, I’m reading over evening wine – but whatev’s.) Style Underdog totally rocked that ensemble, and I am excited to see it, again, here.

    And oh, yeah. You made me want the pleather pants. Even though I promised myself – after an unfortunate night of sauna-like dancing in the late 90s – that I would NEVER wear plastic pants, again. You may be right: the panels on the sides could really make these babies work.

  8. Totally with you on Style Underdog. I love her looks! She rocks it every time and best of all its realistically priced. I love blogs with designer digs of course but reality is some down to earth inspiration is worth more! Anyway I have Vogue for all that designer fun! hehe and I love the pleather pants! Although my giant sized Spanish booty wont allow me to wear em! hahaha cant wait to see some yummy looks with them!
    xoxo M

    1. Um, Monique, I’ve seen your photos. If I can get my giant Greek booty in those pants, you can get your (definitely smaller) Spanish booty in them!

  9. Love that manifesto/poster. Re: the previous post, I totally agree, all my outfits are stuff from my closet that I’ve worn that day or at some point somewhere. To buy a costume or outfit just for the blog doesn’t make sense does it?

  10. I lol’d at this :”the stretchy inseam panel not only keeps them from looking totally cheap, it keeps you from sweating your a** off. Bonus.” Too true, these things can feel like a sauna at times. Oh and bring on your Gaga outfit photos lady !!!xx

    1. That’s awesome…you know, that’s kind of my intention. To share more of what’s going on with people who might not know. We ALL bring something to the table!

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