WVW: GwenAudreyJean*

This is the kind of look you get when you take a little bit of Jean Seberg, throw in a dash of Audrey Hepburn, and then spike the recipe with some yummy mummy Gwen Stefani:

It’s all classics—a striped tee, black cropped pants, red lipstick—but kicked up. That’s how I like it.

Jean Seberg, Gwen Stefani, Audrey Hepburn. Photo source below.*

*WVW = What V Wore
LOFT shirt, Banana Republic pants, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne gold spike bracelets, Aldo Wedges, Juicy Couture sunnies.

*Images sourced from the following sites; original source and photographers unknown:

  • http://www.dottieblive.com/iamdottieb/tag/gwen-stefani
  • http://thehipsterho.me/tag/jean-seberg/
  • http://www.allaboutyou.com/hair-beauty/Fabulous-film-fashion%2Bsabrina/gallery


    1. Thank you Keith!

      Looking forward to hearing more about your big decision. Sometimes, even when we HATE it, change can be an amazing catalyst for an even better, more fulfilling life.

  1. Simply Luxurious
    No Guilt
    Style Odyssey

    Thank you all for your sweet comments! I do appreciate them very much.

  2. Love this on you V, classic but with a touch of attitude!

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them 🙂
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately (I have been reading!), not quite back to my usual self just yet.

  3. Monique
    La Historiadora de Moda

    Thank you all so much for your comments! I’m still surprised by how well-received this simple outfit was. It’s nice to have so many people in my corner!

  4. I have the spikes, I need the shoes and the silhouette 🙂

    I love how you rock the stripes in a funky way – they can easily grannify people (me included) but the spikes and groovy shoes make it modern.

    Google “Obelix” and you’ll see what i look like in stripes 😉 xx

  5. Hi V!
    Yes, I found you again!!
    Sorry for the confusion. What I meant to say is that I started blogging a month ago,I thought I added you to the list of sites I visit everyday, but never received an email notification that you had new posts.
    I have since learned how to use the feature, and I too, have added you!!

    Thanks for tracking me down:)

    Hope you are having a good day!

  6. I love how you always infuse a little funk into all your looks to make them you! sure anyone can wear blank pants and a striped top, but you make it all your own with accessories. I love it!

    I love your hair, too. I’ve been meaning to say something about it. It looks so healthy and thick!

    1. Thank you Eboni! RE: The hair. I take Appearex, which is like a superdose of Biotin. I also eat a lot of eggs…I swear they help!

      Told hubby about The Vortex. So want to go!

  7. I love a classic but updated look, and you are killing it with this one! Not to mention that you looked to three ladies that I adore for inspiration. Love the spiked bracelet!


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