IFB Evolving Influence—Catching Up

Did you miss the September 9, 2010 Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) Evolving Influence held in New York? I couldn’t go in person, but even from afar, it was a fantastic presentation. The livestream made it almost as good as being there!

If you missed the event and want to catch up, here are some ways you can…

Read the IFB Live Blogs

LIVE BLOG: Gala Darling
From Get Involved: Cultivate a passionate readership with Yuri Lee of LOOKBOOK.nu and Gala Darling of  Gala Darling.

LIVE from #IFBCON: Bryanboy & Susie Bubble – Foot in the Door
From: Foot in The Door: Launch your new career with your blog with Susanna Lau of  Style Bubble and Bryanboy.

LIVE BLOGGING: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere
LIVE BLOGGING, Content is Queen: Amy Odell of The Cut
LIVE BLOGGING: Content is Queen, Rumi of Fashion Toast

All from Content is Queen: Captivate your audience with compelling content with Amy Odell of The Cut , Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere, and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast.

Catch Up on the #IFBcon Tweet Stream

One of the best uses of Twitter is real-time tweeting at presentations. You get priceless kernels of information—quotes like little sound bites—that capture the most salient points of a speaker’s presentation. It is editing at its best, in my opinion.

Here are just a few excerpts of my tweets and retweets from the #IFBcon list…so many great pearls of wisdom were shared!

  • AMEN! RT @fashion_spot Cupcakes&Cashmere says its all about compelling content, good photos and easily digestible layout. #IFBCON
  • A correlation… @galadarling and @susiebubble were focused on WRITING about what they love, and their blogs grew from there. #IFBcon
  • Is writing or photography more important on a blog? @galadarling ~ Writing is a good way of being honest and open and vulnerable #IFBcon
  • @fashmarketing Recognize your users, link to their blogs and give them credit for their work. Reward your community #ifbcon #communitymanagement
  • Why I spend hours responding to comments! RT @PR_Couture Cultivating community does more than shiny press placements @lookbookdotnu #IFBCon
  • Being good is kind of like a get out of jail free card—Yuri Lee @lookbookdotnu #IFBcon
  • It’s about a real human connection @lookbookdotnu I love Yuri Lee. #IFBcon
  • Being nice will open doors…as simple as READING and RESPONDING to FEEDBACK! #IFBcon
  • If you do good things & are good to other people, good things will happen to you… @lookbookdotnu My philosophy exactly! #IFBcon
  • @StyleSample From Lookbook.nu: Do one thing, and do it better than anyone else. Be selective about content. #ifbcon
  • @katy_rose1 AMEN. Be selective about what you give away and who you partner with! Better to hold out than sell out. #IFBcon
  • RT @StyleSample Per @mrstreetpeeper he had no fashion or photography experience prior to blogging. #IFBcon


  1. Hi V, I know we are on another subject, but I am not completely pleased with my blog fomat. I still want it white background and simple, although would love bigger photos…Anyway when you have the time could you iluminate my path on this matter, still on blogspot????
    gracias corazón!!!

  2. I really appreciate all of the work you did to make sure all of us who couldn’t attend were still in the loop of everything that was going on. I was so thankful to have your Twitter list yesterday and visited your blog with every free second to tune into the live stream. Thanks so much V!! xx

  3. Thank you so much for this post V I really wish i could have gone to the conference but for a plethora of reasons I couldn’t I’m going to learn all I can through those links. Thank you for sending me such a sweet comment =)

  4. Yet again, you rock. This is great – I checked out some of the LIVE BLOG earlier today, but hopefully can catch up on the rest this weekend. I wish someone had recorded the livestream so we could watch it after the fact! Maybe something they should consider next year.

    Thanks so much for summarizing all of this!

    P.S. I switched my blogspot domain name over to a custom domain today, and your comment on the Chloe photo disappeared – it’s still in disqus but i can’t get it (or my reply) onto my blog. Basically though – I agree with what you said. It doesn’t even work for its shock value!

    1. Hi B, thank you! Congrats on your new custom domain. That’s awesome. There are always a few little bumps in the road, but they are worth it in the end.

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