Friend Friday: Thoughts on NYFW

It’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW)! So it just makes sense that this week’s Friend Friday* subject is all about what we think of NYFW and how we follow along from afar. We were asked:

  1. Do you pay attention to the shows during fashion week? Which designers collections are you looking forward to seeing?
  2. Where are you getting your Fashion Week news from?
  3. Over the years the runway has become more than just models displaying the creations of a designer. They are now spectacles. Do you think that adds or detracts from the fashion?
  4. Twice a year, as models begin to strut the catwalk we see articles about model size and body image. Do you think the super thin models are offering an unattainable goal to the public or are we immune to their looks?
  5. If you could sit front row at any show what would you want to see? And which celebrity would you want to be sitting next to?

Referenced in the vlog:

*The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Katy of Modly Chic sends us questions weekly, and we answer on our blogs.


  1. For the past few seasons I haven’t been in the fashion week mood. Maybe I’m just salty cause I’m not at any of the shows. But anywho, I’m really looking forward to seeing Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Moschino, Louis Vuitton, Anna Sui and a ton of others!

  2. Haha, loved that quick ‘hate you’ bit at the end. You looked fab as always in this vid + that app you mentioned for the iphone – LOVE it!! Couldn’t agree more. It’s easily in my top 3 most accessed apps!


  3. I agree V that magazines can airbrush and distort a figure so much that the model or personality doesn’t even look the same even skin tones have been changed. Go curvy, Go curvy!

  4. I love fashion week because you get to see so many talented people show off new collections. I’m looking forward to seeing Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, and a few others I can’t think of right now. I usually get my fashion week news from, and I would like to see women of different shapes and sizes on the runway because all women are not super thin. If I could sit front row at any show, it would be Zac Posen so I can sit next to the stylish Geneieve Jones.

  5. Fabulous answers!! Agree completely re the fantasy of catwalk shows. Love the fantasy of the couture shows and like this translated a little onto the ready-to-wear catwalks too. Need to check out – always forget about it. Also want an iPhone now – there are no fun apps for Blackberrys!

  6. Well done on the Balmain pronunciation chicky 😉 Hehe this made me smile! I love that you look forward to L.A.M.B too as I love it as well as the more high end designers.

    I agree with your point on magazines, they are totally out of the loop and even worse : on one page they point and laugh at someone’s little cellulite dimples and on the next you get this photoshopped to death fashion zombie with a skin that looks more like a sexy egg than a human skin with its little imperfections and bumps and lumps.

    That is why I prefer blogs with the real pics and videos of runway shows. It is all more human !

    Great video and I love your outfit with the funky sleeves!


  7. I was happy to hear that I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for too much fantasy on the ready-to-wear catwalks. I agree that fantasy and couture go hand and hand but at the RTW shows I just really want to see the clothes and how they are going to look in the real world. A little bit of fantasy to create a story or tone is fine but the piece should still look like something you would wear off of the catwalk in my opinion. is also my go-to for fashion week. Actually it’s my homepage ha! xx

  8. Rachel Zoe and Brad! They would be great to sit next to at shows!
    You have quite a high tech fashion week following system going on – have to look into that i-app you mention (I am still a bit of a techno neanderthal when it comes to those sorts of things)

  9. Vahni I really enjoyed watching your vlog as usual! I will be leaving London *one day* before LFW starts, so unfortunately I’ll miss the shows, but hopefully I’ll be able to watch some of them online because last season quite a few of them were broadcast live!

  10. missed the Vahni vlog on last week’s #FBFF! the point you make about magazine photographs of models, “farce” is so true. i don’t think there is any pic out there that hasn’t been touched up in some way or another (maybe the jessica simpson one-offs which pop up every so often). zoe and brad, eh? that i’ve gotten to KNOW them (yes, i’ve been watching the shows! eeks! yeah.) sitting next to those two would be informative and bitchy and fun! :o) cheers, luv!

  11. My lovelies…Fajr, Raven, Lee, Tanvi, JT, Paulette, Emily, Lady Noix, Brooke, Veshoevius, Leia, Daisy

    I thank you all for your perspectives and comments! I am so pressed for time these days so I cannot respond individually, but I will pop over to your blogs to say hi instead.

    Thank you for your ongoing support and readership. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

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