5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

Big thanks to Grechen of Grechen Blogs for including me in her excellent 5 things {project}! What a valuable resource and reflection on blogging, by bloggers, for bloggers.

Hop on over to read 5 things I’ve learned about blogging: Grit and Glamour.

PS: For those of you blogging on WordPress, Grechen has a stellar list of WordPress resources on the right rail of her blog. And I will preach it as often as possible: Blogger users, please, make it easier on yourself and your readers and move over to WordPress!


    1. Hey love, thank you! I have a great weekend lined up with my favorite Aussie…nothing fancy, but lots of fun.

      Have a fab weekend yourself! Mwah!

    1. I have never regretted my move to WP either. I just wish new bloggers wouldn’t let their fear of learning a new platform paralyze them. It’s just blogging…not brain surgery! We’ve got nothing to lose!

  1. Love your answers… but now you are making me re-think my daily “inspirational” image.

    But I like them… for now anyways 🙂

    I originally wanted to host my blog on wordpress, but blogger seemed easier to learn. Is it difficult to switch over after using blogger for some time?

    1. Hey doll, thank you!

      I made the switch from Blogger to a self-hosted WP blog (wordpress.org for G&G), but I use wordpress.com for my professional portfolio, so I know that it is totally easy to use, and gives blog authors a lot more control over spam and how users interact with their blogs. You just click some buttons, and you can import your entire blog into WP. I may do a post on this to help people who are interested but apprehensive.

  2. Such great points you make! I do find that when I’m going through my blog list I always read unique and original posts first and then if I have time I’ll comment on an “inspirational image” post. Sometimes I do come across images that I have never seen before but there’s nothing worse than regurgitated commentary on the same editorial over and over again.
    I also love the point you make about quality over quantity. When I first started blogging I thought it was best if I did a post every single day but quickly found that the quality and original goal of my blog was being sacrificed because of it.
    Have a lovely weekend!! xx

    1. Brooke, thanks for your thoughtful response.

      Your experiences and realizations are exactly what seasoned, skilled bloggers also discover. It’s a journey, and if you are serious about it, you build and learn and evolve. I see this in you, especially since you recently stopped blogging at Miss Jones & Me, and started up Brooklyn’s Britches. Don’t be surprised if you change hats and platforms again before you really settle in. I did the very same thing—tried three platforms and at least two blog names on before I got my groove.

      You have the potential to be a really incredible blogger, Brooke. You have the voice, you have the creativity, you have the writing chops. You are learning to master the technical side of blogging and you really are evolving. I’m glad you don’t let fear prevent you from trying new things. Keep on watching, testing, learning, playing, exploring.

      1. Thanks so much V! Those words mean a lot to me coming from you. It’s really comforting to know that you’ve been through all of this before and that these experiences have helped mould your blog into the success and inspiration that it is today.
        When I changed my blog I worried that it might set me back temporarily but I’ve realized that the changes have allowed me to grow. I’m still developing my voice and my style but I think taking the leap to try something different is the first step in the right direction. Thanks so much for the kind words, support and motivation. Your reply was the most incredible way to start my weekend! xx

    1. Hi Julia, thank you sweetie. That’s the grat thing about blogging…you’re the boss, and you don’t have to explain anything!

  3. “It is better to post quality original content 2-3 times a week than a little something everyday.”

    I totally agree! I used to post every day, but I had so much more fun– and I think everyone appreciates my quality posts over the quantity of them. I don’t post unless I have something to say. I agreed with all of your points!

    1. Thank you Beth! I appreciate that! I’m glad that others realize that sometimes a little less is indeed more. It takes a while to learn this in blogging.

  4. Congrats doll!! I used to have my blog on wordpress, but it was very bothersome that they charge for everything. To change a layout, the CSS, even to post videos. I wasn’t a happy camper, but there are a ton of reasons why I’m not happy with On Sugar either. I might re-think wordpress.

    1. Thank you Monique!

      I actually went from Blogger to On Sugar, to WordPress.org (self-hosted). The transition to wp.org was easy, but it is a learning process. I’m STILL learning how to do things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has made me more technical, and overall, I know I have much more control over commenting, spam, etc., where I am. Plus, I retain rights to my photos (not the case with TypePad), and the templates in WP (and self-hosted templates) are so much more sophisticated than other sites. Do your homework, doll. You’ll do what’s right for you.

  5. thanks for your kind words about grechenblogs.com & for posting the link to your 5 things over here – even as a long-time blogger, i appreciated hearing what everyone had learned from blogging for years, or even just for months! and obvs. i agree with you about wordpress.org – i preach it every chance i get!!!!

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