Sunday Coffee: A Jersey Gem, Dita, and Uvo’s little luxury…

The Cream

Fashion illustrations from Meg of The Jersey Gem. I know I have an affinity for all things Joisey, but this gem of a bloggerista hails from Jersey, of the Channel Islands off the coast of Normandy, France. Aside from being a talented illustrator, Meg is also in the midst of opening a café in her hometown. I love her blog because when she features photos from recent collections—or even her recent purchases—she always includes an illustration. I think author might be in her future as well.

PLEASE click the image so you can see full-size images and the runway pieces immortalized in Meg’s illustrations. Totally worth the visit!

Illustrations of collection pieces by Hervé Léger, Nina Ricci, Marchesa, and Sass & Bide. Images from


The original Sidecar story by Cointreau, starring the glamorous, exquisite Dita Von Teese. Since we’re feeling all retro in the fashion world, let’s just go there. Beautifully shot.

The Sugar

Uvo #100 bag. Photo BMC Photography, courtesy of Uvo Luxury.

A few months ago, the elegant and affable Tim Gunn visited locally, and I knew I had to go meet him. And I did meet him—and he did not disappoint. He is beyond gracious and so down-to-earth.

While I waited to meet The Gunn, however, I was captivated by someone else in the vicinity. Even Mr. Gunn’s megawatt smile and celebrity wasn’t enough to keep my eyes from straying. Because they did. Straight to Gigi Karmous-Edwards, and to be more specific, her amazing red bag.

Where is THAT from? I thought. I have to know. I need that bag.

So after meeting Tim Gunn, I practically chased Gigi down to ask where she got her bag. Where did she get it?

You’ll have to read Designer spotlight: Uvo Luxury to find out.


Many of you expressed interest in acquiring a fur vest after I shared mine with you in Friend Friday: Fall Forecast. They’re selling like hotcakes everywhere, but I’ve managed to round up a nice collection of faux fur vests, all under $100.

The best bargain (and best-looking) vests are Rachel Zoe’s on QVC. Waitlist yourself for the black if that’s what you’re after. I can’t imagine they won’t be restocked. I think the red fox (bottom right image below) is a stunner. Might have to pick that one up myself.


    1. Thanks LaToya! It was fun to meet both Tim Gunn, and Gigi. Still salivating over her red bag. The photos do not do it justice, seriously.

  1. I look forward to Sunday morning to see what presents you have in your blog…
    What a discovery the Jersey Gem- Love her drawings and cute style, so I shall keep a close eye on her blog. Thank you for sharing.
    I watch Tim Gunn on Satellite TV, but there are so many programs, from different countries, doing similar sort of thing that I did´nt pay much attention. From now on I will definitly see him on a new light.
    Thank you so much for such a lovely start of my Sunday, now for some breakfast…
    Amor y abrazos!!!

    1. Hello my dear, thank you again for your sweet comments! Meg is so talented…I love when I see a new illustration in my Bloglovin’ queue. Always makes me smile. Kind of like you!

  2. V – you are such a sweetie!! 🙂 This was such a lovely surprise when I woke up this morning! You are definately like a big sis to me! lol
    Also loved the video with Dita Von Teese, she looked AMAZING! It reminded me of this video called ‘Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company
    And definately think Rachel Zoe’s are the best vests I’ve seen!
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. No worries, Meg! I’m such a fan of yours!

      Going to watch the video now. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great Sunday yourself!

  3. Thanks for the introduction to a very talented illustrator. Just stopped by her blog and enjoyed her voice. Thank you. Also, thanks for the links to where to find the faux fur vests. They really would be a fun addition, I might just have to add them to my list. My budget is squirming just thinking about it. 🙂

    What an amazing opportunity to meet Tim Gunn. He seems like he would be the prime hybrid of gentleman and no nonsense.

    Enjoy your weekend. As you can tell, enjoyed this post very much especially as I regard what you link to or suggest with high regard. Thanks again.

    1. SL, thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind comment. I am very flattered and hope you know I think the very same of the links you suggest on your site!

    1. LHdM…that makes two of us. Why do you think it’s not ME in the photo with the bag?!

      One day, though. I think Gigi is working on sourcing materials that are still high-quality, but with a little less overhead. If she does, I will definitely grab one of her bags, because they really are phenomenal in person. Crazy gorgeous and totally unique.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love those fur vests but doesn’t seem like QVC UK stocks Rachel Zoe’s line – boooo! Nor does the UK seem to stock half sizes in American shoes – my replacement Lorissa heels came the other day in one size up and they are too big – nooooooo! Enjoyed the post and love the illustrations of Sass and Bide by The Jersey Gem – I might have to track that outfit down…

  5. Thanks for sharing The Jersey Gem. Her bloglovin button wasn’t working, but I’m going to find her site and add it to the blogs I follow. I like seeing blogs with illustrations. It looks like she photoshops some photos on top of hers, which is interesting. I hadn’t thought of that!

    And thank you for the fur vest info! I remember them coming out last year but I couldn’t afford even the cheap ones at forever 21. Maybe I can get one this year, especially if it stays nice and cool here in LA!

    1. Glad you and others liked Meg’s site and are adding her to your blogroll. There is nothing better than discovering new bloggers who aren’t blinded by ambition and don’t practice the art of the disingenuous comment. I hate that. If you’re going to drop one-liners all over the place, why bother, you know?!

      Hope you score one of the vests. Great things is that there are a lot available at very affordable price points.

      Thanks for your comment, hon.

  6. What a brilliant way to start a sunday, thank you very much Vahni for sharing all of these gems, you are precious and loved indeed. Keep in touch sweetie darling, With much much LOVE
    Jemina, xoxo

    1. Hi sweetie…glad you liked. I thought it was fantastic…but of course, I’m also a huge fan of Dita and burlesque. I could watch her all day long. I’m dying to see her in perform live.

      Thanks for your comment!

  7. fur vests have been on my wishlist for a while…that victoria secret one is perfect but so damn expensive for faux fur? hrm… decision decisions

    anyway, that sidecar ad is awesome…anything with dita is awesome.

  8. i’m definitely intrigued by rachel zoe’s vests. she’s been working on those for a really long time hasn’t she?

    meg’s illustrations are awesome. why do you have a jersey affinity btw? on a random note, i went to high school in fort lee. =P

    1. Hi doll, welcome back! Yes, RZ has been working on the vests a while…and it makes sense that she has. She put them on the map in recent times.

      The Jersey affinity…you’ve been off traveling for most of my Jersey-related posts. Search “Jersey” on my blog and you’ll see. OMG, you went to school in NJ…you really are an enigma! One day you’re going to have to explain you to me…high school in Jersey, you speak Greek and live in Italy, but also lived in Greece. I’m thoroughly lost! But I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for your comment. I just love Meg, not only for her illustrations, but because she is sweet and like you, there is no ulterior motive in her comments.

      Hope you are doing well, sugar!

  9. Girl you got to meet Tim Gunn!! How awesome!! I would love to take him shopping with me, even it just for an hour!

    Those illustrations from Jersey Gem are very interesting and quirky! And Dita Von Teese look stunning!! I just may venture and copy cat that hair and make up look one of these days!

    Thanks for the Sunday Coffee!

    1. Well hello MJ!

      Yes, it was a brief meeting, but so much fun.

      And I think we could all stand to borrow some of Dita’s old Hollywood glamour—proper lipstick, a consistently perfect manicure and pedicure, beautiful, ladylike clothing and amazing lingerie? Sign. Me. Up.

      A happy week to you!

  10. Yikes! I had commented to this post earlier this week, but not here now. It was cheeky and I was all waxing poetic. Shoot. I think it’s browser issues on my end. :o) Sorry, luv. The sketches and the video and FUR waistcoats. *heart*

  11. spectacular commercial and great round-up of vests… I always have a moment of pause before buying things now because my life is like work-home-rinse-repeat. I always wonder, where/when will I really wear this? It’s time to move out so I can add “going out” to the equation!

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