WVW: Fall Preview*

I’m not known for my patience. So today, since it wasn’t 100,000 degrees, I decided to flex my fall 2010 muscle.

As you can see from my last several posts, I’m in a black phase again. Enough with the summer whites and brights. I’m over it. And suddenly, I’m really feeling the red lips and nails. That’s a rarity for me. But it’s famous with leopard, black, and gold…think I’ve found my newest uniform.

*WVW=What V Wore
Juicy Couture sunnies, Witchery vest, cheap leopard tube top, BCBG leggings (fall 2010 collection), Tory Burch cuff, Wittner shoes.
On lips: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Are You Red-dy (seriously the best red lippie I’ve EVER used).
On nails: OPI Big Apple Red.


  1. Classic and always perfection. Black, red, leopard — you can’t go wrong. I think I’m definitely going for more red lips and nails this fall. Not that I haven’t been loving my lavender, turquoise, and yellow toes.

    Your pumps are so awesome.

    1. Lyddie, thank you! I’ve been loving my summer polishes as well, but by the end of each season, I’m totally ready to move on to the next one.

  2. Hooray for Fall!! I’m so over Summer as well. Luckily for me there’s already quite the chill in the air where I am and I even considered starting my car early this morning to warm it up! I’m loving the new uniform. Your vest is such an amazing piece and the red lip is hot. Wow can you work those shades!! I would say that your Fall 2010 muscles are already jacked and ready to take on the season. xx

  3. Great outfit! I want to invest in some leopard print for the season, but I have yet to find any pieces that I like. I’m definitely feeling the red lips. I think I might invest in some of my own. & your shoes are very similar to my Dolce Vita clogs! Very nice <3


      1. Thanks Melanie…red lips and fingertips are an easy way to give any outfit a little drama. Go for it!

        And thanks for stopping by here again too.

    1. Angela, thank you. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot…grab a vest before they go! You know eventually it’s going to cool down. I’m telling you, you’ll wear it to death.

    1. Sweetie…thank you for popping by, and of course, for your sweet words. I’ve been worried about you. Yes, hooray for a connection in the middle of no where!

      There has been a spate of bloggeristas going through a difficult timeβ€”I feel so bad. I hope that things are feeling a little better for you.


  4. You would look beautiful in anything. Love the outfit and the magic photos, who takes them???
    I have just arrived from Berlin, My heart torn between leaving my daughter behind and facing up to normal day life at home still 39ΒΊc.
    I will be posting as soon as I can find my brain…

    1. Thank you Sacramento!

      I’m the magician. I take my own photos using a tripod mounted camera and a timer. I also do all the photo editing.

      Ugh. 39ΒΊC. I feel your pain and the brain drain! I hope you have air con, love.

  5. Yesterday I was complaining about how it’s still so hot here (in South Carolina) and how I’m sick of hearing about fall. WELL today it is only 73 degrees and I am loving this post since it feels like fall outside.

    1. Courtney, it has been HOT in the south. But the temps are starting to mellow a bit after next week! Yay!

      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Me too!!! Fall clothes are my faves…they’re so rich in texture and color. And you know you look fantastic in a red lippie! Go for it!

      Thanks for leaving me a little note!

  6. Wow. Your fall muscle is really well toned. Have you been working it out in secret these last few months?

    Also, I’m not nearly cool enough to rock a vest like that, so I’m living vicariously through you, today. And those shoes are so very, very wicked.

    1. HA! A-Dubs, you kill me. Thank you.

      I suppose I have been flexing my brain, absorbing all those yummy fall images that have been floating around for the last month. I say BRING IT!!!

    1. Hi Gracie, welcome to G&G!

      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I hope you will be back! I’m also excited about the change of wardrobe. Dragged my fall stuff out the other day…I always forget what I have so it’s almost like getting new clothes!

  7. Yay! You are rockin that cuff bracelet I like so much! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the Fall either! I’m rocking purple as we speak!

    I don’t have to tell you how fab you’re outfit is because I’ll always be repeating myself! LOL

    1. MJ, that bracelet is my new fave. You’ll probably get tired of seeing it on me! Thanks, doll.

      Purple…mmm…love it. Reminds me of my purple boots that are waiting to be unleashed on the world!

  8. first of all, i’ve miiiissssed you!!!!

    second of all, i am so not ready for summer to be over and sincerely wish it was about a month longer. however, i do love this fall look you’ve put together. it makes me feel excited for fall instead of dreading the end of summer. and that’s good. =)

    1. Ela, mori! I missed you too! Heaps! With all the traveling you’ve been doing, it’s no wonder why you don’t want summer to end.

      Thank you for your kind words. We all have our thing, right?! Some of us are summer girls, others of us are reptilian!

    1. Thank you Shari! Boo to Mr. Deer. You might have to make an executive decision.

      My hubby actually escorted me back to buy a second fury vest (in grey) after I got the black and fell in love. Thankfully, he digs my style, and I dare say, the more outrageous, the better he likes it.

  9. HI V,
    Your vest is one of my favorite things in your closet. I understand your impatience with Fall. I was planning on wearing boots this Friday regardless of the weather, heat stroke be damned!

    1. Thanks B…with you on the boots. All the white stuff is packed away for fall. Almost done with the seasonal closet swap. As soon as the calendar strikes September, the boots come out!

  10. Wow… ok now I want Fall to get here quick! The outfit is fab and love the mirror photo (genius!). You look so cool that… you should try a shot where you are shielding your eyes from papparazzi! πŸ˜€

    1. HAAAA! Thank you. You’re funny. Ain’t no paparazzi round here. Just some crazy chick who is always taking pictures of herself!

    1. Thanks Sarah, do let me know if you like it. I swear it really is the best…doesn’t feather or flake, and it’s the perfect shade of red.

      Would look awesome with that little fur vest/shorts ensemble in your latest post!

  11. Mademoiselle V! you look fab and nothing like the poodle-killer that featured in my post! See, the Karen Millen shoulder dog was actually not even coordinated with the rest of the outfit. Plus it created the illusion that there was a hairy ball stuck on her shoulders and neck. Your vest is cool and not frizzy. And the rest of your outfit kicks ass.

    Love the red lips and toes too!x

    1. HAAA! Thanks, sugar! So glad to know I’m not a frizz ball, however, I’m sure someone thinks I look stupid. But I really do not care!

  12. I am totally the same, I’ve started my Autumn look already, it’s horrible and rainy here anyway so might as well.

    You look fantastic by the way and thanks for stopping by my blog xxx

    1. SL, thank you so very much! I think I’m too in love with that cuff at the moment.

      And thanks about the visa…you have NO idea what a huge stress that has been. Moving on, though, it’s all good!

  13. Oooooo. Don’t hurt em now! *rwar*

    AND I finally answered your questions! It’s been so long, I figure you don’t even recall what I’m talking about, haha.


  14. Mmh AND I especially vote FOR these strategic twists of RED next to your lips, your nails and your toes, as much autumnal hints of “bloody GLAM” !!!

    Γ  BientΓ΄t, Antoine

  15. That vest is TO DIE FOR! love it! and I’m loving the lepoard + black + red. Seriously, I almost wore that same combo today, and I promise I hadn’t seen this post until now… Great minds think alike? hehe πŸ™‚

    Eboni Ife’

    1. Great minds DO think alike. ‘Cause I would totally wear your striped maxi and dotted mary janes any day of the week!

      Thanks, gorgeous!

    1. S, thank you so much! Witchery is an Aussie brand I fell in love with when I was in Sydney. Mass market, but really cool. Still sweatin’ your incredible shoe collection….wow!

  16. HOT! I’ve said it before, muy caliente! I like them leggings. The seams are centered; looks great and adds dimension. Almost looks like jodhpurs. Very cool.
    Fall can’t get here fast enough. Tis supposed to be really hot again next week. :o( What if we all wrote the man upstairs, Mother Nature, whomever to get this ball a-rollin’?

    1. Hey you, thanks!

      The leggings are fantastic, I have to tell you. They’re thicker than usual, and do have some amazing seaming and a side panel detail that make them look more like super-skinny pants than leggings. I could probably get away with wearing them that way on my skinny days…we shall see.

      Yeah, bring on the fall! I think we’re in for another little heatwave next week, then it’s down into the 80s, thank God. So we’re getting there!

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