Worker V: 1.0

I was recently asked via Formspring about my work attire, and more specifically, if I dress more conservatively for work. The short answer is: I do. In my own way, of course. The person who asked the question followed up with an email to me, in which she wrote:

I’ve always worked in the cultural sector so most of my 20s was spent sitting at my desk in jean and converse. Now I’m 31, so so old, I’m struggling to find a ‘uniform’ for work is appropriate but still reflects my personality. I don’t know what the grown up me is supposed to wear.

Would love to see some posts on work wear.

And I think that is a spectacular idea, because when I’m not in full-on glam mode, at least three days a week, I’m in my work attire. In fact, in several of my Friend Friday vlogs, I’m wearing ensembles that I wore to the office earlier in the day (I often come home and shoot video immediately after work, before I change into my play clothes). You can’t see a head-to-toe shot, but you can get a taste for other outfits I’ve worn to work in my Conspicuous Consumption, Sizing Up Size in Fashion, and Privacy in the Blogosphere videos.

So anyway, here is Worker V 1.0. And yes, I wore my new spiked, studded stilettos to work—that’s how I roll. I usually wear basics with at least one thing totally wild, be it my shoes, my nails, lipstick, or jewelry. That’s just the way I am. I must admit they were well-received, however. People complimented me on them all day, which is perfect for a Monday, non?

Limited sweater, BCBG skirt, LOFT belt, Sam Edelman pumps.

PS: Thank you to all of you who completed the G&G Reader Survey. A post about the results—and how they can help me and you—is coming soon.


  1. My sisters have often said to me, “It’s a good thing that you’re going to be an artist. You’ll be able to wear whatever you want to work.” My oldest sister is part of the very “Corporate America” division of her job, but the creative division get to dress all whacky and awesome, which actually does excite me.

    While I haven’t made it there yet, I can see how dressing for work can feel like identity theft. Conforming to the understood standard can be a bit boring, but your shoes are the perfect example of how to change it up.

    Great outfit, and the shoes are gorgeous! I was eying a similar pair back in May, but decided against it for the time-being. I think you’ve sparked my interest all over again.

    1. Melanie, it can feel a little like identity theft…I agree. But it could be so much worse; I have no complaints. What would kill me would be a khaki-pant/golf shirt uniform or having to wear a lab coat over my clothes every day. I’m pretty lucky that I can wear what I want within reason, including no hose, sandals, and sleeveless shirts. I love my office mates and the vibe, and no one has complained about my crazy shoes ye!

      Thanks for your comment.

    1. A-Dubs! Thanks, doll. I appreciate that.

      So are you going to eventually reveal what you ended up wearing for the first day of class? I want to know!

  2. Yes!! You rocked the shoes!! LOL And the belt is awesome!

    I work in an office five days a week and have been an office professional since I was 16. I always take basics and dress them up with trendy accessories (within reason of course!) or cute shoes! My new found office attire are crop cardis or really long,ones. Of coures, you can never go wrong with a pencil skirt!!

    1. I agree, MJ, I’m loving the long cardis. They’re the new version of the jacket. A so much more comfortable for desk jockeys like me.

      Thanks, sweets!

  3. Damn girl, look at you in that dress… STUNNING!! And those are Sam shoes? Gorgeous!!

    Never been to your blog before but I’m so glad I stopped by tonight… I love it!!

    1. Jen, well thank you honey, and WELCOME! I’m glad you stopped by, and I’m glad I stopped in to see you too. Anyone with this at the end of their blog is a friend of mine:

      “Travel more, drink more wine, have more sex and love life.”


  4. 1. HOT DAMN!!!! You’ve got it going on 🙂 (comments like this are why my fiancee says I’m 25% lesbian! hehe)
    2. This look is fabulous on so many levels. It is classic with just enough edge compliments of the subtly sexy slit in the skirt and THOSE SHOES!!!
    3. Did I mention THOSE SHOES are FIRE!!!!!

    I am now going to be a mad hunt to find a skirt like that!

    1. Now THAT was a comment to behold. I love it and thank you, especially since you are one hot mama yourself.

      Did you mention those shoes are FIRE?! Did I mention that YOU are?

  5. You look amazingly hot for work! I wasn’t sure about the shoes when you posted them but oh my gosh they look spectacular on you, and they make a very simple outfit look, for lack of a better word, rad.

  6. I totally second this ” I usually wear basics with at least one thing totally wild, be it my shoes, my nails, lipstick, or jewelry. ” I am the same -and it feels soooo good to have at least one bit of crazy on you at work 😉

    My line of work requires me to wear suits and stuff but let me tell you that the shoes are never far off being fit for a night out and the bag is usually the same !

    Those shoes….why do we bother with cloning cows when we could make millions of women happy by cloning shoes and sending them to each other?! I want those!


  7. Worker V is just as gorgeous as everyday V 🙂 Those pumps look amazing on you, although I don’t know how you stayed on your feet all day!

    1. Thank you Leia! I don’t stay on my feet all day, though. I’m a desk jockey! Yay! That means I can always wear crazy high heels because I only have to walk to my car and lunch.

  8. Mmh I really like this “classical basis with an electrifying twist” ( so subtly GLAMorous) idea, AND Here Must say that this cocktail lipstick / polished nails and toes / fierce sparkling heels does not fail to illustrate it !!!!
    ps: The “toe cleavage” , just like a “Fetish-issime décolleté à part entière” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  9. Those shoes are dangerous and I mean that in the most amazing way possible. Like dangerously sexy! I like your approach to work attire. It can be so easy to get into a work attire rut so allowing yourself to wear one item that is totally out there and screams of your own individuality is perfect. Why should you have to completely sacrifice your own personal style right?? Your body is smokin’ hot in that dress by the way! xx

    1. Hi Courtney, and thank you! I’m sure some of my co-workers raised an eyebrow too. But I dress for me, you know!

      Your post on your work wear was great. I really like how you styled your second-hand find.

      Thanks for popping by!

  10. Love those heels and I love them even more knowing you wear them to work. You look fabulous!

    By the way, the email stated that 31 is so so old – ah, she must have yet discovered the beauty of being in her thirties because it is wonderful, isn’t?
    Have a great day V. 🙂

    1. Ha! Beverly mentioned the age comment too. And she will soon realize that as a woman, your thirties are life-changing. That’s when you really grow up, so-to-speak. You really begin to know who you are and what you want—or don’t.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, and a great day to you too!

  11. The studded pumps are killer! I so appreciate that you glam it up on a daily basis for work. Personal style is a true reflection of what is happening on the inside. I can see you a well balanced woman who is happy, healthy and loves life. Cheers V!
    xo Mish

    1. Wow…thank you Mish! That is quite a compliment, and I so appreciate it!

      I do glam it up for work, it’s true. But it’s like putting on my game face, you know? If I look pulled together, I feel good, and as you said, that leads to happiness all the way around. That’s why I hate when people regard fashion as frivolous. If there weren’t a major connection between how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside, all those makeover shows would fail miserably, wouldn’t they?! it’s not just about labels or superficiality. It’s about being the very best version of yourself, so you can achieve what you want in your relationships, career, or dreams.

  12. 31 isn’t old at all.. Tell her to wear something short so she will feel glamorous!
    I almost passed out when I saw your spike heels! Stunning.
    Always big heels babe because you have gorgeous legs.

    1. I agree…we’re just getting started at 31!

      Thank you Lee. You are so generous with your kindness. Glad you like the heels. That means a lot to me coming from someone who KNOWS his fashion. Have fun at RSFF!

  13. Those shoes are bringing some serious fierceness to the office! I work in a more conservative environment, and I often feel frustrated by the restrictions put on me. I suppose it’s the wrong attitude to have – I should probably look at it as a challenge to bring my personality and my style A-game to the office while still staying in the dress code. But, that’s also easier said than done. I find myself easily becoming bored with my work clothes, there’s a lot more interesting remixes to be had! I’d love to hear some of your general guidelines and how-to tips when it comes to office dressing.

    1. Thank you Becca! It is very easy to become bored with work clothes, but I think looking at it as a challenge is a great idea. If you don’t have to wear a uniform, you have so much leeway! Hey, if I can stay within the requirement and feel like myself, anyone can. Maybe you can post some of your office looks…might inspire you to seriously rethink your office attire!

      I’ll share some of my tips in my next Worker V post, OK?! So check back. And thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  14. Ahh, the infamous black BCBG skirt of yours, yeah? :o)
    I hope your ankles are doing better, luv. (I guess that’s what happens since we’re “so so old” now…lol) Slip you feet back into these spiked, beautific heels and all will be right as rain.

    1. Yes, doll, that is the infamous black skirt! Now you can see why I love it.

      HAAA…I suppose since I’m ancient, that is indeed why I twisted my ankle…cracking up. The ankle is better, thanks for thinking of me. Heading to the gym in fact, and I need to because I couldn’t go all week.

  15. I love those shoes!!! They add bam, shazam, and you-ness to your ensemble I love it!!!!! And Even though I will rarely have to be dressed in a business-y manner, you definitely are a good example that one doesn’t have to forsake all of ones style to a corporate dress code. Which I admire greatly.

    1. Thank you Laura! I’m glad people can see that you really don’t have to forsake your style to fit within the dress code. It’s all about creativity.

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