Sunday Coffee: Chicken Cutlets and My Conspicuous Consumption

The Cream

Jersey Shore Chicken Cutlet Toss
Schadenfreudian bittage so good that I just could not help myself. This actually happened two episodes ago in the current season of Jersey Shore, but I saw a replay this week and still cackled riotously through the entire thing. Even if reality TV isn’t your thing, you must watch. Oh, the horror. Leave it to the boys to turn a floating chicken cutlet (and the most embarrassing moment of some chick’s life) into a nationally-televised dude sport.

Now that you’ve seen it, what I want to know is:

  1. What the girls were thinking when they saw all the cameras, and still decided to strip to their flimsies for their parents’ eventual viewing horror.
  2. Why chicken cutlet girl didn’t excuse herself to the bathroom prior to said strip down to remove the cutlets. Um, how could she not see that coming?
  3. Why anyone still thinks chicken cutlets aren’t an absolute accident waiting to happen. Pad if you must, but use one of the many practically bulletproof bras on the market that have the cutlet effect built on. Or alternatively, how about just not stripping to your skivvies on national TV?


The Barcelona Burger by Daisy Martinez. Photo, AP.

The Barcelona Burger
My vegetarian lovelies, you obviously want to skip this part.

For the carnivores, I made this burger on Friday, and Lord have MERCY, it rocked my world. Takes a little prep work, but it is so easy. Beef, figs, proscuitto, bleu cheese, carmelized onions…even if you don’t make it, at least do the mayo with lemon zest in it. You will never want plain mayo again.

Forget KFC. This, my friends, is finger lickin’ good.

The Barcelona Burger recipe (PDF)

The Sugar

Kristin of The Bon Bon Rose Girls recently highlighted a killer ring by Dara Ettinger for sale at Max & Chloe. Y’all know I clicked right over to see more. And boy did I! So many magnificent big honkin’ rings at excellent prices. Here are a few I really love…

Bita Pourtavoosi Big Turquoise Chunk Ring, $50. Dara Ettinger Heather Disco Ball Ring, $120. Kendra Scott Ramsee Ring, $75. All images from


Salient Statements About Conspicuous Consumption
This week’s Friend Friday topic (brought to my attention by Jemina, and suggested to and picked up by Katy) yielded a plethora of wisdom and insight  that I felt compelled to share. These are some of my favorite excerpts:

“Since I have been living on my own and working in my adult life, I have always had things. I am materialistic. No doubt. But do not confuse that with superficiality.” —A Fashion Adventure

“…when I first started blogging I debated whether to do a ‘shopping haul’ post or video. Something about the concept didn’t sit right with me. I tried to write a couple over the last year and they all seemed contrived and fake. It wasn’t until a couple months that I realized why it bothered me…It’s bragging. No one likes a bragger.“—Modly Chic

Because I work for a non-profit, I feel very comfortable saying that you don’t need to donate money to be donating to a charity. Donate your time, or donate your unwanted clothing to a charity. A lot of non-profits just want to spread the word about their initiatives, or they need help addressing envelopes or updating donor info.”—Miss Vinyl Ahoy

Maybe that fashion blogger who’s rocking the Prada and Chanel donates her time to charities as opposed to  donating money. We don’t know that and therefore can’t assume. At the end of the day, it’s the blogger’s money and she can do what she wants with it.”—FIERCE

“Does anyone habitually point the finger at men’s spending habits on their flash toys and hobbies and tell them to give to charity instead?  You could tell those who choose to spend money on renovating their house or going on overseas holidays to support a more worthwhile cause instead too. Hell, why don’t the critics suggest that everyone stop updating their social networking sites and spend all those accumulated hours volunteering for a worthwhile cause instead?”—Veshoievius/The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe

“I often wonder which blog is considered to be more conspicuous—the one promoting F21 items, or the one promoting Chanel, D&G, Marc Jacobs, etc.?  The items on the F21 blog will certainly cost less.  However, the items on the luxury blog will last much, much longer.  Which one is then promoting more conspicuous consumption in the eye of the critics?  The blogs promoting spending more by purchasing quality and staple wardrobe pieces, or those that promote spending less by buying more affordable items?“—Beautifully Invisible


And while we’re on the subject of conspicuous consumption. These are now in my closet. You can’t fathom how sick they are on. I needed retail therapy yesterday, and I’d say there is a psychoanalysis-and-a-half you could do on the fact that this is what soothed my wounded little heart. Keep asking ’bout how we spend our money and I’ll show you. And it will hurt.*

Lorissa spiked pump by Sam Edelman. Image,

*Just kidding, people.


  1. oh Goodness– I seen that episode of JS and I died laughing. I too didn’t understand why she felt it was ok to leave those in while in the water? Now she has to live with that stupid mistake forever– too funny!

    Loving the shoes!

    1. Ha…I know, right! The best part of that episode is left out…couldn’t find a clip that included the editing and music of the cutlet floating before they picked it up. That was hysterical.

      Thanks much!

  2. Being a vegetarian, I wont be making the Barcelona burger, he, he ; but all you post is soooooooo complete that it is a real pleasure to read. Wonderful for sunday morning.
    You are my greatest discovery in the”blogosfera”: warm, witty and kind. Always aknowledging and praising others.
    And you personal style would take a whole book to describe.
    Welcome to my life!!

    1. S, thank you for your lovely comment! You are so generous with your kind words, and I am genuinely flattered.


  3. The shoes, YUM. Seriously, cannot wait to see how you style them!! “chicken cutlet” hilarious… I hadn’t seen or heard of this, because I generally avoid Jersey Shore, since they’re out there making all of Jersey look like… well, that.

  4. I couldn’t see the jersey shore video! 🙁 But those rings are GORGEOUS; I love the quotes you selected from Friend Friday; and your shoes are awesome! We want to see what you wear them with! 🙂

    1. Hmm. Maybe try again on the video? Don’t know why you couldn’t view. And I so want all those rings. They are gorgeous, I agree!

      I can’t wait to wear my shoes too…soon!


  5. Hah!! I just bought those exact same spiked Edelman shoes too!! What great taste you have 😉
    They arrived late last week and they are awesome – problem is I got them online and they came up very small in szie so I’ve got to send them back AND the retailer has sold out 🙁
    Thanks for the FF mention! Loving the Sunday coffee posts

    1. Great minds…you know what they say!

      Hope you track down the right size…cause you know how hot they are on! Major. Good luck and glad you like the mention and these posts.

      Thank you!

  6. How embarrassing for the girls that lost her rubber tits.. i cant stop laughing…
    thanks for making me fishing up my sunday here with lots of laugh

    1. Wasn’t it hysterical?! Just couldn’t help myself. Glad you enjoyed, Lee!

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope the rest of your Sunday was filled with laughter.

  7. ok, the chicken cutlet episode was hysterical, and i loved how they kept zooming in on the one girl who the camera crew must have suspected. if it was me, i would have discreetlly pulled the other one out and thrown it off the balcony but maybe she was trying to salvage her one remaining cutlet. LOL

    the burger – you know what’s happening post Ramadan.

    the shoes – killer. love them. good for you.

    1. Seriously. You know what I thought of like the fifth time I watched this? That other chick totally threw girlfriend under the bus!!! She knew what that was. She could have grabbed it and discretely handed it to the other girl. I’d never make a spectacle of it! Of course, I’ve never been in a hot tub in my panties with a bunch of guys I just picked up at a bar. Oh well.

      Sorry to tempt you during Ramadan. But you should totally treat yourself to that burger after!

      Thanks for your comment, hon!

  8. love the roundup you did on conspicuous consumption. . .

    there are loads we don’t know and merely join the pieces together and therein misconstrue. .

    oh, and love love love those rings you picked out!

    1. Thank you doll. Glad you liked. And can I just say again…your gladiators. Incredible on you. You styled them brilliantly.

  9. OMG that video is too funny! Mike’s facial expressions when he was trying to describe what it was was just hilarious. I love love love that show. I like the responses you rounded up…all make very valid points. It all kind of comes down to don’t judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes…and then blogged about it.

    xoxo, Ashley

    1. Ashley, hi sweetie, glad you liked! You are so right about walking in others’ shoes. Doesn’t matter if it’s blogging or whatever, if more people did this, the world would be a better place.

      PS: Still love the Plaid Pirate ensemble. One of your best, my dear.

  10. Jersey Shore is a surefire way to kill brain cells!!

    Those rings are absolutely gorgeous and you know what? I’m so not mad at you for getting those heels! Rock them for me and you! 🙂

    Thanks for including one of my quotes from Friend Friday! That’s so awesome!

    1. No problem, hon! I thought you made some wonderful points.

      Glad you liked this week’s coffee…stay well, and thank you for always leaving me little love notes. I do appreciate it.

  11. i saved the best for last. my last blog read for this sunday night.
    i abso-friggin-lutely love these, V. it’s like that perfect food that hits all your tastebuds perfectly. this is like brain candy!
    * oye ve, Jersey Shore. the clip, the entire scenario had me laughing so hard i think i peed. a little. chicken cutlet! hilarious!! “how about just not stripping to your skivvies on national TV?” AMEN, SISTAH!
    * got any leftovers of that samich there, hon? what time’s dinner again? ;o)
    * ring bling! *heart*
    * and those shoes are not only visually stunning, but a weapon in case some stranger comes and attacks you from behind. a multitasker! brilliant!
    * finally, thank ya for the quotes off of the Friend Friday posts. so many folks with similar sentiments and excellent points made by all! my point of view is who i am, and folks can take it or leave it. we, well most of us, aren’t here with the main purpose of impressing or pleasing others.

    1. Daisy, you are so, so sweet! Thank you sugar, so very much.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the clip. I have watched it over and over and I’m still dying over it! The samwich…um, those leftovers are gone, baby, gone. But man! I highly recommend it if you can hold of some fresh figs. It’s a savory combo of ingredients. So nice on the palate.

      And you know that’s what I was talking about when I wrote “Keep asking ’bout how we spend our money and I’ll show you. And it will hurt.”…the studded stilettos!

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope it was a gorgeous day for you.

  12. My dearest Vahni, you are my hero!!!
    I watched your vlog on friend friday and I must say that I LOVE how you address the ‘situation’ (sorry i just can’t help borrowing the jersey shore LOL) with wisdom and neutrality. I hope we can still be in touch and would so love to let you know about what’s been truly happening in my personal life. I know I can trust your discretion. Kindly let me know if you are free, I just need to have a friend to ‘talk’ my heart out to. Wishing you a fruitous day, and much much LOVE for year darling
    Kind Regards and Love and Respect always
    xoxo, HUGS…

  13. Oh. My.
    By the end of that video I realized my mouth was open in sheer awe + my hand was cradling my boob, LOL. How freaking embarrassing!! She’ll never live that one down – that is guaranteed!!
    &Thanks sincerely for all of your support as always 😉


  14. Great post, and thanks for including me in the quote section 🙂

    Now – I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but that clip is just hysterical. How embarrassing. How unaware does someone have to be to NOT expect that to happen if they are wearing chicken cutlets in a hot tub?!

    Both the burger and the shoes are perfection!

    And you may be interested in this:

    I may go buy a couple rings of my own….

    1. No worries, Beautiful.

      Glad you liked this little tidbit of JS. Yes, it is not deep and thought-provoking programming, but it is fun, and at the end of the day, I don’t need more seriousness!

      Thanks for your comment and the tip, but crikey! I was delayed getting to your comment, and I missed that SALE! However, that might be a good thing. 🙂

  15. I love, love, LOVE those shoes! A little retail therapy never hurts, now does it? I will admit that Jersey Shore is totally one of my guilty pleasures, and there really are no answers to your questions. I don’t know why anyone would behave that way in front of cameras and millions of viewers!


    1. Hi Santina! Thanks for dropping me a line. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves the vacant-but-entertaining Jersey Shore!

      Hope you’ll stop by again soon.

  16. Wow, that burger looks awesome! I love burgers with caramelized onions (okay, I love EVERYTHING with caramelized onions) and bleu cheese, but the prosciutto just takes it over the top. Yum!

    1. No worries, hon, I like what you do over on your site and I loved the Max & Chloe intro.

      And thanks on the foot candy. I am in lust with it too.

  17. V – love the Friend Friday roundup you did. I’ve been thinking of starting that on ModlyChic to hit on the best of the best from the responses. Also, those rings are amazing and those shoes I could totally see you sporting around town. I’d be tempted to get a pair myself as well. Adorable. – Katy

    1. Thank you Katy. I just thought so many ladies made great points about our last Friend Friday that I wanted to highlight them.

      And thanks for the compliments…I’m already enjoying the heck out of the shoes!

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