You have a Q? I have an A.

It’s been a week of questions, and thankfully (for these at least), I do have answers. I was recently selected by a couple bloggers to answer the following questions, but I’ve also answered a few on Formspring lately as well. Have you got a question? You can always ask it anonymously—just go to Grit and Glamour on Formspring

••  Questions from Tex of Fashion Butter ••

Do you wear a watch?
Yes. Most of the time.

What types of things do you refuse to spend money on?  Splurge on?
Hair products. I always come back to Pantene no matter how expensive the other stuff is or what it claims to do. I splurge on shoes and bags. If that wasn’t already terrifyingly apparent.

Favorite animal?
Men. Followed by dogs.

The best concert you have ever attended?
The Cult and Billy Idol back in the late ’80s. Ian Astbury (with the long hair) and Billy Idol, both in their prime. Need I say more?

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?
My BCBG black jersey skirt. 13 years of year-round wear, and holding.

How do you *really* feel about cat print rompers?
I suppose it depends on the romper. And the wearer.

What towns/cities have you lived in over the years?
I’ve only lived in three different cities. Sydney, Australia is one of them.  What a trip that was, literally and figuratively.

Hot sauce … evil or yummy?
Yummy. But if we’re talking sauces, then the yummiest of the lot is the foie gras truffle butter sauce at Peninsula Grill in Charleston. Now you’re speaking my language.

••  Questions from Anika of Sweetfaced Style ••

What is your happiest memory?
In recent times, my wedding night in Sydney. Followed by the night I saw a Shakespearean production at the Sydney Opera House.

What is your passion?
Writing. Fashion and style. Great food and great drinks with great company!

What would you do if you had the guts to?
I’d open my own boutique. And it would be swank, hi-fi, and like no other. Anyone want to lend me a few mil?

Do you smile at strangers?
I do when I’m walking by them on the sidewalk or if they smile at me.

What pisses you off?
Betrayal. And dishonesty…which is betrayal. Cruelty to animals and children. And when people don’t say thank you when I hold the door for them.

What makes you laugh out loud with joy?
Some of the things my parents and nephew say.

What is the best choice you have made this far in life?
Going back to school and getting my Master’s degree.  It opened up so many doors for me.

What is the one question you secretly want to be asked?
I’m an angel investor…how much money would you like for your startup?

••  My Questions  ••

In turn, I am supposed to select bloggers and ask them my own set of questions. Aren’t I lucky…I get to nominate 16 of you to share more about yourselves. I’ve tried not to select those who may have already been selected by others. But if I did, please forgive me.

Oh, and of course, if you don’t want to answer, that’s cool, and if you’re not on the list, who cares! You can always answer on your blog anyway. I love reading everyone’s answers. It’s so much more interesting than just passing on awards, isn’t it?

  1. A Fashion Adventure
  2. Beautifully Invisible
  3. DailyDivaDish
  4. Fashion Coconuts (‘Cause I know your answers are going to be hysterical…)
  5. Fierce
  6. In Professorial Fashion (Aren’t I smart? Two for the price of one, A-Dubs and D-Med.)
  7. Jersey Gem
  8. Leia’s Delights
  9. Lipstick & Lumber
  10. Mis Papelicos
  11. Miss Jones & Me
  12. Prêt à Porter P
  13. Style Underdog
  14. The Fashionable Life of a Navy Wife
  15. The Fashionista Next Door

And this is what I want to know:

  • Practically everyone is six degrees from a celebrity, political figure, or famous person. Will you explain your six degrees of separation from someone famous?
  • What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t yet?
  • Your favorite meal is…
  • If you could only save one pair of shoes in your closet, which pair would it be, and why?
  • Which handbag would you buy if money were no object?
  • Who is your girl crush?
  • What is your vice?
  • Last song you listened to?


    1. Thanks Lee! I love Sydney CBD. There is nothing like it in the world. And I think the Sydney Opera House is more beautiful than any manmade landmark in the U.S. Because of the design, and the way the city lights it differently for different occasions, and where it sits in the harbor…it’s just spectacular. It’s lovely by day, but absolutely breathtaking at night..

  1. Love your answers V! That is a beautiful photo of you in Australia….and your doggy looks like he was a sweetie. BTW, I’d shop at your boutique any day! Thanks so much for the tag. I’m honored and will put up a post later this week.
    XO Piper

    1. Thank you Piper! Especially on the vote of confidence in a boutique. I swear, one day I’m going to do it!!!

      And my dog was so sweet. Can you believe he used to sleep in bed with me sometimes, under the covers? 90lb+ Doberman? It’s true.

    1. Ha! True, Asteria. I never went to Canberra. Closest I got was Young. Long story.

      Thanks about the boutique…that really means a lot to me!

    1. Thank you Julia! I just couldn’t help myself on that answer. It’s really true! I love men for their ruggedness and sometimes rudimentary approach. Even when it drives me crazy!

  2. A boutique would be so awesome!!

    I do agree with everyone here – that is a gorgeous picture and my baby brother would be so jealous that you lived in Sidney! I spent a month in Australia as a student ambassador and wants to move there asap!

    Thanks so much for tagging me! This is going to be too much fun!!

  3. Hello V,
    Yes, those piss me off too. I’m loyal like a puppy so betrayal is always felt deeply. On a happy note, thanks and I’m working on them.

  4. Oh. My. Goddess. Is that the fur-collared Mojo jacket? Is it? ‘Cause it’s bee-yoo-tee-ful.

    And that is a gorgeous shot of you in front of the opera house.

    Also, your dog’s perfect alertness in this image is adorable. Even his little stubby tail is on guard.

    And finally, I don’t understand about the cat-print rompers. Is that an inside joke? Because I’m kind of creeped out by even the thought of cat-print clothing for adults. Especially in romper form. (Unless it’s leopard, of course. Then the game changes.)

    1. A-Dubs, damn you are GOOD! Yes, that IS the Mojo jacket! Thank you…I do love it myself. It has been a good friend to me.

      That makes two of us that don’t really understand the cat print rompers. If it’s an inside joke, I am not in on it. I just answered the question. But I agree, leopard would be preferable!

  5. Such a lovely and interesting post. It’s fun to see bloggers answering questions about themselves – and it’s fun to see what sort of questions bloggers would ask, as well! I love it.

    “And when people don’t say thank you when I hold the door for them.”
    Okay, yes! Sometimes it seems like people are severely lacking in propriety. It’s sad. And it’s also terribly awkward for the person left holding the door.

    I can only imagine what a sensation your boutique would be! I hope that happens for you.

    1. Isn’t it the unfortunate truth, the lack of propriety and social graces? Drives me nuts!

      Thanks for your support, Casee Marie…especially about the boutique. It actually tells me a lot, and inspires me to seriously think about making it a reality.

    1. Thanks Kristin. And my wedding was amazingly simple. Just hubby and me and a handful of family members on a cliff overlooking the ocean. No music other than the waves and the birds. No photographers, no videographers, no bridesmaids, nothing. I loved it.

  6. Thank you for the award! 🙂
    My answers:
    -Carine Roitfeld. I met Kenneth Cole 2 years ago, Kenneth Cole and Carine Roitfeld are both Amfar chairs:
    -There’s countries I would like to go that I haven’t yet.
    -Wendy’s 🙂
    -My Kenneth Cole NY black patent leather, matte leather, and satin ankle boots with a zipper down the middle. I’m not a shoe person so most of my shoes are pretty classic, and I think these would be hard to replace.
    Dior Samourai bag.
    -Maggie Q
    -Sugar addict
    -Inception soundtrack

    1. Thanks for answering, PPP. Love the six degrees to Carine. And you’re favorite meal is Wendy’s?! Who knew!

    1. Vikki, thank you and welcome! Just popped over to your blog…you got an amazing deal on your little ;ace dress!

  7. Thank you so much for including me in the list! I’ve replied on my blog 🙂
    Your Dober was gorgeous! Haha we should go into business together, your idea of a boutique is right up my street! xoxo

    1. Thank you Meg, and I so enjoyed reading your answers! Wouldn’t it be a dream if we really could go into business together?! At least you’re doing something on your own…that is AWESOME!

    1. La H, thank you for your comment! Sydney is a lovely place to visit, and you MUST see a show at the Sydney Opera House. The whole experience is truly unforgettable.

    1. Thank you Keith! I agree! Hope you’ve had a great week too. By the way…your tweets…New Order, The Smiths, Siouxsie…LOVE!

  8. haha thanks for the challenge missus!!

    Well done on getting your Master’s degree, i have done something similar and it feels like a great achievement indeed.

    PS: Shoes and Bags have their own dedicated bank card in my wallet ;p

    1. Thank you, Lady N! I look forward to your answers, I really do. Um, can my shoes and bags have a dedicated card in your wallet too?

  9. this is so fun! Great answers. Totally agree with you on the cat print rompers. I love them, but it’s a fine line… and I always smile at people on the street. I think it totally throws people off guard, and sometimes they just look at me confused..Lol! I can’t wait to answer your questions… stay tuned!!!

    Eboni Ife’

    1. Hi sweetie…can’t wait to read your answers!

      Funny thing…I’ve never actually seen any cat print rompers!

  10. how nice to learn a bit about you! thanks for taking time to post this. it bothers me, too, when people don’t say thank you when the door’s held for them. i believe it may be a cultural thing more than anything. we are southern girls, and being polite is a huge part of our culture and many others.
    and…you went to see the cult in concert- you lucky woman!

    1. Thank you S! I agree that especially in the south, being polite is a big thing.

      Yes, I have to admit, I was lucky enough to see The Cult, front row! It ROCKED! And that’s why I will forever adore the Electric album.

      Hope you’re settling in down there!

  11. Men ARE quite adorable animals, lol. These answers were such and enjoyable read + gee whiz thanks so much for tagging me! You have awesome questions + I’m definitely down to participate soon 🙂


  12. I’m just answering some questions posed by Jemina right now. It’s good way to get to know a blogger. Great answers BTW. Men and dogs.. that is true V, right?

  13. Not only did I really like you answers, but I could relate to most of them. Q&A is such a good oportunity to really get to know a blogger, and maybe see how similar, yet still unique, people are. I always love coming here, you give the blog such a personal and intimate touch, it’s wonderful!



  14. I enjoyed learning more about you V. I too smile at strangers, it’s nice to give your light and not expect to receive. Keep up the great work! I love visiting this blog! XO Mish

    1. Hello again, Mish, and thank you, hon! I really appreciate your readership and kind words. Glad you like it here!

    1. Thank you Sarah! It’s true…at least in terms of the kind of man I like. Definitely closer to the animal side…grrrrr!

  15. I can’t believe I didn’t respond to this already. I swear I did. Perhaps I dreamt it.

    I completely agree with your favorite animal choices. Men and dogs. Yup. Although, depending on the day, I may like dogs better.

    I am insanely jealous that you lived in Sydney. Australia is another country I’ve been dying to visit, and I actually have a ton of family that lives in Melbourne so it would be do-able. The only problem is I would need to take about 2 months off from work in order to fit in enough family and sightseeing time.

    Love hot sauce, but foie gras truffle butter sauce just SOUNDS delectable.

    Also agree 100% on what pisses you off. I would also add: people who wallow in their own self-created misery.

    Maybe you should try to raise some funds on kickstarter for a boutique. I’d contribute!

    If we ever meet in person we are either going to get along beautifully or hate one another because we are too similar. LOL

    1. Hello Beautiful! I read your answers too, and still can’t believe how many similarities we have. And I agree that on some days, dogs are preferable to ALL humans!

      I think we’d get along just fine if we ever met. I’m not a competitive person…I tend to like people I share lots in common with!

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed your answers V. I love that your favorite animals are men and man’s best friend! Ha!! The shot of you outside the Opera House is beautiful. You just look so happy! Thanks for passing the questions along to me. I’ll be sure to answer them on my blog once my internet connection become slightly more reliable. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later! xx

  17. PUPPY!! *love*
    the Miu Miu rompers are ‘meh’. I wouldn’t spend the cash on th Zara knock-offs either.
    honeychild, i’ll lend ya as many $mils$ as you need for that fancy boutique of yours (once I win the lotto that is…i should play one of these days!)
    “foie gras truffle butter” = foie gras and truffle together = BLISS
    yay! this sorta tag is SO much more fun than being chased around a schoolyard by a creepy classmate. thanks, love!

    1. Ha! You’re welcome! I can’t wait to read your answers, and hurry up and win that lotto! We have a boutique to open!


      Oh, and the foie gras truffle butter really is THAT good. It’s at one of the top-rated restaurants of the U.S.!

    1. Cool! At least I know there’s someone who reads my blog who wasn’t in diapers in the 80s. Sometimes I feel a hundred years old.

  18. I loved the little Q&A it was so fun!!! and I loved the, Men followed by dogs answer that was so funny =) Happy Sunday!!!
    Love, Laura

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