WVW: Double Crossed*

Two crosses, cause lately, it feels like one isn’t quite enough. Remember what I wrote about double entendres. That’s my anecdote for the day. I promise regular programming will resume shortly.

Oh, and Prêt à Porter P, this outfit is dedicated to you. Because there is method to our madness.

*WVW = What V Wore
NY & Co. cardigan, Ann Taylor cami, Gucci belt, Zac Posen for Target skirt.
Vintage gold crosses, Tory Burch leather bracelet, BCBG pumps.


  1. Killer skirt! Loving the rouched zip detail.
    Nothing beats all black for ultra chic.
    Love how you’ve accessorized this too, especially the cross pendants…I’m on the hunt for one at the moment.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend xo

  2. WOow AND I MUST say that this total dark / “casualo SM CHIC-issime” outfit ideally suits your jet black mane and porcelain skin complexion Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. I love your pictures and the effects on it. And in that all-black outfit you have absolutely dressed to kill! 🙂 Love the skirt and the belt a lot!!!

  4. Eeek! I always go crazy for an all black look and you sure know how to wear it. I love the zipper detail on the skirt. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages but I only ever seem to find zipper skirts that are tight and hoochie mama short. I want all of your accessories from this look and I’m digging the autumn hue on your nails. Happy Monday!! xx

    1. Thank you Brooke! I’m so ready for autumn…you noticed. Just picked up that color from Essie. It’s a gorgeous, deep scarlet call Limited Addiction.

  5. Adrienne—Thanks, doll!

    A-Dubs—Thanks! The crosses kept me covered. It’s all good.


    Thank you all so much for your sweet words!

    1. Sarah, thank you!

      My hair secret: Biotin supplements, single-process color (and I try to never re-color hair that has been colored. In other words, root touch-ups only). I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner and have for years. It’s better than any high-end products I’ve tried. I wash about three times a week, and just rinse and put conditioner only on the ends in between. If I’m going to the pool, I do not go under water or get my hair wet. Periodically, I slather the ends with Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Styling Oil, braid it, and sleep on it. I also do that before heading to the pool when possible.

      I occasionally use a waving iron, but outside of a wee bit of blow-drying, I rarely use irons, curlers, or other heat-based styling tools.

    1. Thanks Piper! For some reason it just occurred to me to stack the crosses as I was getting ready for church. Yes, I actually wore this to church.

      Go for it!

  6. Your pictures are captivating – not only because of your cool chic style and the poses – but also because of the ethereal quality of the pics. Keep up the awesome work! Metsy

    1. Hey doll, thank you! Target is a fantastic American big box store…I must admit. Check eBay…you can get a lot of the collabs there…that’s where I got the skirt!

  7. What a great outfit! Especially love that ruched skirt and studded cuff. Love your outfit shots – you inspired me to venture outdoors to take one – thought it was funny you craving a backdrop like London in your post about how to take photos and here’s me in London craving a backyard like yours!

    1. Thank you! Now that IS ironic…”you craving a backdrop like London in your post about how to take photos and here’s me in London craving a backyard like yours”! Don’t we always seem to want what we don’t have?

      At any rate, glad you’re going outside your comfort zone. It’s good for you.

  8. Zing me with a double endtrendre, eh? Well you look so sleek and fetching, all crosses, double and redoubled are forgiven. It’s quality over quantity, so whenever you post, it will be well worth the wait.

    1. Thank you Bella! That is music to my ears. I always hope people find my posts to be high-quality and worthy of their time.


  9. Oh Oh Oh! You and I need to go rock/goth clubbing soon … and thou shall help me pull some Gerard lookalike coz your sense of styling is just awesome !!

    The Gucci belt is an amazing elegant touch 😉

    PS: this was not a plea but a request!! 😉

    1. Lady Noix, if only we could make that goth clubbing a reality…how I would LOVE that!

      Thank you for your sweet comment. If I were in your neck of the woods, I’m sure we’d have a ball shopping, styling, and spreading our satire around for all to savor.

  10. smouldering hot style file chickie! ya know, the gucci belt is not only gorgeous, but the double Gs is more than perfectly placed here on your blog…Grit and Glamour. a match made in fashion heaven. i think i just heard angels singing…

    1. OK, you might be the ONLY person other than me who has seen the double branding in the double G’s! I love it. You are a very observant lady, aren’t you?! I hear the angels too!

      Thank you for your comment and enthusiasm…I love it and you!

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