Sunday Coffee: OMG! Girlcrack and Gratitude

Wow, what a week. So many sites, so little time. But I do hope you like these finds…happy Sunday!

The Cream

From the brilliant Agent Lover, via the also brilliant Ashe Mischief of Dramatis Personae:

I call Target “GIRLCRACK.” It earned that nickname because almost every time a person (usually female according to my studies) goes to a Target store, they get into some sort of compulsive haze and end up spending A LOT more than they planned to in the first place. I’m talking about some serious impulse buying, like going in to pick up some tampons and leaving with $80 less in your bank account. WHY IS THAT?!

From Obsess with Me: The Girlcrack known as Target



OMG, she took the words right out of our mouths. And made them into big, honkin’ RINGS! Genius! That “she” is Wendy Brandes, jeweler extraordinaire. Get your order in now, people.

Sterling OMG swear ring set by Wendy Brandes, $300. Image from


And crikey this is hot…just in at BCBG, the Spiderweb Necklace, $198. I want.

BCBG Fall 2010 collection Spiderweb Necklace. Image from



Shari of Little Blue Deer shared this image in her Shades of Gray post. This, my friends, is the body of a woman. Let’s all revel in it, shall we? I guarantee you that divine derriere is not a size 0, 2, or 4. Look closely…can you see her vertebrae? Yeah, that’s right—you can’t see bones protruding because this is the body (and booty) of a real woman. Now can I get an AMEN?

Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth. Sourced from

The Sugar

I’ve received several awards lately, and want to thank those who recognized me:

Here are the requisite seven things about me, which is part of the One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. I just found out the English version of my Greek name (which was created from my grandmothers’ names) actually means “voice” in Sanskrit (thank you Tanvi for telling me). I had thought it meant “fire”—but that’s only when two letters are transposed. Interesting.
  2. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s all about food, fun, and you don’t need to bring a gift.
  3. I don’t drink dark sodas. I gave up drinking Coke waaaaaay back in junior high, I think. Ick. It’s like drinking sludge. If I have a soda, it’s Sprite Zero, 7-Up, Diet Sierra Mist, or Ginger Ale. If.
  4. I adore alliteration, but double entendres and oxymorons are divinely devilish.
  5. If I’m not wearing jewelry that mixes metals, I can’t. It’s either all gold, all silver, or all gunmetal.

I know I’m supposed to pass these awards on to my favorite blogs, but that list keeps growing and so many of you have already received these awards from me and others…isn’t that great?! I prefer not to dedicate awards to any particular blogs anymore because I really don’t want to leave anyone out, and I can’t include a miles-long list. I am an avid reader of many of your blogs, and I feel the best way to spread the love is to mention posts that resonate with me on a given day or week, and to re-tweet posts or include them in my Sunday Coffee series. Recognizing fab bloggers in that manner—because you made me think—is my way of tipping my hat to you.

That doesn’t mean I am any less appreciative, my lovelies! Thank you!


  1. Target as “girl crack”!! That’s hilarious!! I feel that way about any accessory store! Totally addictive!

    And oh, that spider necklace is fabulous!!! 🙂

    Congratulations on all of your awards girl! You sooo deserve them!!

  2. OMG is right, to another grand Sunday Coffee post (that i’m reading on a saturday night, well past midnight *remind me to not nap during the day*)
    *and tar-jheh! that is SO friggin true! why the heck is that? <3 that store for reasons unknown to me. they sell the same staples as walmart but w-mart doesn't get my blood all a-pumpin'.
    *wendy b's rings are fabulously brilliant!
    *oye, chica! another beautiful piece of bling from BCBG? i JUST bought the rings as payday finall arrived, but now, *good grief…i need to play the lotto! hahaha
    *CONGRATS on all the awards, honeychild, and…nice as, you cheeky girl! –that was my pathetic attempt at a late hour double entendres ;o)

    i will be rereading this again tomorrow with my cup of joe….cheers, luv!

    1. Oooh, glad to hear you got the rings you wanted, Daisy! I hope you’ll send me a photo or tweet one to me!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your humor. I am always so excited to read your thoughts!

  3. Congrats on all those awards! Your blog really is a delight to read, and I personally look forward to reading your posts.

    That necklace is absolutely beautiful! BCBG is great from their accessories, down to their shoes. I saw a gorgeous sequin top today when I was at Macy’s. Definitely couldn’t afford it, but I can dream, can’t I?

    & that photo is gorgeous. It looks like a film photo, which I love particularly for the grain. Darkroom photos always have that added charm that digital photos can never quite get– manipulated or not.

    Great post and keep up the amazing work!


    1. Hi Melanie, and thank you! That’s so kind of you. It’s always nice to know someone appreciates my posts!

      I agree…BCBG tempts me on a regular basis, and the photo is a film photo. Monique let me know above that it is by famed photog Ellen Von Unwerth. I agree that there is just something about darkroom photos that makes them spectacular.

  4. I was looking forward to your Sunday coffee post first thing in the morning.
    I am not a jewellery person. It must come from my early chilhood in Spain, when as a little girl my mother kept me covered in gold: rings, earrings, bracelets, etc And i could´nt play for fear of breaking or losing them, So I told myself then that when I grew up I would never ever would wear anything that was worth more than me, he, he.
    I have also kept my daughters jewellery free as children.
    I adore that curvy body, wow. Even as a woman i prefer her to skin and bones, so what are we all doing trying to achive sizes we do not really like.
    Fashion is not what you wear, but the way you wear things and your personal flair.
    You are growing to be a part of me and my life that I love. You are a breath of fresh air and I adore you and your kindness to everyone.

    1. Sacramento, thank you for sharing this. I can totally understand why you would feel the need to be unencumbered by jewelry as an adult. Makes total sense…and kids need to be kids!

      And you are so right: fashion and style is not the clothing, the labels, the sizes. It’s all about how you interpret it.

      My, your last statement…I am so very, very honored and appreciative. Thank you, Sacramento. I feel the same; you possess wisdom and they kind of multi-faceted confidence that is so inspirational for me and others.

  5. Awesome Sunday Coffee! This really tempts me to run out to Target today, because I am in desperate need of new accessories. I think I’ll save my poor wallet. I really love Target.

    1. Hi Ashley, thank you and welcome! I’m the same about Target. It’s where I go when I’m bored and have nothing to do. There are endless distractions there! And it does have some great accessories. My sterling and big gold hoops are from Target and the are the best!

  6. great pics! I love your taste. As for the blogawards I agree with your take on it, might do the same from now on. 🙂 take care sweetheart! xx

  7. Oh, how I love me some Target! I worked there for a year when I was in college and became addicted. Plus, I always feel better about spending (too much) money there, because I know the millions they give back to their communities every week. Love that! Have a beautiful Sunday V.
    XO Piper

    1. I like your point about not feeling guilty for cleaning Target out. Why didn’t that occur to me?! Hope you had a beautiful Sunday, too, Piper!


  8. A big fat congrats on all your awards lovely… don’t think i really need to explain why your blog is so fab!
    Great shots too, am feeling the big spidey necklace and the butt shot!

    Big smackeroonies, mwah!

  9. Oh my. Your first sentence alone I could spend so much time on. Your studies are probably accurate, but just numbers give you no new knowledge. What you should be asking is WHY guys in general are of the “know what item I want, walk in and buy item, leave” type. And why guys like myself, willing to spend an entire day just shopping for that thing I will want as soon as I see it, even though I didn’t know it existed are rare.

    It’s self-reinforcing stereotyping, honestly. Guys are not given positive reenforcement for shopping behaviors (unless they are very, very wealthy). Instead, society steers them elsewhere. They internalise this as a rule, and apply it to themselves. It’s easier to break this mold if you have already broken other rules. If you’re a celebrity, or if you’re gay. Anything that allows you to reject a major “norm” will allow you to reject other rules.

    We have been doing will with second and third wave feminism in telling girls from an early age that they are allowed to buck norms. They can play sports; they can build cars; they can become President. We have NOT been very good about telling boys from an early age that they are allowed to buck norms. That it is okay if they DON’T play sports, that it is okay if they like fashion, that they can (and sometimes need to) cry. Until we recognise that we’ve gone from balancing the scales so girls and women get a fair shake, to actually ignoring the needs of boys and young men, you won’t see any sort of change in the studies you speak of.

    1. Wow. OK, you make some good points, K, but I don’t think Agent Lover’s studies were scientific. Her post was intended as a lighthearted look at the strange phenomenon of women not being able to run in Target and just leave with tampons.

      While I agree we haven’t been that great in encouraging little boys to behave against type, I’m going to go ahead and put this out there…if I had a son, I still wouldn’t. Because the world needs more MEN these days, like the men of my father’s age who were men’s men, strong, of their word, steel inside. There was no confusion about who was doing what. But I beg to differ with you on your point that society hasn’t leveled the playing field for men. Our society has come a LONG way in accepting men who partake in typically female careers or rituals. Men stay at home with the kids. They CAN cry in public and be OK. We see it all the time. They can go have manicures and facials and shop with zeal. They can hug their friends in public and it is no big deal anymore.

      But especially now, and I’m going to apply this only to myself and any women who may read this can always chime in—I want a man’s man. Practically a brute. Practically. Someone who could literally pick me up and rescue me if the need arose. I don’t want someone who spends more time in the mirror than me. Someone who is actually worried about his nails or doesn’t know how to change a flat tire or fix a leaky pipe. I don’t need another ME…I need a complement. Balance. And that pretty much means a gloriously sterotypical, red-blooded male. A bloke. Who likes blokey things. Which I have, actually. My husband.

      Obviously, we all have our thoughts on this. But even recently, I found myself telling my 5-year-old nephew that boys don’t whimper and cry when he was pouting about not getting his way. If he falls down and scrapes his knee, that’s another matter. Crying out in pain is warranted and that is OK. But crying while pouting? No. Because it’s a tough world out there, and as much as I wish I could prevent it, his resolve and physical prowess will be tested by other boys, because that is the nature of the beast.

      1. To support my point:

        …’Who is going to fight the wars? Who is going to shoot the guns or do the nasty physical labour and the dirty jobs? And, most importantly, who are the women going to be attracted to? Because, while often women might complain about alpha male behaviour on the surface, deep down they want to be loved by a man who isn’t going to wuss out at the first sign of hardship.’

        From: Are alpha men a dying breed?

  10. Such yummy eye candy. Couldn’t agree with you more about target!! Seriously WTF? And the yummy “ASS-est” photo is By Ellen Von Unwerth. My absolute all time favorite photographer! Happe Sunday Love!
    xo M

  11. I once went into target to buy toilet paper, and some how before I knew it I was at the register with A FULL CART!!!

    I think there really is something to us being brothers 😉 I have that BCBG necklace saved in my images that may become future posts folder.

    1. Ha!!! I’ve done the full cart instead of just the basics myself.

      And why am I not surprised by your second statement? Um, yeah. Be sure to check in tomorrow, hon!

  12. Shopper’s Drug Mart is my Target/Girlcrack. I go for a carton of cream and come back with three nail polishes, five magazines, one eyeliner, a pretty smelling body cream and as many candles as I can still carry because I never get a basket. Not getting a basket is supposed to deter me from the behavior I just described, but it never does. And damn! That is one fine behind. Have a lovely Sunday evening!! xx

    1. Oh, yeah, that I’m-not-grabbing-a-basket strategy never works does it?! Ha!

      Thanks for popping over. Heading over to see you now. Hope you’re well, sugar!

  13. A BIG AMEN to that backside of a beautiful woman! If only the rest of society could recognize that!
    Off to read the first article 🙂

    xo Lynzy

  14. I love target. I haven’t been there in a while, but thats prob. a good thing. I always wind up with way more than I needed. I love their accessories and clothes. Such a fun store. When I get married it’s going to be a place where I have a guest registry!! love that pic too! she has a beautiful backside. hehe.

  15. Hi V,
    Just read yesterday’s comment from you. We are all in agreement, especially about bloggers perpetuating certain images. In fact, that was what my original comment was about. I expected to see you touch on this subject more deeply in the near future. I’m glad I wasn’t wrong. I’m looking forward to what you have to say.
    Happy Sunday,

  16. Now, I’m wishing that there were targets here in Indonesia and Singapore to actually test my level of endurance LOL, and that OMG rings are genius :)), and V, you MUST get that BCBG spider necklace, that is a BEAUTY!!!
    Thanks for all the awesome links and the sexiest booty, I need those :), arrggghhhh
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead 😀

  17. Oh, the Target post made my day! So hilariously well-written – and so true. I’ve gone in just to bop around and ended up spending blissful hours looking at all the things. We have a particularly glam location here that has the most luxurious grocery department you could ever ask for. I was so dumbfounded the first time I went in.

    Oh, and the rings, utterly amazing.

  18. Congrats on the awards. I’m of the same mind: I find it hard to pass awards to a few blogs when I read and follow so many. Hope you buy that necklace so we can see it worn well!!

  19. AH!! MORE jewelry for me to spend money on, and let’s not talk about Target, I just got back from vacay and managed to spend only $50 the entire two weeks! Now, you reminded me that I haven’t been to Target in a month and I will probably go tomorrow and spend 60 bucks. 🙁

    1. Also, speaking of jewelry, are you interested in winning a watch? I’m hosting a giveaway, and it’s a nice piece, but I’ve gotten no responses yet :\

      1. Miss ED, honey I consider it a blessing when I walk out of Target for under $75! It’s crazy, that place. I swear they pump some kind of drug through the vents that only works on kids and women.

        I entered your watch giveaway! If I win, I have big plans for that watch!

        Thanks for your comment, doll.

  20. I LOVE YOU!
    sorry, just my emotional turret’s talking.

    great post.
    yes, Target is the one non-secondhand store that I frequesnt aside from grocery stores. and i have been known to blow paychecks. i’ll go in for cat food, and leave with a full cart of goodies (and some awesome frocks) and forget the catfood. i love Tar-jay.

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