Sunday Coffee: Tasteless Fashion, Profresh Advice, and Sacramento

There are so many things I come across in my weekly Internet/magazine/TV surfing, little pearls I’m dying to share. And there is nothing I love better than good reads on a quiet Sunday morning, with coffee, of course. So welcome to my first Sunday Coffee post. I’m going to try and do this weekly as long as time permits.

The Cream

First, the serious stuff, in a truly thought-provoking post by Beautifully Invisible. One of the most compelling posts I’ve read all week.

From Water & Oil: Social Commentary or Tasteless Fashion?:

Photographer Steven Meisel often references social issues within his photoshoots, so it is no surprise that he is the mastermind behind “Water & Oil.” The shoot, which is the cover story of the current issue of Vogue Italia, is meant to be an editorial on April’s tragic Deepwater Horizon explosion and the resulting environmental catastrophe. It is meant to raise awareness…

Model Kristen McMenamy is the star of the shoot and represents the injured, oil-slicked birds that are among the innocent victims of the BP oil spill…

And the caption below goes along with the story (at least on Vogue Italia’s website):

“Kristen McMenamy in the “survivor” version, where she interprets in images the environmental drama that’s afflicting the Gulf of Mexico. She keeps her skin golden thanks to Self Tan Face Bronzing Gel Tint (to wear alone or with foundation): it takes care of the skin, while giving it a hint of color. Carbon, anthracite, and all of the earthy shades “dress” her eyes…”

Um, yeah, pretty ugly pictures with sickeningly irreverent product props—and worse, as the post points out—no direction to rescue organizations or call-to-action.

The post on Beautifully Invisible continues:

It seems to me that without that call to action, all Meisel is really doing here is glamorizing the aesthetic of tragedy. This tragedy:

Vogue Italia may have forgotten the call-to-action, but I sure didn’t.
The Gulf Coast Oil Spill: How to Help


  • Other bloggers chime in…read Fashion & Oil by Vogue Gone Rogue.
  • Read this comment from Leia (included below): “…And about the Vogue oil spill shoot… it’s a nice idea that they were trying to bring social issues into the forefront, but I don’t think it really panned out very well. Glamorizing an environmental catastrophe… never a good idea. What kind of message are they trying to send by not even leaving you a number/website in case you want to help? Also, Vogue continues to use real fur in their magazine, so it’s clear that they’re not ‘ethical’ and don’t really care about the plight of animals (okay I’m just being catty here, but Vogue makes me angry).”
  • Beautifully Invisible also wrote a follow-up post: Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel’s Water & Oil: Follow-up.
  • And a final thought: Young bloggers, when you read something on a blog and you post about the same subject within hours, be sure to give credit where it’s due.


A new discovery: Sacramento of Mis Papelicos. Proof that style is indeed eternal, and that passion for life and acknowledgment of your truth is the most beautiful thing of all. Sacramento is a style maven, a sage, and a sweetheart.

Sacramento of Mis Papelicos. Photo:

Women with wings are like a firm reed anchored between water and earth. They sway with the wind without breaking. The hurricanes and gales of life make them stronger and wiser; with a wisdom that is embedded in their blood forming an invisible bridge between the generations that were and the ones to come.

From Women with Wings

Sacramento of Mis Papelicos. Photo:

The Sugar

Rated PG-13 Vid: Top 20 Ways Girls F**K Up Relationships, from the beautiful and hysterical Christina of Profresh Style. One day I aspire to produce vlogs this good. And funny. Oh, to have been half as wise at her age. Love ya, doll.


Pauly D and his infamous coif. Photo from

Pauly D, on being required to wear a hat at his temp gig in Miami:

My boss seems to think that my hair is gonna fall off and go into the ice cream. This hair ain’t movin’ my dude. 150 miles an hour on the highway on a street bike. Doesn’t move. What makes you think it’s gonna move in a gelato shop?


    1. ahahha! ya Wendy, unfortunately, I cuss quite a handful (more than I should) but my MOTHER decided it was inappropriate for my younger sisters to hear me cuss…(not that talking about sex is any different but you know..). AND I’ve wanted your swear rings FOREVER, (considering the amount of cussing I partake in) but then, I lost the J.O.B. lol. But, I’m still wanting them so once the $$$ comes in, your swear rings shall reign supreme upon my FINGAS’. LOL.

  1. Great post – going to be cracking out the coffee pot every Sunday to sit down to this from now on.

    I didn’t see the Vogue Italia – amazed they decided to run such a shoot given the public outcry recently over Rodarte and MAC cosmetics using Cuidad Juarez as “inspiration” for their collections which raised similiar issues about the fashion industry aestheticizing oppression and violence.

    Vogue Italia will no doubt claim in their defence that they are trying to make us think about this crisis (alongside a new bronzing gel!?). Maybe if there is enough backlash Vogue Italia might have to do as MAC did – cough up an apology, make their own donation and actually try to help.

    Thanks for introducing the fabulous Sacramento! I’m going to look her up now – more older bloggers please!!

    1. Hi lovely, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I’ll be curious to see if anything come of the Vogue Italia uproar, but I doubt it. I don’t think the intention behind the spread was bad…it’s just the editorial that sucked. Please, make us think. But now that you have our attention, tell us what you want us to do!

  2. Hi V, fabulous post as always. I’m at the airport now, surfing the net via blackberry. How inapirational Mis Papelicious is, I’m def going to look her up. Sorry for the brevity of my comment, I have a flight to catch.
    Let’s keep in touch, Love, Jemina, xoxo

    1. OMG…Jemina, you crack me up. Thank you for commenting at all! I hope you had easy, stress-free travels.

      I think you, especially, will love Sacramento. We will keep in touch!

  3. The philosophical moment was HILARIOUS! What a great video.

    And about the Vogue oil spill shoot… it’s a nice idea that they were trying to bring social issues into the forefront, but I don’t think it really panned out very well. Glamorizing an environmental catastrophe… never a good idea. What kind of message are they trying to send by not even leaving you a number/website in case you want to help? Also, Vogue continues to use real fur in their magazine, so it’s clear that they’re not ‘ethical’ and don’t really care about the plight of animals (okay I’m just being catty here, but Vogue makes me angry).

    Love this new feature, V, and can’t wait to see more!

  4. this was a very fun and informative post.

    the steven meisel shoot COULD have been good and raised awareness if it had been ABOUT raising awareness and not about selling self-tanner. vogue italia needs to get it’s shit together. thank you for blogging about it and NOT forgetting the point.

    that video is hiliarious and adorable. i must definitely check out profresh style.

    i don’t watch jersey shore but that quote is all over the internet. lol.

    1. Kristy, thank you for your comment and for your incredible post. I added a link to it above. I always love reading your posts because they are so well-crafted.

    1. Thanks Malin! I l totally adore the shorts ensemble you’re wearing in your latest post. Not to mention the stunning backdrop. How lucky are you?

      Please visit again soon!

  5. I’ll address Profresh’s vlog first, and then talk about the oil spill spread.

    What Profresh did is EXACTLY the type of post, written or spoken, that I would never, ever do. It’s hard for me to tell just how much of Christina’s commentary was satire, and how much of it she meant. And some of her comments very broadly painted men not just women (as if just stereotyping one gender would somehow be better). Doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh, but I took exception to some of the generalities at play here. I also know, but again will never detail, that I have made some of these mistakes, and I’m obviously male. I think as fashion bloggers there are certain topics that should have less time devoted to them, and some topics shouldn’t be discussed at all. Satire or not, Christina’s choice to comment on this issue makes me uncomfortable.

    I may be in Japan, but as you know, I am a Texan, and a fiercely proud one at that, and so my state is a Gulf state, and there are few things more beautiful to me in this world than watching a sunrise on the South Texas coastline. While the model and the photographer may have been creating an art piece that would speak to the danger my state and her neighbors face, it looks as those Vogue Italia totally missed the mark on this one. And that makes me very, very angry.

    1. K, I think Christina’s video was all meant in fun…I don’t imagine she is really proposing wielding a knife, or that she has the credentials to offer legitimate advice on communication and relationships. She’s poking fun at the plight of her peers. I can understand if you are uncomfortable…maybe her brand of humor is not your cup of tea.

      Regarding the oil and fashion topic, I’m with you on your anger. You are right: Vogue Italia DID miss the mark. I made a comment on the Vogue Gone Rogue post about this, but I’m going to include it here as well:

      Vogue Italia should have put its money where its mouth is—don’t just put the imagery out there in an endeavor to portray the gravity of this tragedy, DO SOMETHING TO HELP! If Vogue Italia is going to where American media doesn’t dare, then make it a movement. Make it count.

    2. OH Kionon-

      And what a male thing to do to completely take my video out of context 🙂
      You must know that I wasn’t being completely serious. I was merely poking fun at my experiences, my girlfriends’ experiences, stories I’ve heard, and then some. I believe that this video actually took some true into why women do truly ruin their relationships. I’m not sure what relationships you’ve been involved in, but I’m sure you’ve come across women who were needy, whined about the stupid shit in the world, became jealous of a girl friend/new friends, etc. which is why I’m “shaking the finger” at women who do things like this (WHICH WE ALL HAVE DONE). I consider myself a very strong woman based on the experiences I’ve gone through so instead of having a serious video, I thought it might be a funny, well more like hilarious, to poke fun at women like myself who really do/did act like this. As a male, you should be thankful. And if you are not, well, damn, that’s just a little too bad. 🙂

      But on a side note, I’m completely digging your loafers/boaters in the blog post where you’re sitting on some sort of dresser. The navy color is great! I wish more men wore loafers. It’s more attractive then gross tennis shoes with over-stuffed socks. YUCK.

      1. Christina,

        That’s just it; I didn’t take your video out of context. I didn’t know what context I should take it in at all. If it was entirely satire, then I found it funny, and I laughed. My concern is that it might not be clear that it is satire. I don’t talk about my relationships, a point that was brought up in my response to Friend Friday: Privacy, but without going into details, I’ve certainly been the one to ruin relationships by doing the exact same things you accuse women of doing. So the issue is hardly relegated to female set. What I was really saying was that I could never pull off a post like that. It would come off as totally offensive, and I’d rightly be slammed for it. You, apparently, can, but it’s still a type of post I would never do myself. That’s the only point I was making.

        Oh, my brand new Sperry Top-siders? Yeah, got those at Macy’s in Guam about two weeks ago for $62 (originally, $75 because they’re the 75th anniversary edition, although normally Sperry’s are more like $120, so good deal all around). Socks are for sports, unless you are at a very dressy occasion, and then thin black socks (or colored socks, like I wear to work, because the dress code says I must wear socks, and black all the time is boring). By all means feel free to leave a comment on Kyoto Maiko. Thanks.

  6. I am at a loss for words at the moment and nearly in tears with happiness.
    When I wrote that post , it came straight from my heart , thinking of myself, my daughters and all the women, like you, whose heart those words would touch.
    You are wonderful, and I am sooooo glad to know that you, as well, have wings.

    1. Awww, the dame of the hour! Thank you Sacramento!

      You are a rarity in the fashion blogging world, because you are not the typical blogger on any level. But yet, you put yourself—and your wisdom—out there. And I’m glad you do, because we can ALL learn something from you.

      I am glad you are OK with including you here…I just couldn’t help myself.

  7. Thanks so much for including my post! This whole topic is so frustrating to me because there was so much potential there – I can SEE the potential, but, in my opinion, they just completely missed the mark with it. At least it has people talking. Leia’s post about Vogue using real fur is also quite interesting. It’s harder to imagine this was really about raising awareness knowing that.

    On a lighter note: thanks for the link to Sacremento’s blog and Christina’s vlog- going to check those out!

    1. Absolutely…I thought your post was FANTASTIC and worthy of discussion. I’m glad you’re OK with me shining a light on it. I just thought you made incredible points that really resonated with me.

      Thanks for commenting sweetie!

  8. this post goes to show your versatility and many of the reasons why i adore ya, hon. any post that can make me feel a range of emotions from disgust to teary-eyed to chuckling and to sigh…GTL?
    the pics of the poor creatures who have had to deal directly with the oil. makes me sick to my stomach. thank you for adding the call-to-action link in your post. i had seen the cover issue of Vogue Italia, and it looked surreal until I ventured further into the spread. ugh.
    the Sacramento piece….pure fabulousness. The quote, “Women with wings…” is pure poetry which had my eyes all watering up.
    Ms. Profresh Style is too friggin’ cute. i cringed and laughed at most every one of her points. not only because of the truth behind each of them bug also because i am a culprit of some…ok MANY of them. yep! (a part of growing up, i say).
    Jersey Shore…blah. ya’ll know how i feel about reality shows & drama. i don’t get it.
    i read the comments before watching Christina’s video clip, and i found it funny. very cheeky and funny. just because a blog is considered a ‘fashion’ blog, is it only required to be such? anywho, satirical works are usually tongue in cheek humor, potentially offensive, and part thought provoking, no?

    chica, love the new addition to your blog and can’t wait for more! (i promise to try not to be as loquacious next time!)

    1. Thank you sweetie! Loquacious…LOVE that word. Never, ever feel like you need to be less loquacious here, honey. I invite the convo, it’s healthy and without it, I’m just TALKIN’ TO MYSELF!

      Glad parts of this post resonated with you, and I agree: “just because a blog is considered a ‘fashion’ blog, is it only required to be such?” Uh, you know what I’ve said on my vlogs…I don’t put myself into any box. And apparently Christina doesn’t either. I’ve always felt that if someone doesn’t like what I’m doing, there is no gun pointed at them to make them come back, you know? That’s me…a GTL boy and serious stuff all in one post. I make no apologies. That’s everyday life. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

      Thank you for your comment! Happy Sunday!

  9. Ohhh V! Thank you so so much for this shout. First of all, what a great idea of a segment like this. I think it’s perfect to do a little round up of what you found interesting on the interwebs! Second of all, thank you for featuring my little vlog. I am a very strong believer in being able to show different sides of ourselves, and not just fashion bloggers-which clearly Kionon didn’t receive that memo this morning. 😉
    No, but seriously, thanks so much. I think it’s important to be well-rounded in the blogging world. I find it’s more relatable and more endearing then just constant photos of ourselves. You have achieved this perfectly. You are one of the ones who are very balanced and offer a clean and diverse aesthetic which brings back such loyal readers.

    Thanks again Vahni!


    1. Aw, you’re so kind, Christina…I appreciate your support and am glad to hear that people are liking the idea of a catch-all post. The honest truth is that sometimes my little brain has absorbed so much I’m excited about that I have to tell someone, you know? Plus, some weeks I don’t feel like taking photos of myself, or more important things are on my mind. There are also so many bloggers out there who are doing great things that deserve some recognition. Not that my blog is the end-all, be-all of that. I’m nobody. But when I see or read something compelling, I want to share it.

      This blog started as a way for me to share my writing and thoughts, a way for me to exorcise the thoughts within. Fashion is an integral part, but the blog mirrors my life and me—there is more to me than just the outside or inside. I am the sum. I know you get that…you have the same approach.

      Thank you again for the totally fun video and for your comments!

  10. I think the Oil spread was in bad taste, to be honest. I think sometimes as an effort to be shocking fashion people pick subjects just to shock. Also, the spread was supposed to be editorial, right? I don’t think the clothes were done justice. The photographer (who is amazing, don’t get me wrong) was trying to do a sensational job that would give hm a lot of publicity and street cred. I don’t think it had anything to do with the actual issue at hand, it was just a way to be shocking. A lot of people and animals are still suffering in the gulf region, so I think it’s too soon for this kind of spread.

    On a lighter note, I love Pauly D.

    xoxo, Ashley

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Ashley. I do think this spread smacks a little of the shock value factor, and it is terribly insensitive especially since it presents disturbing imagery with no thought paid to recourse or resolution. As you pointed out, there is still suffering, so shame on them for not using their incredible reach to aid in assistance.

  11. I love the idea behind this series. I’m always down for some links, it’s hard to get around to every corner of the web, so I love when people share the best of what’s out there!! Looking forward to more Sunday Coffee posts.

    1. Thank you Becca! So glad to know this is valuable for you and others…I truly appreciate your feedback and readership.

  12. Thanks for sharing these links V.
    They’re excellent, I found the oil spill link especially important. I hadn’t heard / seen that – humans are so disappointing sometimes!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend xo

  13. If only those poor birds had face bronzing gel…
    It’s terrible to think Vogue would take such powerful images and turn them into fluff. I wonder how the photographer feels about that. If it were me, I’d be pretty upset.

    1. I know…see, doesn’t it sound so twisted? Good point. The photographer is extraordinarily famous…and a regular Vogue contributor. I doubt it even fazes him since he did it in the first place.

  14. It’s supper late and my eyes are bleary. But I saw you had a new post and had to take a peek. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do. Lot’s of good things in thsi post. Just discovered loely Mis A very recently. Another Sactown blogger is always a good thing especially good folks like her. I’ll be back and finish some of the other reading.. but right now, time for bed. xo. -Bella Q

  15. I love this idea for a weekly post. I too like to spend my time on Sundays with something hot to drink, and blogs, newspapers and magazines to read. Such a leisurely pace for a day to relax.

  16. Ok, days later, I’ve got to update you that I now realize that Sacramento isn’t from Sacramento. She’s from Spain, and fabulous. My hometown shares her name but not her style.

  17. Hey V!! I’m back from my too-long vaca, and I like how you collected these things together, I am definitely behind the Sunday Coffee posts! The Vogue editorial as many said is just sad, without anything but an aesthetic reference, they aren’t presenting ways to prevent these things from happening again or even acknowledging the fact that the mess is HUGE. As for the two other blogs you mentioned, I’m so glad that you’re just feeding my addiction, I love finding new and interesting blogs to read/watch 😉

    1. Hello darling, welcome back! Thanks for all the comments and time you spent here in the last couple days!

      So glad to know people are digging the Sunday Coffees. I spend so much time on blogging, and like most, I fund my own endeavors. It’s nice to know that they are appreciated!

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