WVW: Leopard, Take 2*

It’s been a while since I wore this dress. But since I’ve been in a leopard kind of mood lately, I thought it was time to recycle it, remixed.

Oh, and a huge thank you to Anika of Sweetfaced Style for featuring G&G her blog this week. Big hug, Anika darling! Y’all check her out. She’s a beautiful, fearless bloggerista who regularly whips up her own ensembles. If only I had skills like that.

This is also the debut of my new obsession: nail decals. These were sent to me by A Brit Greek (thanks, sugar!) and I’m totally loving them on a black mani. Am I too old for nail art? Probably. Do I care? Hell no.

*WVW=What V Wore
Sass & Bide Chase the Dark dress, American Apparel leggings, BCBG rings, Guess sandals.
On nails: OPI Black Onyx, Snowfox white floral nail stickers.


  1. For those of you who have asked about the rings…they are currently available at BCBG and BCBG.com at this writing. I also blogged about them here: http://www.gritandglamour.com/2010/07/27/stylelust-bcbg-fall-2010-accessories/.

    Get ‘em while they last! And so you know, the two-finger stud knuckle dusters are one-size fits all. They’re around a size 7/8. So if you have really tiny fingers, they will probably be too big.


    Paint clear nail polish inside and on the sides of the rings. They will turn to silver where they rub against your fingers. Repaint periodically to prevent wear. I do this with all my costume rings.

    Take them off when you wash your hands. And don’t leave them on the side of the sink in a public place and lose them! I’ve done that one before. Put them in a pocket or your handbag when washing.

  2. Those are the BEST RINGS EVER they’re so badass – love them! & you look amazing in that dress- leopard isn’t for everyone but you pulled this off well 🙂

  3. Ohhh Emmmm Geeee!!! That dress!!! you look sensational!!! (insert wolf whistles), WOW WOW WOW, and babe, please you are never too old for those nails!!! you are my hero!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, J, xoxo, mwah! mwah! HUGz he he he 😀

    1. DM, thank you so much! It does have adjustable ruching in the front…a lot of S&B dresses have drawstrings for ruching…love that about them.

  4. I LOVE leopard print and you look amazing! And I am obsessed with nail art, so of course I love your nails 🙂 and no, you’re not too old for it! My mum is 54 and always decorates her nails!

    1. That’s right! I totally forgot that about your mum! You’re only as old (or young) as you feel. And I definitely don’t feel like the old lady that I am.

      Thank you sugar!

  5. Loving your dress. Sass & Bide are one of my favourite Aussie designers. I’m loving your rings and the other stud-ey stuff that are between your fingers. If you don’t mind, may I ask where you got them from? x

  6. That is one bad-ass collection of rings girl – i so love that close up shot and the nail decals rock on the black babe!

    You’re looking fierce in the leopard too!

    1. No thank YOU for the nail decals! It suddenly occurred to me as I was looking at them the other day that they would look really cool on black…there’s an element of chinoiserie. Thanks doll!

    1. Thanks Monique. Can’t take full credit for the leggings idea. The S&B designers regularly show sheer maxis and dresses like this one over leggings… it’s their trademark, actually. They layer over their ruched “Rats” leggings.

  7. So excited to see the BCBG rings on! I’ve been visiting them online for weeks. Now that I see them on you, I feel they must be mine! Just found your blog and loving it. I am following you on bloglovin and would be honored if you felt like following back. http://www.blingazon.com Have a great day!

    1. Hi Becky, thank you and welcome! Yeah, the double-finger rings would be really easy to lose if you don’t have big fingers. Which I have, for better or for worse.


      Oh. my, I am so flattered by your words and totally enamored of your spirit. Thank you for finding me so I could find you, because you are FABULOUS! I wish I could write it to you in Spanish. I am absolutely following you back…thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I wish you were on Bloglovin’, but you are so amazing, I am adding a permanent link to you too.


  8. I love that you are in a leopard kind of mood lately. The way the dress falls on you and flows is stunning. The nail decals look amazing especially when placed on the black mani and surrounded by such gorgeous knuckle armor. It looks so bad ass and is a killer way to polish off the entire look. Genius!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy! I’m totally in love with the two-tone hair in your latest post. Everyone is doing it and I’m so jealous!

  9. Like you dress and your nail art. I do. And doesn’t look like you are old for anything. Age is just a number, right? 🙂 Love the whole look now off to check out your friend’s blog whom you have linked here!!!

  10. That dress is bad. a**, V! With all the rings and nail beautification, plus the leggings and hard core shoes, you are taking it to another level of serious, serious awesomeness.

  11. Hi sweetheart, first, bloody hell I love your outift!!! you know how I am about leopard and dresses, and seing them come toghether like this…….. smelling salt please!! LOL you are so beautiful and chic. yauuzzza.

    also, thanks very much for the love! you know how I feel about you ;D

    <3 Anika

    1. Ha! What can I say, Anika? Birds…and cats…of a feather flock together! Thank you again for the feature. Know that the feeling is mutual. I think you’re just so cool.

  12. Cool rings!! I just saw those @ BCBG’s website today. I wonder how they would stay on! But as you mentioned, I have tiny fingers (size 5 or smaller), so they wouldn’t work on me. I’m glad you found that Zac Posen skirt! I ended up buying one off ebay myself. Also LOVE that you love the Tom Ford era like I do!!!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for commenting. When I was trolling your blog, it almost felt like trolling mine. The YSL/Tom Ford stuff. The way you style things…fantastic! Can’t wait to see more from you.

    1. No problem, doll. I so love the watch and it is a shame. But I guess nothing lasts forever, and with gold trading at a freakin’ all-time high, that vintage gold Rollie is out of the question for me.

      Thanks for your sweet words. Loving your leopard looks too…there are a few of us who have really been feeling it lately and I love all the inspiration!

  13. “Am I too old for nail art? Probably. Do I care? Hell no.” –> Amen to that missus . I am 27 and I still wear headbands and loopy tshirts. Dont care now and I probably will never do 😉

    And those rings are fabulous, I love the fact that they aren’t of a silver shade but rather a dark elegant shade.
    Also, you are the first person I have ever met who is able to make a full length leopard dress look so good and chic! You can pat yourself on the back (with those fab fingers of yours of course 😉 )


    1. Lady, lady. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You seriously make me smile, DAILY. So first, thanks for that. And thanks for your kind words and support. They really mean the world to me.

      I still wear headbands too. With like flowers and feathers and sparklies on them. No wonder why my three-year-old niece is in love with me. As Veshoevius said above, age schmage!

  14. Love the dress! Super stylin’, you could totally take it from beach to dinner, you know? Gorgeous! And I am loving the nail decals, I wonder how they would look on bare nails, since I’m not that into nail polish (the chips and such). Maybe with just clear polish? Hmmm. I often ask myself, “am I too old for this?” And the answer usually is F, I don’t care! XO!

    1. Thank you Shari! I think the decals would look fantastic (and a litle more subtle) on bare nails. Actually, I think I might try that out myself! So if you pick any decals up, paint a coat of clear polish on, then while your nails are still wet, apply your decals, let dry, then top with a coat or two of clear polish. Let me know if you go for it!

  15. Not sure how I feel about the dress. Animal prints are always about balance, and while I like the shape and structure of this dress, I am left wondering if it’s just too much print. Now, what I do love here is the exposure of the pictures. It’s very sepia-ish, very vintage feeling. It’d be interesting to see what I’d think about the dress under indoor lighting conditions with a white or gray matte colored shooting area…

  16. Wow V.
    Nice work. I also like how you styled it in April, I linked back. Then I linked to Almost Sass&Bide from January. V, those 3 photos are gorgeous. Breathtaking gorgeous. Please wear that dress again, soon.

    1. Thank you B! I totally appreciate that. I will wear that dress again soon. It actually looks supercool with the harness as well, but I’ll give the harness a break. Or maybe I need another one!

  17. V, that dress is A.MASE.ING!!!
    I could hardly take my eyes away from the photo of your rings….I’ve scrolled back up about 3 times so far!
    They are to die for!!

    Loved your interview on sweetfaced style!
    (Loved her blog too!)

    Thanks for your sweet comments, they mean a lot xo

    1. Thank you Julia! And thanks for checking the interview out. Anika is so sweet. I just love her. So many lovely bloggeristas…you all make my heart sing!

      RE: the comments. No biggie. Just telling you the truth. You have good things in store, my dear. I know it. You must follow your heart.

    1. Thanks Kristin…but don’t die…just buy! I have to admit I’m really having fun with these new pieces. People are perplexed by them. I kinda like that.

    1. “I’m buying immediately if not sooner.” I love that! I might have to borrow that one.

      I love all these wonderful who gives a #$@% comments. Awesome. Thanks doll!

  18. oh! the dress looks ravishing and you look amazing..i think it is one of those cases where you are adding more to the dress than the dress itself..love all the rings, nails too 🙂
    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan, welcome and thank you! After jumping over to your blog, now I’m totally dying for fall even more. BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS!!!

    1. Thank you Brianna. As far as these shots go, God provided the lighting, and the rest was achieved in Picknik. Check it out…it’s fun and free! Of course, I do use a pretty decent DSLR on a tripod. That helps.

        1. No problem! If you have RSS enabled on your blog, Bloglovin’ automatically picks you up. If you want people to be able to follow you this way, you might consider adding a badge to your site.

  19. MUY MUY CALIENTE, MAMACITA!! ~ love everything about that dress: the hem, the ruche, the print ~ love that you wore it with leggings *HEART* ~ and the decals! love that you creatively placed it on only a few fingers rather than all your digits~ and the rings *SWOON* i have the triple skull and the rose in my basket, eagerly awaiting payday. being able to see the colors and the fit on your fingers is tremendously helpful. how comfy/uncomfy are the triple open ring sets? :o)

    1. Daisy, muchas gracias! (I hope that’s right…I wish I knew Spanish). You honor me, sugar. Thank you so very much.

      Love the skulls…can’t wait to see them on you! The triple stud sets are very comfortable to me. They are best worn in the middle of the hand, on the middle and ring ringers…only because you don’t need maximum stretch between your fingers there. Surprisingly, for me at least, they stay on with no problems.

      My only recommendations (since I have a ring from BCBG in the same gunmetal that I’ve been wearing for a bit already) are these:

      1. Paint clear nail polish inside and on the sides of the rings. They will turn to silver where they rub against your fingers. Repaint periodically to prevent wear. I do this with all my costume rings.
      2. Take them off when you wash your hands. And don’t leave them on the side of the sink in a public place and lose them! I’ve done that one before. Put them in a pocket or your handbag when washing.

      Hope you score some!

      1. OH! i had only considered the possibility of the stones falling out, but not the metal color changing. excellent advice, chickie! thank ya. and your español is is great! ;o)

    1. Ms. March, thank you! I have to say I think you in your floral dress is the prettiest and sassiest you’ve ever looked!

  20. that leopard dress is definitely putting me in a leopard mood… I might feel compelled to pull out some leopard apparel of my own again soon.

    And perhaps you are right about the nail decals, but hey, they are still fun. why deprive yourself for the sake of being an adult?

    1. Thank you Jenna, and that FCUK shirt is fantastic! I love how you styled it with the hat and belt.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  21. thanks for ur lovely comment on my new header and layout… it meant a lot to me!

    you look amazing as always, the nails and rings are just wicked =)

    1. Thank you Annie…no problem! I like your changes. And I can’t help but want to visit because your looks and shots are always so great.

  22. This is so boho for an animal print dress – so cool! I have to echo the sentiments regarding your rings – they’re really nice.

    Have a great weeeknd!

    xoxo, Ashley

    1. You know, Ashley, I never really thought of that, but you’re right. It IS. Must be why I like it so much. It is OTT, but kind of tame in its own way.

      Thanks for the compliments and comment, sweetie!

    1. Wow, thanks, hon! Never thought about the confidence thing. That is kind of you to point out.

      Hope you had an enjoyable weekend as well!

      1. My goodness, thank you honey! And thank you also for the award. You are so kind, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.

  23. You look amazing. FIERCE. meow!
    Anika did a great job on her feature of G&G. You say the things I feel so well, like words out of my mouth but better!

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