The Julia Dress

If you missed part one of this tale, read WVW: What Julia Wore. It is a prerequisite.

Now on to the luck of The Julia Dress.

The dress arrived midweek. I donned it on Friday, bright and early to take my car to the dealership for some TLC. The dress is comfy, and I must admit there was already a spring in my step because it was cute on and it held such a good vibe for me. To the dealership I embarked. Upon arrival, I was told my car should be ready within 45 minutes. Cool. I’ll wait. My dealership has wi-fi so I worked from there, no problem.

Four hours and four decafs later, I’m still sitting in the customer lounge. But I’m in a good mood. ‘Cause I didn’t eat a single one of the freebie Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I’m wearing my Julia dress, and all of you, my lovelies, are showing some serious love for my Friend Friday: Blogger Jealousy post, here and on Twitter. So I’m not a total dork. I’m a happy girl.

The service guy comes out and tells me they’ve completed the repair, but some residual knocks and lights are happening. They really need to keep the car longer, but why don’t I take a loaner, and no worries if I can’t get it back today. Yeah, that’s good for me, I think, since I haven’t eaten brekky or lunch, and I’m recalling the last loaner I had, and it was good. And all this repairing is transpiring while under warranty—huge bonus—this is not cutting into my shoe budget. I pack up my laptop and toddle over to the loaner guy and give him my license.

“You got anything fun?” I ask.

“No, just 328s.”

“Aw, ’cause last time I got a Z and it was so fun,” I reply.

“Well, one just came in,” he says. “But I don’t know what condition it’s in.”

“Hey, a little dirt never hurt me.” (And it never hurts to ask, I think.)

Loaner guy exits. He comes back, nods, escorts me out.

Yeah, BABY! This is my loaner. On a  sunny Friday afternoon. (And remember the no worries if I can’t get it back?) Oh, you can bet your sweet ass I can’t get it back tonight!

== Queen B, how’s that for a prop? ==

So off I go, top dropped. Breaking the no sun rule a little bit. I get back home and discover three packages have arrived in the mail for me. Goodies…it looks like a mess, but I’m in bliss. My BCBG bling has arrived. My leopard bag from Topshop has arrived. There’s a new Nordys catalog. And a package from another far-flung bloggerista has arrived—phat tracks on three CDs and the cutest little nail decals—thank you kindly, Ms. Brit Greek.

Cards from Ms. Brit and Julia (thanks, ladies)—plus all my goodies!

Ooh Wee, the tracks from Ms. Brit are hot! Perfect timing, too. I throw my hair up and sunnies on, and pump the music with the top down. The night ends with a wedge salad (my fave), smoked salmon, a round of drinks on the house at a favorite local haunt, then a Kir Royale, and the world’s best (gourmet) banana cream pie. Wished I could have kept this little fun machine for one more day, but after driving it and discovering my car actually spanks it in speed (I’m a girl who likes to drive faaaaasst), well, that was the cherry on my banana cream pie.

I don’t know what I did to deserve a day like that, but God, Julia, Ms. Brit, and BMW—thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. absolutely lovely! those days are the best ones, suddenly feeling happy and free! 🙂 glad you seized the moment 🙂 and the car! hello! LOL

    xx Anika

  2. Oooh don’t you just love when a guy goes totally your way (and you’re rockin a cute dress too??!) Thanks for sharing your awesome day! And oh, the dress is super cute and I’m ready to see how you’re gonna rock that bag! 🙂

  3. Oh WOW!!! this is better than fairy tale!!!! no make it fairy tales HA HA HA :D, oh gosh, hopefully after reading this post your luck will rub on me 🙂 (fingers crossed), LOVE ya babe, mwah! mwah! mwah! XOXO

    1. You are funny, Jemina. I wish you all the best in the world, but then again, I know good things come your way, because you are a good person! Mwah, sugar!

  4. Woweeee, you lucky girl! I think it was a combination of the lucky dress and your amazing karma that got you all that great stuff. Really loving that car – hope you enjoy it for as long as possible! 😀

    1. I believe strongly in karma, so I’m hoping since that day was so nice, I’m doing OK. I’m human, though…it’s a struggle!

      I hope Rusky is better…let me know, sweetpea.

  5. What luck! I never get a good loaner from the dealer. Hope you had a glam weekend in your convertible! I’ve always wanted to joyride in a hot car with the top down while rocking a headscarf and huge sunglasses. The idea just sounds so retro glam!

  6. Oh V! There is so much awesomeness going on here. SO MUCH. Days like that are worth writing about. When I read the Kir Royale part, I decided to pack my bags. That is a perfect ending to an unplanned perfect day.

    1. It was a perfect ending to an unplanned perfect day, you’re right! I swear, one day all these cocktails we’re writing about are going to happen between us, in real life.

  7. What a fun post! So glad that you had such a great day. That dress really is fantastic on you.

    I can’t believe you got THAT for a loaner car. I thought that only happened in movies. Awesome.

  8. omgosh what a GREAT day! Love the car and the dress is great (so love the nude heels with it). This just makes me think how somewhere in the karma world – you being patient for FOUR hours pays off! so happy you had a fun little thing for the night!!
    oh and love the topshop bag 🙂

    1. Thanks, hon. You know, I would normally have done a black shoe, but I looked at the nude heels and they felt right. It helps that they are almost exactly my skin tone.

      The Topshop bag is awesome, I have to say. Been carrying it and it’s roomy, but refined. I’m having a ball with it. It’s a very soft leather on the non-leopard side that’s only going to get better with age.

  9. Darl, you’re such a rock star – love how your day turned out & what a car???? Awesome in a nutshell!!!

    Hope you had fun taking it for spins and pumping those ‘tunes’ out! Glad you like sweets!

    Now, tell us if that dress brings you more luck!


    1. I hope that dress does bring me more luck. I’ll let you know!

      Funny, my sis-in-law calls me rock star…but it’s because I’m impervious to hangovers!

  10. Oh, the stories you tell, Woman! What a hot, hot, HOT day you did have – and what a gift for the telling of it.

    Also, that dress is drop-dead brilliant.

  11. What with the long dark hair, the dress and the heels, what kind of man would say no to your request? All is right with the world!

    1. Ha! Aren’t you kind, Lang, you mystery, you. That’s half the reason why I don’t slum it outside my home. You never know when you might need to sweet talk someone, and I’ve got no problem using my feminine wiles when I need to. But I always say thank you.

    1. Isn’t it? Next time you have a service, maybe you’ll get lucky with a cool loaner too! I remember a shot you took of the roundel in one of your posts. You know how fab Beemers are then…I’m on my second one. Love them!

  12. Best day ever! I think it was good karma for sitting there patiently for 4 hours! I would have been having a panic attack/temper tantrum, especially on an empty stomach, and could never show my face at that dealership again!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day indeed! That dress is so adorable, and I love it’s story. That is one of the best things about this blogging community, everyone loves fashion and clothes and want to share all the love!
    Plus, being stuck anywhere there is free wifi can never be all to terrible!

    1. I agree Lyddie, love that about my fellow bloggers…and you KNOW I could not have sat there for four hours without wi-fi! That’s when I say God bless America. You don’t know how rare that is in other countries (like Australia).

      Thanks for your comment!

  14. i’ve heard of the Luck Dragon before, but this is a first for the Luck Dress. :o)
    you’ve been putting so much positivity out there in the universe, it was bound to come back to you in riches abound. karma is an awesome.
    (tis 9pm CDT now, gonna go watch RZ’s season premiere. oye ve! lol)

    1. Ha! Love that. Thank you sugar…I appreciate your positive vibes and comment.

      DUDE! Totally missed RZ…had to take an overseas call. Have to catch the replay next week!

  15. A hot car for a hot lady!! That car was made for you. Besides the speed factor of course. And we all know that you are more than deserving of a day like that. OH and banana cream pie!! Damn you have good taste! xx

  16. Reading this just totally made my night. I am totally living vicariously through you right now. I may need to go in the other room, warm up the blender + break out the margarita mix. You look HAWT!!!!


      1. I don’t even own a car anymore, let alone my three series. I have a company car in Japan. No idea what I’m going to end up with if I move back to the States…

  17. Holy Moly, you should be a James Bond Girl 😉 Or have your car break down every week ?!

    It is 09.42 am here in the Uk and you are making me crave SWEET PIES!! This is so wrong, I blame you for the predicted extra padding im gonna sport in a day’s time after stuffing my face at lunch!

    1. Bond girl…now THAT would be fun!

      Sorry you’re jonesin’ for pies…have two bites! Yeah, right. Even I can’t do that.

  18. Lucky girl!! 😀 love everything, your dress, the car eheh and the animal print bag!!! i´m so obsessed with that kind of pattern and the colors are just great!!


    1. Hello my lovely Miranda…thank you! I can totally see you in leopard, that’s for sure. Looks like you and Bernardo are having a wonderful time in Italy…fabulous!

    1. HAAAA! Aren’t you clever, Lee. That’s a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong drive!

  19. Big YAY for days like this! Glad you had fun this weekend. And while I normally can’t be bothered with cars this one is quite the hottie! And you in your French-style striped dress are its best accessory. Did I mention I LOVE striped dresses and have like a bunch of such in my closet including one that looks very similar to your Julia dress and which I also totally <3?

    Have a happy week, V!

    P.S.: Love how you slowly take over the fashion blogosphere…haha…Go Vahni! 🙂

    1. Thank you Irina! Didn’t know you were such a fan of striped dresses, but they are so fun, so I can see why. Happy week to you to, love! I need to get crackin’ on some ITC drafts.

      And you’re last sentence…you’re funny. Taking over. Nah. Well, not yet!